MPP McNaughton Government policies continue to fail the Ontario economy

This morning, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP, Monte McNaughton spoke about the StatsCan monthly Labour Force Survey for February 2018, which was released today. The report showed limited recovery, in the form of part time and public sector jobs, after the previous month’s significant losses.

“The latest job numbers are more bad news for Ontario’s families and businesses,” said McNaughton. “Since the loss of over 50,000 jobs in January, the only real job growth we’re seeing is on the government payroll.”

McNaughton also pointed to data released last week by StatsCan which showed flat business investment in Ontario through the previous year. That report was received by The Financial Post as “hardly surprising given the array of government policies that signal its indifference if not outright hostility to the business community.” 

“The private sector has been devastated by the policies of this Liberal government, which seems set on its strategy of trying to subsidize and sloganeer the economy into prosperity,” said McNaughton. “The fact is that businesses are struggling because of the deliberate choices of this government, and ultimately it’s our communities and families who are paying the price.”  

The latest employment numbers also came in the wake of news the Liberal government’s upcoming budget intends to add significantly to the province’s debt load, which is already the largest of any province or state in the world.

“Under this government hydro bills have skyrocketed, taxes and fees have ballooned, and our debt has grown out of control. After fifteen years, they still have no real economic plan,” summarized McNaughton. “It’s time for real and sensible action, but instead we’re getting costly re-election ploys.  The people of Ontario deserve better.”