MPP McNaughton Too Many Being Left Behind

Labour force survey confirms deep economic disparities across the province

This morning, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP, Monte McNaughton spoke about the StatsCan monthly Labour Force Survey for October, which was released today. The survey showed an increase to the province’s unemployment rate, with Southwestern and Northern Ontario particularly hard hit.

“Southwestern and Northern Ontario has borne the brunt of many poor government policies,” said McNaughton. “It’s troubling to see an employment downturn in areas like London, Windsor, and Sudbury, where families are already struggling to pay for expensive necessities like hydro and housing.”

McNaughton also pointed to a Fraser Institute report released this week which showed 98.6 percent of all new net jobs in Ontario between 2008 and 2016 were in the Toronto and Ottawa census metropolitan areas, indicating there’s been little or no economic recovery outside of the two major cities.

“There are too many people being left behind,” said McNaughton. “Opportunity and economic growth haven’t returned to many corners of the province, and the government seems to be unwilling or unable to address this disparity.”

The Fraser report indicated that Northern, Eastern, and Southwestern Ontario were not only lagging in job creation, but also in per capita employment income. Areas such as Cornwall, Sarnia, and Sault Ste. Marie have been particularly hard hit.

“Families and businesses have been held back by this government’s poor economic policies since the recession, all while the cost of living continues to rise,” summarized McNaughton. “Almost a decade later and we’re still waiting for a real economic plan. Taxpayers deserve better than this unaccountable government and a stagnant economy.”