MPP Oosterhoff calls on the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to Keep Long-Term Care Beds in Niagara

Today Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Sam Oosterhoff called on Minister Hoskins to protect long-term care beds in Niagara.

“Revera Long-Term Care is planning to move 50 beds out of Kilean Lodge in Grimsby, down the QEW to Hamilton,” charged Oosterhoff in the Legislature this morning. He then shared the story of Adrian Peters, a retired engineer from Caistor Centre who will be unable to visit his wife daily if she is sent to Hamilton.

When the Minister attempted to dodge the question, Oosterhoff refused to let him off the hook: “The reality is that this Liberal government has refused to make the substantial and meaningful investments in long-term care that are needed. This government is failing families like Adrian all across Ontario.”

Oosterhoff has taken the government to task repeatedly for their neglect of the growing senior population in Niagara. Those is need face longer wait times, fewer beds and less personnel to care for their health. There are thousands on the wait list for Niagara region long-term care beds, while less than 100 become available each month.

“My constituents are rightly concerned that long-term care capacity is being removed from the Niagara Region. Beds are being taken away with no plan to replace them,” declared Oosterhoff.

“As a result of their scandal, waste and mismanagement, the Wynne Liberals can’t even afford to properly fund essential government services,” added Oosterhoff. “The PCs believe that the families of Ontario need and deserve a change for the better now.”