NDP scoping out classrooms at Seneca College for cabinet training program

Radical NDP candidates aren’t fit to form a cabinet
This morning, Andrea Horwath is at Seneca College where she will be scoping out classrooms for her cabinet training programs.
Yesterday, in an editorial board meeting with the Toronto Star, Horwath was pressed by a reporter whether or not she has confidence she will have the bench strength to form a cabinet. Instead of addressing the question and vouching for at least one or two of the members of her team, she laughed it off and said she will have “good training programs for the cabinet.”
“Cabinet is not an entry-level job,” said Ontario PC Nepean candidate Lisa MacLeod. “The new government is going to have hit the ground running on day one to get Ontario back on track and undo 15 years of Liberal damage. We don’t have time for cabinet ministers to sit in a classroom.”
The NDP team is composed of MPPs who propped Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals up through years of scandals and tax hikes, and radical, extremist first-time candidates. Included within the NDP ranks are anti-poppy activists, professional protesters, crusaders against mining, those who want to shut down nuclear power, and 9/11 truthers.
“We’ve seen what an inexperienced and unqualified NDP cabinet has looked like in the past: tax hikes, job losses, and a bankrupted province,” added MacLeod. “After 15 years of Liberal governments, the people of Ontario can’t afford another tax-and-spend government. The people of Ontario need real change – a government that works for the people and respects the taxpayer.”
REPORTER: One of the problems that Bob Rae had was he won unexpectedly. Then he found that he had a very thin bench for forming a cabinet. For example, he had a tourism minister who’d never been on an airplane, so you are-

HORWATH: I never heard that one before.

REPORTER: Yeah, it’s true. I was there. Today and lately you’ve had the other parties digging up things on some of your candidates. I was asking you about that on Sunday in Kingston. How confident are you that you’re going to have, should you win, that you will have a thick enough bench to actually form a good cabinet and govern the way you would like to because we all know the pitfalls the Rae Government ran into with inexperienced people in very high positions?

HORWATH: Good training programs for the cabinet, good training programs. Yeah, but do you know what? Let me put it this way, I will focus the next couple of weeks on sharing with people the vision that we have, assuring people that we can make the changes that people want to see in the province. If they give us their support, then that’s a problem that I’ll deal with at that point. I’m certainly not going to jump ahead to that point at this juncture. I think we need to give people the respect of allowing them to make their decision. Then I’ll be confident to, at that time, fulfill whatever role they have given to me.