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June 5, 2018June 5, 2018
With the June 7 Ontario Election just days away, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today discussed how the PC team of all star candidates will be ready to govern on day one.

“We have a team that is ready to govern,” said Ford. “Our candidates include public servants, including majors and cabinet ministers with decades of experience, small business people, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, police officers, veterans and reservists — all of whom are continuing their public service in a new arena.”

Ford contrasted the Ontario PC all-star team to the slate of candidates being offered by the NDP. To date the NDP has enabled multiple candidates with offensive and radical views that include histories of anti-Semitism, accusing the men and women of the Canadian forces of war crimes, calling for a 35 cent per litre carbon tax, multiple arrests for crimes like sabotage and [...]


June 4, 2018June 4, 2018
Only the Ontario PC Party has a plan that will deliver results to both drivers and transit users, PC Party Leader Doug Ford announced today.
“The GTA has become paralyzed in traffic,” said Ford. “Every single day, our highways are clogged and on our subways, people are packed in like sardines. For too many years, people have been left stranded and suffering while politicians dither. Our team can do better — and we will do better — for the people.”
Ford highlighted how under a PC Government drivers will get a break starting with a 10 cents per litre reduction in gas prices.
A PC Government will also deliver: two-way, all-day GO service, including expansions to Bowmanville and Kitchener, completion of the Niagara GO Expansion, and support regional transit projects in places such as Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga/Brampton, Kitchener-Waterloo and London. [...]


June 4, 2018
This entire campaign, the NDP have been under fire for a series of radical candidates. When Andrea Horwath was pressed about which of her radical candidates would round out her cabinet, she said “They’ll all be considered.”
The only clarification Andrea Horwath has ever made is that Joel Harden, her radical candidate in Ottawa Centre who opposes our separate school system, will not be her Minister of Education.
If everyone is truly under consideration, there is a chance Horwath’s cabinet could look something like this:
Andrea Horwath, Premier - Horwath has suggested she’d consider a coalition with Kathleen Wynne.

Kathleen Wynne, Deputy Premier - Wynne suggested she’d consider supporting an NDP minority government.

Joel Harden, Minister of Environment - During his nomination campaign, Joel Harden said he was “committed to working to” a $150/tonne carbon tax - which would be the highest carbon tax [...]


June 3, 2018June 3, 2018
Whitby - Today, Lorne Coe, candidate for Whitby announced that if the PC Party forms government the first priority of Durham Region PC MPPs will be to advocate strongly for the removal of the tolls from the 412 and 418 Highways, running North-South between the 401 and the 407.

“All Durham candidates believe removing the tolls from the 412 Highway and not tolling the 418 is the right thing to do as it will help keep life more affordable for families and drivers in Durham,” said Coe. “Removing the tolls will also help to reduce traffic congestion on our local roads and allow people to spend more time with their family and friends.”

The Ontario PCs have a plan to take 10 cents off a litre of gas tax; which will save the average driver $222 per year. Our plan is modest, achievable and will help make life more affordable for the people of our [...]


June 3, 2018
PC plan will reduce taxes, lower hydro rates and create jobs –
NDP plan will increases taxes, drive up hydro rates and destroy jobs.
With Ontario only days away from a historic election, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today shared details on the choice that faces voters when they go to the polls on June 7.
“The people want change. But the only remaining question is what that change will look like,” said Ford. “You know the kind of change I stand for: I’m here for the people, I’m looking out for the little guy and the families that are paying more and getting less.”
“The NDP want change that will increase your taxes, increase your hydro bills and send Ontario deeper into debt,” Ford continued, “and the NDP want to replace the Liberal insiders getting rich off your taxes, with a group of radical special interests with offensive and extreme views.”
Ford highlighted [...]


June 3, 2018
The last NDP government in Ontario was bad enough, today's radical NDP would be far worse.
The NDP record in Ontario (1990-1995)
125,000 full-time jobs lost (Source: Statscan)
28% increase in unemployment rate (Source: Statscan)
Highest personal taxes in North America (Source: Globe and Mail, September 13, 2006)
1.2 million Ontarians on welfare (Source: Montreal Gazette, November 1, 2006)
More than doubled the debt (Source: Edmonton Sun, October 29, 2006)
Andrea Horwath with Bob Rae during the 1995 election (Toronto Sun, June 1, 1995):


June 2, 2018June 2, 2018
While Liberals favour insiders, and NDP answer to special interests – only the Ontario PC Team will fight for the people

Doug Ford today joined a team of candidates from across Eastern Ontario to share how an Ontario PC Government will hit the ground running if entrusted with government on June 7.

“Our all-star team around me here is ready to step up and govern right away,” said Ford. “And we are the only team that has a modest and responsible plan that will deliver real results for the people.”

Ford contrasted the strength of the Ontario PC team to the disastrous record of the Kathleen Wynne Liberals and the risky radical agenda of the NDP.

“Under the Liberals, your hydro rates have more than doubled, 300,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost and Ontario’s debt has doubled, all while a parade of Liberal friends and insiders got rich,” said Ford. “As for the NDP, their candidates [...]


June 2, 2018
The Ontario NDP like to pretend they’re paying for their unaffordable spending spree platform by asking the wealthiest corporations to pay a bit more, but, in reality, the NDP are hiking taxes on the small businesses and mom and pop shops that form the backbone of our communities.

This morning, Vic Fedeli revealed that the NDP tried to bury a 12.7 per cent tax hike on small businesses.

This is in addition to the NDP hiking the Business Education Tax by $2.4 billion over five years, and the elimination of the Small Business Employer Health Tax Exemption costing businesses over $1 billion over the NDP’s five year plan.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our community. They are being pushed to a breaking point by an out of touch Wynne Liberal government, and it’s clear they can’t afford an NDP government that will be ten times worse,” said Fedeli. “Under an NDP [...]


June 1, 2018June 1, 2018
Today, former Mayor of Toronto Mel Lastman endorsed Doug Ford and the strong Ontario PC team for Premier of Ontario and our next government.

“The NDP and Liberals are trying to buy our votes with a long list of promise - promises they can’t keep - and they come with hefty price tags,” said Lastman, pointing to Ontario’s out of control debt levels. He added, “Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath don’t seem to give a damn.”

“I like Doug. he’s a straight shooter. He tells it like it is, and he doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. He has a top notch team of candidates. We can’t let this election run away.”

“When I was Mayor of Toronto, I ran this city in the best interests of all the people. I was a businessman involved in politics. Doug is a businessman now involved in politics. He wants to work for you. He wants to help you,” added Lastman. “I trust him to make life more [...]


June 1, 2018
Endorsement from United Steelworkers Local 2251 examples of Ontario PC big tent appeal
Doug Ford today visited the site of the former St. Mary’s Papers mill factory to talk about how the Ontario PC Plan For the People will help working people find and keep good jobs and make ends meet. As part of his plan, Ford committed that an Ontario PC Government will use the Northern Ontario Heritage fund to keep the Huron Central Railway open.
“It does not matter who you voted for in the past: Liberal, NDP or PC,” said Ford. “Everyone is welcome in our big-tent Ontario PC Party and we will have a real plan for you. Our plan will lower hydro rates, cut red tape, reduce the tax burden on Ontario families, end unfair labour practices and cut gas prices by ten cents a litre.”
Ford contrasted the Ontario PCs growing, big-tent party, to an increasingly radical NDP, with a [...]


May 31, 2018May 31, 2018
"The new harmful steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by the US on Canada will make things even harder for Ontario's already-struggling steel industry and our workers.

"We must work domestically to make Ontario and Canada more competitive. After June 7th, as Premier, I will work with the federal government to resolve these trade issues to make Ontario open for business again.

"Our government will lower hydro rates, cut red tape, reduce taxes, and make Ontario the economic engine of Canada once again. Only a PC Government will create the business-friendly environment that is needed to bring jobs back to Ontario."


May 31, 2018
This morning, Andrea Horwath faced difficult questions surrounding her radical NDP candidates that she hopes will form the next government.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EuIoqiLkrY&t=6s

One of her candidates, Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) admitted she had been arrested twice for her role in protests. When pressed about whether this was acceptable, Horwath’s defence was to say it was a matter of “freedom of speech,” and that her candidate supports the NDP platform.

She also said that, “People sometimes do, quote-unquote, radical things to get the attention of decision-makers.”

The people of Ontario deserve better answers than the weak response that came from the NDP leader. The NDP need to come clean today about Jessica Bell’s arrests, and her history as a radical professional [...]


May 31, 2018
While NDP refuse to apologize for history of profane and racial taunts at police officers, the Ontario PC Party continues to hold itself to a higher standard
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today reinforced the Ontario PC Party’s commitment to respecting Ontario veterans, soldiers and police officers, including through meaningful action as detailed in his Plan for the People.
“Our party will always, without exception, respect our soldiers, respect our veterans and respect our police officers,” said Ford. “Our veterans are heroes who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy today. The women and men of the Canadian Forces are heroes. They sacrifice so much to protect our country. And, here at home, our police officers risk so much each and every day to protect our neighbourhoods and keep us safe.”
Ford shared how an Ontario PC Government will [...]


May 30, 2018May 30, 2018
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford visited with local families to discuss how an Ontario PC Government will reduce gas and hydro bills and help families make ends meet.
“Unlike the NDP who, quite literally, refuse to tell you how they will pay for their hydro promises, we’ve been up front,” Ford said. “We’re going to return the Hydro One dividend to Ontario families, take the cost of buried conservation programs off of your bill and cancel those outrageous green energy contracts that have stuck thousands of windmills in people’s backyards.”
Ford shared details about how, under the Ontario PC plan, an average family will save $173 on their annual hydro bill and $222 on the price of gas.
“Andrea Horwath has a star candidate who is working on a plan to drive up the price of gas by 35 cents per litre,” explained Ford. “We’re going to get rid of the cap-and-trade [...]


May 30, 2018
Andrea Horwath has once again been caught indulging offensive and radical elements in her party, Ontario PC candidates Gary Ellis, Roshan Nallaratnam and Steve Clark revealed today. The latest radical and extreme candidate to be publicly exposed is NDP candidate Gurratan Singh who has been caught stalking and harassing police officers while holding signs that read ‘F_ _ _ the Police.’

“I am a former police officer and Steve has family who are in law enforcement. Every single day, our men and women in uniform put themselves at great risk in order to keep our families safe,” said Ellis. “They, and their families, deserve better than profanity and threats. And make no mistake, Mr. Singh’s behaviour was very much an endorsement of violence against police.”

Singh’s revelation is just the latest in a series of scandals enveloping NDP candidates who espouse offensive, radical and [...]


May 29, 2018May 29, 2018
Today Doug Ford announced that an Ontario PC government would commit to keeping the Welland hospital open. Specifically, Doug Ford announced a planning grant to identify the important local services residents need at the Welland Hospital.

“It’s time for hallway health care in Ontario to come to an end and closing the Welland hospital would only make things worse. Keeping access to local high quality healthcare in Welland is key for seniors and the 100,000 people who rely on the hospital,” said Ford. “Our PC candidate April Jeffs and our team realize that getting local high quality health care will keep the people of Welland safe and healthy with the highest level of service they deserve."
The planning grant would cost approximately $500,000 and lead to a thorough study identifying the level of services and upgrades needed to keep the hospital open and offering the important [...]


May 29, 2018
While NDP’s radical approach will ruin Ontario’s economy and destroy jobs, the Ontario PC plan will put money back in the pockets of those who need help most

PORT COLBORNE — Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today shared additional details about how his Plan for the People will help vulnerable and low-income Ontarians lower their tax bills and keep more money in their pockets.

“We have a plan that will create jobs, grow our economy and help us hire more doctors, nurses and teachers while putting more money back into your pocket,” said Ford. “This plan will include real relief for the vulnerable people who need help the most.”

Ford detailed examples about the money that low income and vulnerable Ontarians could expect to save under the Ontario PC plan.

A single-parent with one child could expect to save as much as $7,300 thanks to the Ontario PC childcare tax credit, 10 cents/litre [...]


May 29, 2018
The NDP’s hydro plan will increase Ontario hydro rates, is based on numbers that don’t add up and will payoff Hydro One insiders at the expense of Ontario families, Ontario PC candidates Lisa MacLeod and Todd Smith shared today.

“Throughout the course of this campaign we have pulled back the curtain on the real NDP radical agenda to increase taxes and chase jobs out of Ontario,” said MacLeod. “Today we want to shine light on the consequences of the NDP’s real hydro policies. And how they will hurt you.”
In particular MacLeod and Smith focused on three key holes in the Ontario NDP plan:

The NDP will immediately increase hydro rates by 25%, with an additional $600 million in higher hydro rates to follow once they shut down the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.
The NDP’s hydro numbers do not add up with a ’N/A’ price tag and a commitment to spend money that has [...]


May 29, 2018
Refused to say whether she’d ever fire a candidate for saying offensive things

During the last debate, Andrea Horwath continued to defend her candidate, Tasleem Riaz, who is known for sharing a Adolf Hitler meme and calling Canadian soldiers war criminals.

If Andrea Horwath had even an ounce of leadership she would have unequivocally condemned this candidate.

The NDP have also defended a candidate who made offensive comments about the poppy, who have shilled bizarre conspiracy theories about 9/11, and called for the highest carbon tax in North America.

When pressed by the media about whether she would ever fire a candidate Horwath said she was “not going to project what might or might not happen in the course of the next 11 days.”

Instead of showing leadership, Ms. Horwath continues to describe these shocking revelations about her candidate as “slinging [...]


May 28, 2018May 28, 2018
Ontario PC team will be ready to deliver meaningful change on day one

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today joined a roundtable of Ontario PC candidates to discuss the issues that they have been hearing during the election campaign. During the discussion Ford and his fellow candidates also discussed the steps that an Ontario PC Government will take to deliver immediate, meaningful and affordable change following the June 7 election.

“Our team of candidates will be ready, right out of the gates on June 8th, to provide the leadership and direction Ontario needs,” said Ford. “This team is prepared to put more money in your pocket, clean up the hydro mess, create good jobs, restore accountability and cut hospital wait times — and we will be ready on day one.

Joining Ford at his roundtable were a team of candidates from across Ontario including Caroline Mulroney (York-Simcoe), Christine [...]


May 27, 2018May 27, 2018
Doug Ford was the clear winner of tonight’s leader’s debate, because he was the only leader who used this opportunity to talk about the real issues and pressures facing Ontario families.
“The Liberal Party’s record of job losses, out of control hydro and tax bills and massive deficits is already common knowledge,” said Ford. “But tonight’s debate was an opportunity to pull the curtain back on the real NDP, whose plan for Ontario would be ten times worse.”
During the debate Ford shared details about the Ontario PC Plan for the People which will include reducing hydro bills by 12 per cent, lowering the price of gas by 10 cents a litre, and lowering middle class income taxes by 20 per cent. These measures will save families hundred of dollars per year.

“We’re the only party that is ready to govern on day one,” said Ford. “And we have a plan that will reduce your tax bills, grow the economy and [...]


May 27, 2018
Star NDP candidate openly calling for the highest carbon tax in the world which will increase gas prices by 35 cents per litre.

In the latest revelation about the real Ontario NDP agenda, Ontario PC Candidate Stephen Lecce today revealed that a star NDP candidate is continuing to court radical voters by calling for a $150/tonne carbon tax.

“Joel Harden is openly crusading for a carbon tax that will increase gas taxes by 35 cents per litre,” said Lecce. “This will add $4,100 in new costs to a family with two cars.”

Harden’s carbon tax advocacy is the latest in a long series of exposures about NDP candidates that have included incidents of sharing Nazi memes online, accusing Canadian soldiers of committing war crimes, and advocating violence and property destruction to achieve their economic ends.

“This is the pattern we see with Horwath,” said Lecce. “When NDP [...]


May 26, 2018May 26, 2018
Will respect consumers and promote choice by allowing price competition in the beer market

Doug Ford today announced that an Ontario PC Government will reduce the minimum price floor for the sale of beer in Ontario to $1.00 plus deposit per bottle.

“Our plan puts people first,” said Ford. “For too long beer consumers have been forced to pay inflated prices for beer in order to increase the profits of big corporations. We’re going to allow price competition for beer and this will save consumers money.”

In 2008 the Liberal government increased the minimum price floor for beer, which discouraged competition and gouged consumers who previously benefitted from buying beer in a competitive marketplace. Under the PC Plan, brewers and retailers will be allowed to once again compete on price, down to the $1.00 per bottle price floor that previously existed.

“We’re the only [...]


May 26, 2018
Plan for the People includes $100 million commitment for children and their families

KITCHENER — An Ontario PC Government will enhance the Ontario Autism Program by adding $100 million in new funding in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, Ontario PC candidate Amy Fee announced today.

“I’ve stood with hundreds of parents at Queen’s Park devastated by the lack of support for the autism community in Ontario. I know how important it is that we give these families the resources and respect they deserve,” said Ms. Fee. “This new funding will help thousands of children get the right kind of supports they need to succeed both inside and outside of school.”

Fee also announced that an Ontario PC Government will support the expansion of the use of autism service dogs in schools across the province, a cause that Ms. Fee and her family have personally advocated [...]


May 25, 2018May 25, 2018
NDP will force you to pay more for everything in order to pay for their out-of-control spending

The Ontario PC Party is the only party that will respect people by lowering their tax and hydro bills and reduce the price of gas at the pump. Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today contrasted the Ontario PC plan with the high-tax, high-hydro rate, high-gas price agenda of the NDP.

“For 15 years, the Liberals have been partying with the taxpayers money and the NDP want to keep the party going, just with a different tune,” said Ford. “An NDP Government is just like a Kathleen Wynne Government. The only change, is that a different group of insiders and special interests get rich. But today I’m putting the special interests on notice — under an Ontario PC Government — the party with the taxpayers’ dollars is over.”

Ford shared that an Ontario PC Government will cut gas [...]


May 25, 2018
Scarborough-Agincourt candidate Tasleem Riaz openly shared pro-Nazi memes while accusing Canadian soldiers of war crimes
Yet another NDP candidate has been exposed for holding extreme and hateful views well outside the Canadian mainstream. Today, Ontario PC candidates Gila Martow and Todd Smith shared details on the NDP’s troubling history of courting anti-Semitic candidates, including a Scarborough-area candidate with a history of sharing pro-Nazi memes.

“The NDP clearly continues to have a problem with allowing the anti-Semites to fester in the dark corners of their party,” said Smith. “We’ve already shone a light on the 9/11 truthers and militant anti-Israel BDS supporters running for the NDP. But today, however, we have the most serious example of anti-Semitism we have seen in Ontario politics for a long, long time.”
Smith and Martow [...]


May 24, 2018May 24, 2018
Ontario PC Party complies with Taxpayer Protection Act by sharing lower tax plan with Elections Ontario
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today complied with the Taxpayer Protection Act, 1999 by formally submitting a letter to Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer committing that he will not introduce new taxes or increase existing taxes during his mandate.
The Ontario PC Party is releasing Ford’s letter, the full text of which is included below:
To: Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer
From: Doug Ford, Leader, Ontario PC Party

Dear Mr. Essensa,

As you are aware, Section 4. (1) of the Taxpayer Protection Act 1999 requires all registered political parties to formally file a written statement that clearly establishes whether they intend to introduce new taxes or raise existing taxes in the event that they form government.

In my capacity as leader of the Ontario PC [...]


May 23, 2018May 23, 2018
This afternoon, the Ontario PC Party launched meetthendp.ca to help introduce Ontario families to the real NDP.
While the NDP may claim they're fighting for Ontario workers, the real NDP is run by radical downtown Toronto special interests. The team, which the NDP hopes will form the next government, includes anti-poppy activists, professional protesters, crusaders against mining jobs, and 9/11 truthers.
Andrea Horwath has failed to answer for her candidates’ controversial pasts. When pressed on whether her party’s bench is deep enough to form a cabinet, Andrea Horwath had no answer other than to make a joke about sending potential ministers to cabinet minister boot camp.
The people of Ontario need real change - a government that works for the people and respects the taxpayer.


May 23, 2018
Radical NDP candidates aren't fit to form a cabinet
This morning, Andrea Horwath is at Seneca College where she will be scoping out classrooms for her cabinet training programs.
Yesterday, in an editorial board meeting with the Toronto Star, Horwath was pressed by a reporter whether or not she has confidence she will have the bench strength to form a cabinet. Instead of addressing the question and vouching for at least one or two of the members of her team, she laughed it off and said she will have “good training programs for the cabinet.”
“Cabinet is not an entry-level job,” said Ontario PC Nepean candidate Lisa MacLeod. “The new government is going to have hit the ground running on day one to get Ontario back on track and undo 15 years of Liberal damage. We don’t have time for cabinet ministers to sit in a classroom.”
The NDP team is [...]


May 23, 2018
Will increase Risk Management Program for farmers and expand natural gas, broadband and cellular service in rural communities
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today shared more details of his plan for the people and, in particular, his plan to provide real relief to farmers and families in rural Ontario.
“Our Ontario PC Plan is a plan for the people, and when I say ‘the people’ I mean all of the people,” said Ford. “This includes our farmers, and rural families who have been left behind by the Liberals and who will be ignored by the Toronto special interests who run the NDP.”
Ford announced that an Ontario PC Government will increase the Risk Management Program (RMP) cap by $50 million annually to help farmers and other producers better manage risks outside of their control.
“We’re going to take real action to help farmers,” said Ford. “This means more [...]


May 22, 2018May 22, 2018
Respecting veterans is a non-negotiable principle of the Ontario PC Party
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today issued a letter to the Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion committing that an Ontario PC Government will introduce legislation that ensures that all Ontario RCL branches pay no municipal property tax.
“As a proud member of the Royal Canadian Legion Coronation Branch 286, I know first-hand the important role that legion branches play in our communities,” said Ford. “Just as importantly, I recognize the role that the Royal Canadian Legion plays in educating our youth about the contributions our veterans made, and commemorating those who sacrificed so much to defend our freedoms.”
Ford committed that an Ontario PC Government will amend the Assessment Act, which governs the property tax system, to specifically exempt all Ontario Royal Canadian [...]


May 22, 2018
NDP plan to shut down facility will force 4,500 people in Durham and 7,500 people across Ontario out of a job
Doug Ford today visited the site of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and committed that, under an Ontario PC Government, the station will remain open until 2024.
“Our position on Pickering is clear,” said Ford. “An Ontario PC Government will keep the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station open until 2024. Because unlike the NDP — I believe in made-in-Ontario electricity and made-in-Ontario jobs.”
Ford’s announcement follows recent revelations that the Ontario NDP has quietly committed to a Toronto lobby group to shutter the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station this summer. According to OPG, the facility is responsible for 4,500 jobs across Durham region, and contributes $600 million in savings to Ontario hydro bills. The [...]


May 22, 2018
While nobody was paying attention, Andrea Horwath has been recruiting conspiracy theorists, bigots, and extremists as star candidates for her party.
Despite Andrea Horwath’s claims to the contrary, the NDP under her leadership remains as beholden to bizarre, radical and extreme special interests as it ever has been, Ontario PC Candidates Lisa MacLeod and Peter Bethlenfalvy announced today.
“It’s time to pull back the curtain on the real NDP,” said MacLeod, “because the reality of the NDP is that Andrea Horwath has recruited a number of candidates with radical, hateful and extreme views.”
In particular MacLeod and Bethlenfalvy highlighted five star NDP candidates with a documented history of hurtful and hateful rhetoric as well as involvement in a number of extremist causes.
“Andrea Horwath was caught with a $7 billion dollar hole in her platform,” said Bethlenfalvy, “yet her response was to shrug [...]


May 21, 2018May 21, 2018
This afternoon, questioned by reporters about some of the past statements her candidates have made, Andrea Horwath said:

“Everybody who is running as a New Democrat, is going to be required to back up the platform we have.”

“We expect our candidates during the campaign to stand behind those offers… and we expect our MPPs after June 7th should we be given the honour of governing this province, we would expect our MPPs to continue supporting those policy pieces as well.”

This will be news to Joel Harden, the NDP candidate in Ottawa Centre. In an interview with Socialist.ca, Harden has said he will always put his radical personal views ahead of the party.

“I was very honest with them and they were clear with me when they vetted my nomination papers. I said, “if I’m asked a question about what I think about BDS for example, I’m not going [...]


May 21, 2018
An NDP government’s first order of business would be to shut down the Pickering Nuclear Station and kill 4,500 good-paying jobs in Durham Region. In a damning response to a questionnaire from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, the NDP revealed a secret plan to close the Pickering Nuclear Station by August, 2018.
The Ontario Clean Air Alliance asked whether or not the NDP believes that the Pickering Nuclear Station should be shut down when its licence expires this August, and the NDP checked yes. The NDP also went on to add that they will consider “alternatives such as conservation and clean imports from Quebec.”
According to Ontario Power Generation, the Pickering Nuclear Station employs 4,500 people in the Durham Region with good-paying jobs. Under the NDP’s secret plan these are jobs that would be shipped to Quebec.
The Ontario PC [...]


May 16, 2018May 16, 2018
“I congratulate Sudeep Verma on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Brampton East. Sudeep is a great addition to our diverse and qualified PC team.
“I thank Sudeep for his commitment to our Party and the people of this province. He will work day-in-and-day-out for the people of Brampton East.
“Sudeep understands the values of hard work, determination, and leadership. He came to this country seeking opportunity and a better life. Sudeep’s life experiences will serve him well as the representative for Brampton East.
"After 15 years in power, life is harder under the Wynne Liberals. The people of Brampton East deserve a government they can trust - a government that will respect the taxpayer, end the culture of waste of Queen's Park, and stand up for the little guy.
"The Ontario PC Party will continue to work hard for a more [...]


May 16, 2018
Predicts a Liberal/NDP carbon tax agenda that would see prices at the pump soar to $2.00/litre!
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today announced that an Ontario PC Government will cut the price of gas by ten cents per litre. These savings will be achieved by eliminating the Liberal/NDP cap-and-trade scheme, reducing Ontario’s provincial fuel tax, and stopping the Liberal/NDP carbon tax.
“These are real savings that will lower the cost of filling-up your car and leave more money in your pocket, while at the same time supporting families and businesses by keeping the costs of goods and services low,” said Ford. “Ours is the only Party that understands that gas is an absolute necessity that not only gets people around, but also fuels our economy.”
High gas prices have been shown to have negative impacts on the economy, increasing the cost of transporting everyday items [...]


May 16, 2018
Ontario voters are looking for change after 15 years of Liberal governments gouging the taxpayer. Rightfully so, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have driven our province - once the economic engine of Canada - into have-not status. Job-killing Liberal policies cost our province more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs, and the Liberals have more than doubled our debt.

When Ontario voters look to hit the reset button, they need to think about what kind of change they’re going to get. Compared to the Liberals, the NDP are going to be ten times worse.
Let’s take a look at what Bob Rae and the NDP were able to accomplish in just 5 short years.
Ontario lost 125,000 full-time jobs:
October 1990: 4257.8
July 1995: 4133.1
4133.1 - 4257.8 = -124.7
Source: Statscan

Ontario’s unemployment rate increased by 28 per cent:
October 1990: [...]


May 15, 2018May 15, 2018
Today Adam Vaughan will launch his provincial Liberal Leadership campaign by attacking Doug Ford. He thinks he is exposing a shocking revelation.

However, a Doug Ford government will maintain the status quo in terms of rent control.
“I have criss-crossed the province, and from one corner to the other, the people of Ontario have told me they are struggling. I have listened to the people, and I won’t take rent control away from anyone. Period.” said Ford. “When it comes to rent control, we’re going to maintain the status quo.”
“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are untrustworthy. They will do, say, and promise anything to cling to power. The people of Ontario are looking for real change, and Andrea Horwath and the NDP are going to continue with the same billion dollar deficits, tax hikes, and unaffordable policies that have hurt families and businesses for the last 15 [...]


May 15, 2018
Last night during the Rogers Nepean debate, Liberal candidate Lovina Srivastava attacked Ontario’s manufacturing workers:

"I do not know what everyone’s harping on manufacturing jobs. Well the industry has changed. If you look globally, there are…in the world, in the whole world, there are more service jobs then there are manufacturing jobs proportion wise from what used to be 20 years ago. If you want to live 20 years ago, well that’s fine. And actually that’s exactly what you’re trying to do – not 20, not 40, not 60, but 80 years ago…you want to take us 80 years back by that comment of yours." (Rogers TV, May 14, 2018)
“I can understand why the Liberals don’t want to talk about the over 300,000 manufacturing jobs lost under their watch. But it’s truly shocking that one of Kathleen Wynne’s candidates [...]


May 13, 2018May 13, 2018
An Ontario PC Government will bring good jobs back to Ontario and make the province “Open for Business”, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford announced today.
“Under Kathleen Wynne, good jobs aren’t being created, at least not in Ontario,” said Ford. “Today, Buffalo and Niagara are bragging about all the jobs they’re taking from us, because of Kathleen Wynne’s high hydro rates, high taxes, and red tape.”
Ford announced that an Ontario PC Government will take meaningful action to stop the bleeding of jobs across the border and bring quality jobs back home.
“We’re going to put up a big sign on the border that says ‘Ontario is open for Business'” said Ford. “Instead of picking winners and losers, we are going to lower business taxes for everyone. We are going to stabilize business hydro costs for everyone. We are going to cut red tape for everyone.”
Ford contrasted his approach with [...]


May 12, 2018May 12, 2018
This evening, Kathleen Wynne will be in Hastings, where her candidate in the riding next door once said her legacy will be the “destruction” of rural Ontario, and “the waste of literally billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.” Robert Quaiff, the Liberal candidate in Bay of Quinte, also serves as the Mayor of Prince Edward County.

In August, 2015, Quaiff wrote a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, and then Environment Minister, opposing the Green Energy Act and the wpd White Pines Wind Incorporated industrial turbine project.

Quotes from the letter:

“It is becoming apparent that the legacy of this term of government will be the destruction of and discrimination against rural Ontario, and the waste of literally billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, both occasioned by the Green Energy Act and the complete lack of cost analysis and [...]


May 11, 2018May 11, 2018
An Ontario PC government will support Ontario seniors by implementing a comprehensive dental care program that provides low income seniors with the quality care they deserve, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford announced today.

“Many Ontarians have dental insurance but two-thirds of low income seniors do not and cannot afford it,” said Ford. “Under a PC government, low income seniors will receive the high quality dental care they deserve — and it’s all on us. Because, in Ontario, we take care of those in need.”
Ford highlighted that an Ontario PC Government will take action to ensure Ontario seniors can live with dignity, pay their bills, and receive the quality health care they need when they need it.

“We’re going to reduce hydro bills by 12% to help Ontario seniors make ends meet,” said Ford, “we will also create 30,000 new long-term care beds that will put an [...]


May 11, 2018
Star NDP candidate is a long-time radical who devoted his career to destroying Ontario’s mining industry 

 This morning, before the Northern Ontario debate, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford exposed that, for all of her talk of supporting Northern Ontario, Andrea Horwath is actually recruiting star candidates who want to destroy Northern jobs.

 “Now we know Andrea will claim that she will fight for the North today. But after she is done in the North she will head back to Toronto and huddle with a group of radical special interests who would like nothing more to than to destroy Northern Ontario’s resource sector,” said Ford. “In fact, the NDP is even recruiting these radical special interests as their star candidates.”

Ford drew attention, in particular, to the NDP candidate in Lanark-Frontenac and Kingston. Before signing on to Andrea Horwath’s NDP, [...]


May 10, 2018May 10, 2018
Cutting second tax bracket by 20% will put more money in pockets of middle class families

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today announced that an Ontario PC Government will put more money in the pockets of middle class families by cutting the second provincial income tax bracket by 20%.

 “Our plan takes more out of the hands of government and out of the pockets of connected insiders and elites,” said Ford. “Because we understand that this money belongs to you, and is best spent by you.”

An Ontario PC Government will deliver a targeted tax cut to Ontario’s second tax bracket, with the biggest relative savings realized by those earning $42,960 to $85,923 per year.

 “Our plan will save taxpayers as much as $786 per year,” said Ford, “this is just one more way an Ontario PC Government will put more money back in your pocket.”

 Ford’s announcement was the latest in a series of measures [...]


May 9, 2018May 9, 2018
Wynne to visit a long-term care home with a 34 year wait list
This morning, Kathleen Wynne is visiting the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care. According to the Ministry of Health’s own numbers, the Yee Hong Centre has a 34 year wait list for patients desperately in need of care.

As of November 30, 2017 there were 1239 people on the waitlist at Yee Hong, with an average of 3 beds being made available each month.
For the last 15 years, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have failed to invest in long-term care. That waitlist for care has grown by 8,000 since 2015, and as of June, the waitlist will reach 32,000 individuals.

This has driven patients to hospitals where seniors are receiving care in hallways and broom closets.

Ending hallway health care and reducing wait times is one of the five priorities outlined in Doug Ford's plan for the people. Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs have [...]


May 7, 2018May 7, 2018
Shares positive vision for change in the face of increasingly desperate Liberal attacks
Doug Ford emerged as the victor of tonight’s CityTV Leaders' debate, after successfully confronting Kathleen Wynne on her record of scandals and mismanagement.

Despite competing in his first ever leaders' debate against two experienced political debaters, Ford was still successful in fending off a series of increasingly desperate personal attacks from Kathleen Wynne.
Ford also successfully challenged Kathleen Wynne to answer for losing her way and abandoning her principles in favour of special interests and elites, including the CEO Hydro One who today is making $6 million per year on the backs of hydro rate payers.

Ford used the opportunity to speak directly to the people of Ontario and, through his debate performance, shared the priorities on which an Ontario PC government will focus:

• Putting [...]


May 7, 2018
As much as Kathleen Wynne desperately tries to change the channel, this election campaign she is going to have to defend a 15 year Liberal record of scandal, waste, and mismanagement.

Here are 10 things Kathleen Wynne is crossing her fingers that the people of Ontario will forget during tonight's debate. She shouldn’t hold her breath:

1. Skyrocketing hydro rates: Compared to 2003, the average Ontario family now pays more than $1,000 more on their hydro bills each year. Ontario is now home to the highest electricity rates in the entire country. While families across the province are being forced to choose between heating and eating, Liberal insiders have gotten rich at their expense.

2. Cancelled gas plants: The Liberals cancelled two gas plants to save a few seats during an election year. This cost Ontario taxpayers a whopping $1.1 billion, and a senior Liberal [...]


May 4, 2018May 4, 2018
Ontario residents foot bill for $50 USD Million Hydro One payout of US coal executives

This morning, the Ontario PCs revealed that buried deep in a US securities filing is evidence that Hydro One signed a secret “golden parachute” deal to pay American coal executives $50 million.

News of these “golden parachutes” come at the same time as Hydro One is mailing out disconnection notices to families and seniors across the province, and Kathleen Wynne has stood back and allowed it to happen.

After Kathleen Wynne sold off Hydro One in a fire sale, Hydro One spent billions of dollars purchasing Avista. The purchase of this foreign company came at the same time that Hydro One was applying for a $141 per year rate hike that would have hit Ontario families.

The purchase of Avista was praised as being a good deal for the people of [...]


May 4, 2018
Kathleen Wynne once again missing in action as latest hydro rip-off occurs
Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today revealed the latest twist in Kathleen Wynne’s ongoing Hydro scandal. Buried in a series of US securities filings is evidence that the executives and board at Hydro One could be making $50 million worth of payouts to US energy executives.
“We’ve already learned that Kathleen Wynne allowed a network of connected hydro executives to pay themselves millions of dollars from your hydro bills, including the $6 million being paid to the Hydro One CEO,” said Ford. “Now we have learned that the $6 million dollar man — having helped himself to your money — has decided to spread even more of it around to his American friends.”
The US securities filings uncovered by the Ontario PC Party reveals that the Hydro One management and board have authorized [...]


May 3, 2018May 3, 2018
“As Leader of the Ontario PC Party, we come together with the Polish community in commemorating the 227th Anniversary of Polish Constitution Day.

“Marking a day of celebration and reflection, Polish Constitution Day honours the establishment of the Polish Constitution on May 3, 1791, and stands as one of Poland’s most important achievements.

“The legislation under the Constitution of 1791 fought for political equality between townspeople and nobility; one of the oldest democratic constitution's of its type, and represents a triumph in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

“I encourage all Ontarians to take the time to learn more about the story of our Polish friends. With a population in Ontario of over 500,000; and roots in Ontario dating back over 150 years, the Polish community has played an important role in contributing to the social, [...]


May 3, 2018
Wynne only goes to the North during election years
Life is harder in Northern Ontario. While Northern families, businesses, and municipalities are struggling to get ahead, Liberal insiders in downtown Toronto boardrooms have gotten rich at their expense. The Wynne Liberals have even referred to Northern Ontario as a “no man’s land.”

This afternoon, with the election just over a month away, Kathleen Wynne will finally be showing her face in Northern Ontario again. She will be addressing the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association where she will brush off a 15 year record of the Liberals ignoring the needs of Northerners.

But, Northerners won’t be tricked by the Liberals again. Voters know this Liberal Government can’t be trusted.
Here are a few highlights from the Wynne Liberals’ disastrous record on Northern Ontario:

Cancelling the Northlander [...]


May 2, 2018May 2, 2018
Affordable PC Plan will Respect and Empower Northern Municipalities, Families and Businesses

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today addressed the annual meeting of the Northwestern Ontario Municipalities Association (NOMA) during which he shared how his Plan for the People of Ontario will deliver real respect, real change and real hope for the people of Northern Ontario.

“I know that Northern municipalities, families and businesses feel like they are being taken for granted,” said Ford. “Things are getting more expensive, life is getting harder and harder and it’s getting tougher to get by. People are looking for change — but they are not just looking for any change — they are also looking for help and they are looking for hope. My message to them is that help is on the way.”

Ford shared additional details from his plan that will make life more affordable for [...]


May 1, 2018May 1, 2018
Liberals vote against Ontario PC motion calling for Hydro One board to resign

This afternoon, the Wynne Liberals voted against a motion at Queen’s Park that would have called on the board of Hydro One to resign. The motion also would have reversed recent changes to Hydro One’s severance packages which helped to line the pockets of executives.

“While families across Ontario are struggling to keep their heads above water - being forced to choose between heating and eating - Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have allowed millionaire hydro executives to get rich at their expense,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith.

“Yesterday, the Wynne Liberals offered nothing but a very weak response when it comes to executive compensation. This only came after her secret millionaires’ club was exposed a month before the election,” added Smith. “If Kathleen Wynne and the [...]


March 30, 2018March 30, 2018
“Today Christians all across the world will gather to commemorate Good Friday. It is a Christian observance during the Holy Week and part of the Paschal Triduum.

"It marks a day of solemnity and commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I encourage all to take a moment to reflect on the personal sacrifice and compassion that the occasion honours.

“Good Friday represents the passion of Christ; and how Jesus suffered and sacrificed so that mankind could be saved and find peace.

“On behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus and our candidates across the province, I wish all Christians and their families a peaceful Good Friday.”


March 30, 2018
“At sundown today, the Jewish community in Ontario, and around the world, will gather to celebrate the eight-day observance of Passover. It is one of the most sacred Jewish observances, and commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.

“During this time, Jewish friends and families will gather to share symbolic rituals and festivities. Some of the most significant of rituals include gathering around the Seder table, and refraining from eating leavened grain. This is symbolic of the haste escape from Egypt; a time where the Jews did not have enough time to wait for bread to rise, so instead, they ate matzah, or unleavened bread.

“Passover serves as a time to celebrate; and is seen as a metaphor on the struggle for liberation, regardless of faith. It also serves as a time to reflect upon family, tradition, faith, the fight for [...]


March 29, 2018March 29, 2018
Buried deep in Kathleen Wynne’s budget, on page 294, were $2 billion in tax hikes for Ontario families and businesses.

1.8 million Ontarians will pay $200 more in personal income taxes each year, or $855 million in new taxes over three years.
20,000 Ontario businesses will pay $2,400 more per year, or $100 million in new taxes over three years.
The Liberals are copying and pasting Justin Trudeau’s unpopular small business taxes, which will increase taxes on businesses by more than $1 billion over three years.
“The Wynne Liberals are on a re-election spending spree, and the only way they will be able to pay for it is by taking more money out of Ontario families’ pockets,” said Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli. “If the Premier is willing to raise taxes by $2 billion just weeks before an election, just imagine what she will do if she’s re-elected.”

“Kathleen Wynne and the [...]


March 28, 2018March 28, 2018
“Today, Kathleen Wynne continued the re-election spending spree with your money. The Liberals think your vote is for sale, and this budget proves it.

Kathleen Wynne is writing a lot of cheques. She is making big promises with your tax dollars. I’ve looked at the finances, and her cheques are going to bounce. You and your families will be stuck with the bill for Wynne’s election promises.

It has already started. Today’s budget includes massive tax increases that will hit 1.8 million hard-working Ontarians and their families, as well as tens of thousands of businesses. Shockingly, this budget includes $2 billion in new tax increases over the next three years.

That’s what Kathleen Wynne is saying in an election year, just imagine what she will do if she is re-elected.

The only good news in this budget for the people of Ontario is that this will be Kathleen [...]


March 27, 2018March 27, 2018
Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals will do, say, or promise anything to cling to power. But, their record shows they can’t be trusted to keep their word.

Here are a few of their biggest broken budget promises:

Balanced budgets until 2019-2020 (2017 Budget): The Liberals have been promising balanced budgets for years, but at the drop of a hat, Charles Sousa announced plans to run a deficit of “less than 1 per cent of GDP,” or as much as $8 billion.
Reducing Auto Insurance Rates by 15 Per Cent on Average (2013 Budget): Kathleen Wynne later said this was nothing but a “stretch goal,” designed to get the NDP support for the budget.
$1 Billion for the Ring of Fire (2014 Budget, 2015 Budget, 2016 Budget): The Wynne Liberals continued to re-announce $1 billion in funding for the Ring of Fire, but have failed to take any action on this once in a generation economic opportunity. [...]


March 27, 2018
The Auditor General has shone more light on the Wynne Liberals’ “dishonest” accounting practices, saying Kathleen Wynne’s deficit would be at least $1.3 billion higher than they will suggest in Wednesday’s Budget.

The Liberals have already broken their promise to run a balanced budget this year; Charles Sousa said that the deficit will be as much as $8 billion.

“The Auditor General’s condemnation of this government is further proof that Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals can’t be trusted when it comes to Ontario’s finances,” said Interim Opposition Leader, Vic Fedeli.

“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have proven time and time again they are willing to say, do, or promise anything in a desperate attempt to cling to power. That includes playing shell games with tax dollars to hide [...]


March 25, 2018March 25, 2018
“Today I extend my warmest wishes to all Ontarians of Hellenic heritage as we celebrate the 197th anniversary of Greek Independence.

“This date, in 1821, commemorates the start of the War of Greek Independence, in which revolutionaries fought for independence.

“For Greek Orthodox Christians, this momentous day is also one of its holiest, as celebrations for the Feast of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary are also shared with great joy and cultural pride.

“These celebrations are a wonderful opportunity for remembrance and reflection, as we recognize the significant cultural, political, and societal contributions of the Greek community here in Ontario.

“With over 130,000 Ontarians tracing their heritage back to ancient Greece, I encourage all Ontarians to explore and participate in public events, Greek cultural festivities and local parades [...]


March 23, 2018March 23, 2018
Today, the list of Ontario’s richest political insiders was released.

They call it the Sunshine List, but for the hard-working people of Ontario, there is nothing sunny about it.

While people of Ontario are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, Kathleen Wynne’s friends are getting richer.

These insiders and fat cats are getting big raises while the real folks in Ontario haven’t had a real raise in years, because of reckless government policies.

For example, the CEO of Ontario Power Generation got a raise of $400,000 this year. His salary is now $1.5 million.

Can you believe that?

People are being forced to choose between heating and eating because hydro rates are so expensive while these insiders are getting rich.

There is also a secret list of Hydro One millionaires who have had their names hidden from the list.

They sit around the [...]


March 23, 2018
Today, the Liberals will be making an announcement at Flamboro Downs aimed at saving the horse racing industry they helped to destroy. Kathleen Wynne and her Ministers have been on an election spending tour this week, writing cheques they know will bounce. This week alone Kathleen Wynne’s promised $4 billion in new spending.

Rural Ontario knows the damage the Liberals have done to the horse racing industry and will see through their political games. The Liberals will say and promise anything to stay in power.

In 2012, the Liberal Government cancelled the Slots at Racetracks Program (SARP), which devastated the horse racing industry. As a result of this decision, horse breeders are taking senior Liberals to court.

Court documents show the Liberals were prepared for the “collapse” of the horse racing industry - the loss of 23,000 jobs, and 27,000 dead [...]

Hardeman introducing bill giving municipalities right to approve new landfills in their communities

March 1, 2018March 1, 2018
Today Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford, will introduce a private members bill that would give municipalities the right to approve the location of new landfill sites in their communities. Currently, waste companies only need approval from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

“Municipalities can choose where a new Tim Hortons is located, but they don’t have the same authority when it comes to landfill projects,” said Hardeman. “This bill respects Ontario communities, and will give towns and cities the ability to decide their own future.”

According to a recent poll by Public Square, nearly 8 out of 10 Ontarians feel municipalities should have a say in whether they host landfills, contrary to the current legislation.

"Ontarians are tired of the provincial government unilaterally imposing everything from windfarms to [...]

Statement by Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli on the celebration of Purim

February 28, 2018February 28, 2018
“The Ontario PC Caucus is delighted to join the Jewish community in celebrating Purim. This celebration commemorates the Jewish people’s survival in the face of a plot to exterminate them in ancient Persia.

“Purim is a time of fun and lively spirits; it is customary to get together with friends, family, and the community to give gifts, eat traditional meals, and giving to the less fortunate.

“It is also a wonderful opportunity to come together and read the Megillah, which recounts the story of the Purim miracle.

“As Progressive Conservatives, we are proud to embrace victory over discrimination and oppression; and will continue to stand up against acts of anti-Semitism and intolerance.

“On behalf of the Ontario PC caucus, we send our best wishes to members of the Ontario Jewish community as they celebrate Purim.

“Chag Purim Sameach!”

Statement from Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli on the nomination of Adam Pham

February 28, 2018
“I congratulate Adam Pham on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Parkdale-High Park.

“Adam is an excellent addition to our modern, inclusive, and pragmatic Ontario PC team. A first-generation Vietnamese-Canadian who came to Canada 17 years ago, Adam is now the owner of a successful real estate investment business, and graduated with a Ph.D in education prior to immigrating to Canada.

“I have no doubt that Adam’s determination and unique life-experience would make him an excellent representative for Parkdale-High Park.

“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are untrustworthy. For 15 years, this Liberal government has proven themselves willing to do and say anything to cling to power. While Ontario families, seniors, and youth pay more, Liberal insiders get rich.

“In Parkdale-High Park, and across the province, the Ontario PCs will [...]

Speech from Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli

February 27, 2018February 27, 2018
The last 10 days have been unprecedented in Ontario’s politics. No one will question that it has been a difficult time for our Party. But we are now ready to turn the page.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan, always the optimist, responded to Jimmy Carter who was lamenting a malaise in their country by boldly stating that it was “morning in America”.

Today, it’s morning in the PC Party.

We are now ready to move on from focusing on any one individual – and to focus on the task at hand. And that task is defeating Kathleen Wynne.

What we have seen in recent days from my colleagues in our Party has impressed me. We have seen strength in adversity. We have four strong candidates for Leader. One of them will lead us into the next election, and become Ontario’s next premier.

I would be proud to serve with any of them. And we will do everything in our power to ensure they are elected [...]

No verdict, in gas plants scandal, will return the $1.1 billion the Liberals wasted: Ontario PCs

February 26, 2018February 26, 2018
Today, Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith asked the Wynne Liberals, during Question Period, about the upcoming sentencing of a former senior Liberal operative in the gas plants scandal.

“While the justice system has taken its course, no verdict will return the $1.1 billion the Liberal government wasted just to win seats in an election,” said Smith. “Sadly, the gas plant scandal is just one example of the consistent pattern of political malfeasance by this Liberal government.”
“A senior official in the Liberal government deleted documents to try and hide the truth. Following the campaign co-chaired by Premier Wynne, the Liberals were only concerned about their best interests,” added Smith. “They were not concerned about the best interests of the people of Ontario. The Wynne Liberals simply cannot be trusted.”

“With only [...]

Statement from Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli on the nomination of Patricia Kalligosfyris

February 24, 2018February 24, 2018
“I congratulate Patricia Kalligosfyris on her nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Toronto-Danforth.

“Patricia is a great addition to our modern, inclusive, and pragmatic Ontario PC team. A high-school teacher with the York Region District School Board, Patricia is an advocate for youth and improved education.

“As a second-generation Greek Canadian, Patricia believes in the principles of inclusivity, hard work, and community service.

“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are untrustworthy. For 15 years, this Liberal government have proven themselves willing to do and say anything to cling to power. While Ontario families, seniors, and youth pay more, Liberal insiders get rich.

“In Toronto-Danforth and across the province, the Ontario PCs will continue to work hard for a better future. I look forward to working with Patricia as we continue to share our message of change for the better with Ontario families.”

Out of touch Liberals considering a congestion tax for Ontario drivers

February 21, 2018February 21, 2018
Today, PC Critic for Infrastructure Sylvia Jones and PC Critic for Transportation Michael Harris questioned the Minister of Transportation on the Wynne Liberals’ plan to cancel the environmental assessment of the GTA West Highway Corridor. Instead the Wynne Liberals are considering introducing a tax on drivers.

“After a $14-million investment and over a decade of delay, the government has cancelled the environmental assessment of the GTA West Highway Corridor, without providing an alternative plan to address congestion,” said Jones.

“One of the alternatives recommended by the Minister’s advisory panel is to put congestion fees on 400 series highways across the GTA,” said Harris. “The fact that the government is considering taxing drivers on provincial highways is shocking.

"The last thing Ontarians want is to be taxed to sit in traffic. This is just another example of how out of touch the Wynne Liberals are.”

London Cardiac Fitness Institute Forced to Close its Doors

February 20, 2018February 20, 2018
Today, PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek questioned the Wynne Liberals for refusing to step in and prevent the closure of the London Health Science Centre’s Cardiac Fitness Institute (CFI).

Established in 1981, the CFI provides rehabilitation and fitness education for patients who suffer from serious heart problems, serving roughly 1,600 individuals each year. The preventative care provided by the CFI has been shown to both reduce the number of patients readmitted to the hospital for heart issues, and save the health care system millions of dollars.

“Once again we are seeing the results of years of Liberal cuts and underfunding to our health care system,” said Yurek.

The London Health Science Centre cited the reason for the closure as “the funding environment has become increasingly challenging”. This has resulted in their inability to fund 50 per cent of the [...]

Ontario PCs continuing to hold the Wynne Liberals to account

February 20, 2018
Statement from Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli on the return of the Legislature:

“The Ontario PCs remain focused on holding the Wynne Liberals to account, and building a Party that is ready to deliver much-needed relief to Ontario families.

“For 15 years, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have proven themselves willing to do and say anything to cling to power. And, while they continue to utter platitudes about ‘fairness,’ this government is anything but fair.

“Under the Wynne Liberals’ watch, hydro rates, taxes, and fees have skyrocketed. Their economic policies continue to hurt families, with 51,000 jobs lost in January alone. Youth struggling with mental illness are tragically ignored, and billions have been squandered on this government’s political self-interest. While families, seniors, and youth are being left behind, Liberal insiders have gotten [...]

Statement from Interim Leader Vic Fedeli

February 16, 2018February 16, 2018
“Shortly after becoming Interim Leader, I asked Patrick Brown to step aside from the PC Caucus. The legislature is set to resume sitting on Tuesday February 20TH following Family Day. Earlier today, Mr. Brown was notified that he has been removed from the PC Caucus effective immediately. The same procedure was followed when Mr. Brown removed Jack MacLaren from the PC Caucus.”

Statements on the nomination of Chief Clifford Bull in Kiiwetinoong

February 16, 2018
{:ca}“I congratulate Chief Clifford Bull on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Kiiwetinoong. Chief Bull is the first candidate to ever be nominated in this new riding, which has a majority Indigenous population.

“Chief Bull is a great addition to our already experienced, modern, inclusive, and pragmatic PC team. As Chief of Lac Seul First Nation since 2006, Chief Bull has been a champion for not only his community, but all First Nations communities.

“Lac Seul is one of the largest reserves in Northwestern Ontario, and as a result, Chief Bull has a wealth of experience fighting and standing up for the far North.

“His dedication and effectiveness is reflected in the strong working relationships he has forged between local municipalities such as Sioux Lookout. These sorts of partnerships will be essential for Kiiwetinoong’s future [...]

Statement from Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli on Lunar New Year

February 16, 2018
“Today, I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year. Whether it’s the Chinese Spring Festival, the Korean Seollal, or the Vietnamese Tet, this is a time to get together with family and friends and reflect on the past year while celebrating the beginning of a bright and promising New Year.

“The Lunar New Year is also a time during which families, friends, and communities congregate to worship ancestors, give gifts, eat traditional meals, and participate in other customs including variations of the Lion Dance, bell ringing, and lighting of fire crackers.

“It is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the important contributions that Canadians of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese descent have brought to Ontario’s social, cultural, and economic framework.

“Your beliefs of hard work, determination, and a [...]

FAO Report pours cold water on Wynne Liberal “fairness” claim

February 14, 2018February 14, 2018
Statement from Ontario PC Finance Critic Lisa MacLeod

"Whether it’s skyrocketing hydro rates, exorbitant taxes and fees, or a politically-motivated, overnight hike to the minimum wage, Ontario is no longer open for business under the Wynne Liberals. Job creators are finding it harder to make ends meet and get ahead.

“Ontario was once Canada’s job-creating, economic engine. But under the Wynne Liberals, regions of our province are being left behind. Southwestern, Eastern, and Northern Ontario only saw 1,600 net new jobs combined. This is a government that has ignored important regions of our province to serve their own political self-interests.

“Wages in Ontario continue to stagnate. While Liberal insiders are getting rich, middle class families haven’t had a real raise since the 2000s. Not only that, but under the Liberals’ watch the wage gap has not [...]

Ontario families continue to pay more for Kathleen Wynne’s Hydro One fire sale

February 12, 2018February 12, 2018
Kathleen Wynne’s reckless fire sale of Hydro One will continue to make life harder for Ontario families, according to Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer.

“Since day one the Ontario PCs have opposed Kathleen Wynne’s fire sale of Hydro One,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith. “Their fire sale has driven up the cost of living for families, seniors, and businesses, and today we have more proof that this fire sale means long-term pain for short-term Wynne Liberal gain.”

The report confirms that the fire sale was only about balancing the budget in an election year, with Ontarians losing $1.1 billion in 2018-19 from the sale. What’s more, only $670 million of the billions allocated through the Trillium Trust has been spent on infrastructure.

“The Liberals like to talk a big game on infrastructure, but the Hydro One fire sale was [...]

Job losses confirms Wynne’s minimum wage killing jobs

February 9, 2018February 9, 2018
News comes after implementation of massive, overnight minimum wage hike

Ontario has seen the highest monthly decline in jobs since 2009, the same month that Wynne implemented a job killing minimum wage hike.

“Kathleen Wynne was warned by experts that her overnight minimum wage hike would put our most vulnerable people out of work. She was warned, and she ignored them purely for political purposes,” said Ontario PC Economic Development Critic Monte McNaughton. “Now we see more young people out of a job.”

The survey reaffirms the findings of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce report released only days ago, which found low labour force participation, low business confidence, and declining revenue of small businesses.

“Over one third of people in our province have stopped looking for work, while opportunity has been stagnant outside of Toronto and Ottawa since the [...]

Wynne Liberal decision to cancel GTA West Corridor a waste of money

February 9, 2018
Today, the Ontario PCs condemned the news of the Wynne Liberals’ cancellation of the Environmental Assessment of the GTA West Corridor.

“The GTA West has been studied by the ministry for nearly a decade. Internal government documents, obtained by my office, reveal that the ministry has spent over $14 million studying the corridor, with zero results,” said Ontario PC Deputy Leader and Dufferin-Caledon MPP Sylvia Jones.

“Kathleen Wynne’s decision is disappointing. The Ontario PCs believe that the GTA West Corridor is a project that deserves a complete environmental study. Congestion will cost the GTA $7 billion a year by 2031, according to Metrolinx,” added Jones.

“People are spending more time in their cars stuck in traffic and less time with their families. There is a massive infrastructure deficit in Ontario, and this amounts to yet another [...]

Open Letter from MPP Michael Harris to Minister of Transportation regarding Carillion

February 9, 2018
Dear Minister McGarry,

I am writing today to inquire about the contingency plans the Wynne Liberal government has in place should Carillion Canada fold in the wake of the collapse of their parent company.

E-mails and phone calls regarding Carillion have been pouring into my offices from Ontarians from across the province – Northern Ontario, rural Ontario, and within the GTA. Families are understandably worried about your government’s ability to maintain winter road safety in Ontario. This is hardly surprising given your government’s dismal record in keeping our roads safe. The Auditor General’s findings show a laundry list of government failures and inaction has resulted in substandard snowplowing services in the province. For years the Ontario PCs have questioned your government’s tendering of these contracts.

An anonymous [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek on Ornge

February 8, 2018February 8, 2018
“Earlier today, the OPP concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support laying criminal charges in the Ornge probe. In order to build their case, the OPP sought information in the USA and Italy, but their attempts were ‘stymied.’

“Nothing is going to return the millions of dollars Liberal insiders gouged hard-working Ontario families out of, and nothing is going to return the lives that were lost.

“The Auditor General has confirmed that millions of tax dollars were wasted because this government let Ornge executives run wild.

“The politically corrupt Wynne Liberals have been under five separate OPP investigations. The people of Ontario deserve better than a government under the shroud of multiple police investigations.”

Ontario PCs announce details of leadership debate and open, transparent voting process

February 7, 2018February 7, 2018
Today the Ontario PC Party Executive and the Leadership Election Organization Committee (LEOC) released details of the Party’s membership verification process for the upcoming leadership race.

The LEOC will also host two official leadership debates. The first date has been organized for February 15th. It will be broadcast on TVO at 8pm. PC members will have unprecedented access to the leadership debate as it will also be broadcast through social networks including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Additional details will be released shortly.

An online, two-stage verification process will ensure all eligible members can select the next leader of the Ontario PC Party in a secure, open and transparent manner. PC members will receive a unique verification number in the mail, where they will be directed to verify their membership [...]

Ontario Chamber reports businesses are fed up with Wynne Liberal policies

February 7, 2018
OCC reveals only 23 per cent of businesses are confident in Ontario’s economy

The confidence of Ontario’s job creators is sinking to new lows under the Wynne Liberals, according to a new report from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC).

“This is yet another example of Liberal mismanagement. Under their watch, businesses are losing confidence in Ontario’s economy,” said Ontario PC Economic Development critic Monte McNaughton.

“Between skyrocketing hydro rates, exorbitant taxes and fees, strangling red tape, and a growing skills gap, Ontario is no longer the economic and job-creating engine it once was.”

The OCC reported that the number one reason why the business community lacks confidence in Ontario’s economy is Kathleen Wynne’s economic policies.

“It is time for change that works with and alongside job creators and workers to harness our [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Interim Leader Vic Fedeli on Buy American

February 7, 2018
“Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are responsible for Ontario losing its competitive advantage to the United States. Whether it’s skyrocketing hydro rates, the cap-and-trade cash grab, suffocating red tape, or exorbitant taxes, Ontario is plain and simple no longer open for business.

“Initiating a trade war with the United States is a last-ditch election ploy by Kathleen Wynne to deflect the blame for her disastrous economic policies.

“As the Mayor of North Bay, I successfully led the charge against Buy American policies with a mayor to mayor plea. But, the Premier using this as a political tool to cling to power is nothing short of reckless, especially during this critical time in the NAFTA negotiations.

“The Ontario PCs will review and consider the legislation when it comes forward.”

Retiring Wynne Liberals line up for one more taste of the trough

February 6, 2018February 6, 2018
Wynne quietly gives Duguid, Matthews, and Sandals $17K raises

Taxpayers are on the hook for massive pay raises doled out by Kathleen Wynne to a group of former senior cabinet ministers.

Last week, Premier Kathleen Wynne quietly announced that Brad Duguid, Liz Sandals, and Deb Matthews would be taking on new roles as Parliamentary Assistants. This comes with a nearly $17,000 annual pay bump.

FACTS STILL MATTER: Fact-checking Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal AGM speech

February 3, 2018February 3, 2018
Earlier this evening, Kathleen Wynne gave a speech in front of a small crowd of Liberal insiders at the Liberal’s Annual General Meeting.

The speech was littered with mistruths. But, as we all know, facts still matter in Ontario. We hope Kathleen Wynne takes the opportunity to correct the record.

Premier Wynne said: “Thank you for coming out in such impressive numbers”

Fact: Wynne’s Sean Spicer moment?


Premier Wynne said: “In fact in the last three years, Ontario’s economy has led the G7 nations.”

Fact: This isn’t remotely true. The Wynne Liberals have been fact-checked on this before, but they continue to knowingly mislead Ontarians.

Kathleen Wynne said: “The rich are getting richer while too many people are being left behind.”

Fact: After Kathleen Wynne sold off Hydro One in a fire sale, the [...]

Statement from MPP Lisa MacLeod: Kathleen Wynne will do and say anything to get elected

February 3, 2018
“Today, Kathleen Wynne and a group of Liberal insiders gathered for their last Annual General Meeting before the next election.

“Wynne said that the upcoming election is about who she is fighting for, and I know exactly who she is and has been fighting for. She is fighting for millionaire hydro executives, corporate donors, and liberal insiders.

“For 15 years she has been turning her back on the hardworking people of this province. For 15 years she has been lining the pockets of liberal insiders. For 15 years you have been paying more, yet getting less.

“Make no mistake: Kathleen Wynne is untrustworthy. This is a Premier and a Party that is only concerned with what’s good for themselves and their insider friends. Everything they said this weekend is just another set of cynical promises that they have no intention of keeping. Kathleen Wynne will do and say anything to cling to power.

"It's time for change that puts the people first, not insiders."

10 Liberal “big ideas,” 10 broken promises

February 3, 2018
Kathleen Wynne will do and say anything to get elected

This morning, the Wynne Liberals released the top 10 ideas that came out of their policy consultation process. But, the people of Ontario know better. The Wynne Liberals can’t be trusted. They will do, say, and promise anything to get re-elected. The Liberal record over the last 15 years speaks for itself:

Financial literacy and functionality as a requirement for high school graduates

The Liberals first announced that financial literacy would be a part of the school curriculum in 2011, but today they are still making re-announcements while students are being left behind.
As renowned Canadian entrepreneur David Chilton said, “Premier Wynne argues we should emphasize financial literacy more in education system. She's right. And she needs to attend those classes."
Improve access to post-secondary education

Under the Liberal [...]

Statement from MPP Lisa MacLeod

February 2, 2018February 2, 2018
Liberals to celebrate 15 years of putting insiders ahead of the people at convention
“Today, Kathleen Wynne and a group of Liberal insiders will gather together for their last Annual General Meeting before the next election.

“Kathleen Wynne likes to talk about ‘fairness,’ yet nothing about this government is fair. For 15 years every decision they’ve made has left hardworking families paying more and getting less.

“This weekend I hope they consider the thousands of households that had their power cut off in the dead of winter, while Liberal insiders lined their pockets with lucrative green energy contracts, and the CEO of Hydro One made millions.

“I hope they remember the 350,000 manufacturing jobs their uncompetitive policies have cost, and all of the families that have struggled to find work in a province that just isn’t open for business.

“I hope they remember the skyrocketing hydro [...]

Company awarded taxpayer slush in return for jobs has all but closed up shop in TO

February 1, 2018February 1, 2018
A Toronto Star Investigation revealed Los Angeles company's job commitment broken

MPP Monte McNaughton is demanding increased transparency after a company that received taxpayer funded handouts from the Wynne has all but closed up shop in Ontario.

Legend 3D, a digital media company based in Los Angeles, has drastically reduced its Toronto office workforce. When the Wynne Liberals announced a $3.1 million handout for Legend 3D just last year, they claimed “271 new jobs” would be brought to Canada.

“There is very little transparency in how this funding is awarded. Project results for these grants are never made public. We were under the impression that there would be good jobs for the people of Toronto. It turns out it’s all a complete lie,” said McNaughton.

The Auditor General also found that the Liberal Government never studied the [...]

Statements on Ontario PC Leadership Race

January 31, 2018January 31, 2018
“Earlier this evening, the Ontario PC Party Executive met with members from LEOC to confirm details of the 2018 Ontario PC Leadership Race. Ontario PC members will select a new Leader on March 10, 2018.*
“I am excited to announce that the Ontario PC Party has a path forward to selecting our next Leader and future Premier. The new leader will have a united Party behind them ready to fight and win the upcoming election.

“Throughout the race, we look forward to an exciting discussion about the future of our party. The Ontario PC Party will come out of this united, and stronger than ever."
Statement from the Chair of the Leadership Election Organization Committee (LEOC) Hartley Lefton
“Tonight is a major step forward in selecting a new Leader to unite the Ontario PCs as we prepare for the 2018 election. The 2018 Ontario PC Leadership Race will see party members from every region [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Party President Jag Badwal

January 30, 2018January 30, 2018
TORONTO - Today, Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli announced he will remain as Interim Leader while a new permanent Leader is chosen.

“I look forward to working with Ontario PC Leader Fedeli during this interim period; he is a man of great integrity who has put the Ontario PC Party and the province before self,” said Badwal.

“As Ontario PC Party President, I believe that Mr. Fedeli will bring stability in a time that has been difficult for our party.”

Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli Announces Critic Shuffle

January 30, 2018
QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Vic Fedeli announced updates to critic portfolios and positions for the Ontario PC Caucus.

MPP Lisa Thompson will take the role of Caucus Chair and has been appointed as the PC Caucus representative to the Ontario PC Fund Board. Thompson represents the riding of Huron-Bruce, and will continue to serve as the Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Critic as well as the International Trade Critic.
MPP Lisa MacLeod will take the role of Finance Critic. MacLeod represents the riding of Nepean-Carleton, and will continue to serve as the Treasury Board Critic and Anti-Racism Secretariat Critic.
MPP Lorne Coe will take the role of Education Critic. Coe represents the riding of Whitby-Oshawa, and will continue to serve as the Post-Secondary Education Critic.
“I’m proud that our experienced Ontario PC Caucus has [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli

January 30, 2018
{:ca}QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Vic Fedeli announced he will remain as Interim Leader while a new permanent Leader is chosen.

“Over the past few days, I have been humbled by the outpouring of support from Party members, candidates, and caucus,” said Fedeli. “I have been honoured to have them put their trust in me.

“It has been a chaotic time for our party, and a steady hand is needed at the helm. We have learned our party is in much worse shape than we knew. Fixing this will be a massive undertaking. But it is essential, if we are to win the next election.

“I have always believed that we must put team, before self. It is time to put the party and the province ahead of any one person’s ambition.

“As such, I will work exclusively as Interim Leader to the Party.

“We have a strong caucus, a strong roster of candidates with more to come, and we will [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Party President Rick Dykstra

January 26, 2018January 26, 2018

“Earlier today, the Ontario PC Party Executive voted to launch a leadership process where party membership will have the opportunity to select the Leader who will lead the party into the next election.

“Details about the leadership process will be announced in the near future.

“Our Party is already full of 200,000 energized party members. This number will only continue to grow. We look forward to uniting behind the future Leader of the party. Together as a team we will defeat Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals in the upcoming election.”

Statement from PC Leader Vic Fedeli

January 26, 2018

“It is humbling and an honour to have the unanimous support of my friends in the Ontario PC Caucus and I graciously accept the position of Leader.

“The last 48 hours have not been easy. I want to commend the brave women who had the courage to come forward and share their stories. Harassment has no place in our society. Any allegations of sexual misconduct must be taken very seriously.

“Our Party, and the people of Ontario have a great challenge ahead. I am prepared to lead this Party moving forward. We need to focus immediately on Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals. There’s no time to waste.

“The days, weeks, and months ahead will not be easy. But, I’m confident that as a team we can, and will, bring the change Ontario needs. Change that renews Ontario’s status as the best place in Canada to live, work and raise a family.”

Statement from PC Deputy Leaders Sylvia Jones and Steve Clark

January 26, 2018
“Like everyone, we were shocked to learn of yesterday's serious allegations.

“Harassment has no place in our society, period.

“Allegations of sexual misconduct must be taken seriously. These voices deserve to be heard.

“It was appropriate that Mr. Brown resigned as Ontario PC Leader.

“Now it’s time for the Ontario PCs to move forward together to elect a new parliamentary leader.

“We’re fortunate to have a team of talented, experienced MPPs and candidates preparing for the election.

“The PC Caucus will be meeting to make this decision tomorrow. We will provide an update at that time.”

Statement from Ontario PC Deputy Leaders Sylvia Jones and Steve Clark

January 25, 2018January 25, 2018
“This evening we learned of disturbing allegations leveled against Patrick Brown.

“In the interest of the Ontario PC Party we unanimously agree that Mr. Brown cannot continue serving as the Leader.

“Mr. Brown is entitled to a legal defense and due process, but he cannot lead us into an election as a result of these allegations.

“The Ontario PC Party unequivocally upholds the principle that a safe and respectful society is what we expect and deserve. We need to move forward to eradicate sexual violence and harassment across the province.

“Our caucus will immediately consult with party officials and members on best way to move forward to defeat the Wynne Liberals in the 2018.

“We will not be diverted from our mission to ensure our strong team can share our message of change.”

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown

January 25, 2018
“These allegations are false and have been difficult to hear.

“However, defeating Kathleen Wynne in 2018 is more important than one individual.

“For this reason, after consulting with caucus, friends and family I have decided to step down as Leader of the Ontario PC Party. I will remain on as a MPP while I definitively clear my name from these false allegations.

“Over the past three years I have led a major transformation of our party taking it from 12,000 to 200,000 members, fundraised more money than any provincial party in Canadian history, and recruited some of the most qualified and diverse candidates in the history of our party. I have developed a pragmatic and winning campaign platform after a historically comprehensive policy process.

“These important building blocks are essential for defeating Kathleen Wynne this year and her tired government that has [...]

Change that works for rural and small town Ontario

January 23, 2018January 23, 2018
TORONTO – Today at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown outlined how the People’s Guarantee will improve the lives of families living in rural Ontario.
"For 15 long years, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have made life harder in rural Ontario. Families and businesses are working harder, paying more, and getting less," said Brown. "Rural Ontario has been ignored by the Liberals. Our People's Guarantee includes a number of measures that will help everyone living, working, and doing business in rural Ontario get ahead."

“The Ontario PCs have been standing up for rural Ontario since day one,” added Brown. “Our plan will make life more affordable for everyone and will give rural Ontario the respect it deserves."

"That’s change that works for rural and small town Ontario.”

Measures include:

  • Scrap the Green Energy Act and [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Lincoln Alexander Day

January 21, 2018January 21, 2018
“Today, Ontarians and Canadians all across the country celebrate the life and legacy of the Honourable Lincoln MacCauley Alexander.

“Ninety-six years after his birth, and more than five years following his passing, we remain inspired by a life marked by sacrifice, challenge, and triumph over adversity.

“Lincoln began his lifetime of service to country when he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942, in the midst of WWII.  Despite the sacrifice this represented, he still experienced the bigotry and discrimination we fought to overcome in the decades since.

“But these experiences never deterred Lincoln, and he would go on to blaze a trail that would inspire generations of Canadians to come.

“In 1968, Lincoln made history when became Canada’s first African Canadian member of Parliament, serving as the Progressive Conservative [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Denzil Minnan-Wong in Don Valley East

January 20, 2018January 20, 2018
“I congratulate Denzil on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Don Valley East.

“Denzil makes an excellent addition to our already experienced and diverse Ontario PC team. A long-term city councillor in Toronto and North York, Denzil has taken up a number of different leadership positions. Denzil has served as Deputy Mayor, on the board of the TTC, Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, and the North York Community Council.

“A champion for lower taxes, responsible spending, and accountable government, Denzil fought tirelessly for Canada’s first municipal Auditor General in the City of Toronto. Denzil also advocated for the development of a downtown bike lane network and helped to rescue Toronto’s bike share program.

“After 15 years in power, life is harder with the Wynne Liberals. [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the gas plants verdict

January 19, 2018January 19, 2018
“It’s a sad day when a premier’s most senior official is found guilty of trying to orchestrate a cover-up of the $1.1 billion gas plant scandal. The guilty verdict is an indictment of the 15 years of Liberal political corruption that has long been rooted in the premier’s office.

“While the justice system has taken its course, no verdict will return the $1.1 billion the Liberal government wasted just to win seats in an election.

“A senior official in the Liberal government deleted documents to try and hide the truth. Following the campaign co-chaired by Kathleen Wynne, the Liberals were only concerned about their best interests, not the best interests of the people of Ontario. They simply cannot be trusted.

“Sadly, the gas plant scandal is just one example of the consistent pattern of political corruption by this Liberal government.  Now that the case has reached its completion, we are fearful of what waste and political corruption the next Liberal scandal will reveal.”

Wynne Yes Man Red Ed Bad Pairing for LCBO

January 19, 2018
Yesterday the Ontario Liberal Party shone the bat-signal down University Avenue to let Ed Clark know Kathleen Wynne needed him back. With Wynne Yes Man Red Ed now chair of the LCBO, well-connected, insider friends of Kathleen Wynne will continue to get ahead while you and your family struggle to get by.

Protecting the LCBO from Ed Clark

As one of the Crown Jewels of Ontario's Government Business Enterprises, LCBO revenues help fund education, health care, and other services - reducing the need to resort to traditional taxation.

We cannot trust it in the hands of one of the architects of the botched Hydro One privatization. Ed Clark remains the wrong choice to lead the LCBO at this critical time.

Kathleen Wynne and Ed Clark’s fire sale of Hydro One may have been great for the Liberal insiders who divided up the spoils among themselves but it was a bad deal for Ontario [...]

Statement from MPP Bill Walker regarding senior abuse in long term-care homes

January 18, 2018January 18, 2018

“This is deplorable and unacceptable. Ontarians deserve to have the best standard of care possible and no senior should ever fear that their health and their safety may be at risk while receiving care in a long-term care home. To this end, I again urge the Minister to take immediate action to address these serious violations of safety, security and well-being of seniors and to also testify before the Public Inquiry into Long-Term Care Homes.

"As the regulator and guardian of our most vulnerable seniors in care, the Minister has a direct and significant interest in going before the Inquiry. Ontarians need assurance that he will take responsibility and ensure that this can never happen again under their watch.”

Shuffling chairs on a sinking ship

January 17, 2018January 17, 2018

TORONTO - Today, Premier Wynne’s Liberal government suffers blows with the loss of key veterans in Cabinet, as she announces replacements to try and keep the ship afloat.

“Premier Wynne’s cabinet remains bloated despite the fact that her key ministers don’t want to run again,” said Ontario PC Deputy Leader Steve Clark. “Wynne has made this cabinet the largest in the country, has the privilege of overseeing a record of scandal, mismanagement, and waste, and the largest debt of any province or state in the world.”
Here are some highlights from the updated but same tired and bloated Liberal cabinet:

  • Nathalie Des Rosiers, who represents one of the most urban ridings in the province, will take over as Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry. At first glance, her riding of Ottawa-Vanier appears to have neither natural resources or forestry;

  • Helena Jaczek, who was unable to answer [...]

Northern Ontario mental health crisis showcased at Sudbury committee hearing

January 16, 2018January 16, 2018

SUDBURY - This morning, at a pre-budget committee hearing in Sudbury, Ontario’s growing mental health crisis was highlighted by a couple of presenters who urged the government to take immediate action.

The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs heard from the Sudbury/Manitoulin branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Child and Family Centre. Both of these presentations highlighted funding gaps and the need for increased funding and supports.

“Ontario’s mental health crisis is our province’s dirty little secret,” said Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli. “There are far too many stories - especially in Northern Ontario - about families who have had the courage to come forward, to seek treatment, only to be turned away because the supports and resources aren’t there.”

The Ontario PC Party has promised to invest [...]

Open Letter to the Minister Responsible for Early Years & Child Care

January 15, 2018January 15, 2018

Dear Minister Naidoo-Harris,

Ontario’s child care costs are a huge challenge for parents, and it’s no surprise that we are seeing very concerning media stories about parents feeling the pinch. The fact is, your political decision-making is making life more unaffordable for families.

Last fall, I spoke about the average price of child care in Toronto being $20,000, and $15,000 in Ottawa. It is expensive across the province. Some families can’t afford the expense at all. It’s getting worse. Recent fee hikes at daycares are happening province-wide.

In addition, wait lists at daycares remain to be a challenge, plus there are insufficient spaces available. Your rushed policies in advance of an election will not help the situation. Daycare operators may think twice before expanding or staying open, and new prospective operators may choose not to open at [...]

Thunder Bay budget hearing shows life is harder under the Wynne Liberals

January 15, 2018
THUNDER BAY - This morning, the Wynne Liberal record of making life harder and more unaffordable for Northern Ontario families and businesses was on display at a Pre-Budget Hearing in Thunder Bay. The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs heard from a variety of presenters, including the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, local municipalities and forestry companies.

“Between skyrocketing hydro rates and ever increasing taxes and fees, life is harder under the Wynne Liberals. Ontario families are working harder, paying more, and getting less,” said Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson. “In the past these consultations have been nothing but a sham to the government, but it’s important to hear first-hand from Ontarians about the need for change for the better in the province and Northern Ontario.”

The committee heard from a number of [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Dr. Dionne Duncan

January 14, 2018January 14, 2018

“I congratulate Dionne on her nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Hamilton Centre.

 “Dionne brings incredible experience to our Ontario PC team. She is currently a Vice President at the Rosa’s Centre, which provides services to adults with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is also a facilitator at Peel Halton Dufferin Acquired Brain Injury Services, where she supports patients with brain injuries.

 “Dionne received her MBA from the Kellogg-Schulich School of Business and her PhD in Health Policy and Informatics from the University of Toronto. She is the recipient of the J.S. Woodward Award for Humanities and Community Support, and serves on the board of Wychwood Open Door and the Enlightened Women’s Core team.

“After 15 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Families are working harder, [...]

Ontario PC Party sets historical membership record

January 13, 2018January 13, 2018
Earlier this year, the Ontario PC Party set the record for the highest membership totals of any party in Ontario’s history. As of January 10, 2018, the Ontario PC Party had 200,224 members, and this number continues to grow.
“The Ontario PC Party is now composed of over 200,000 members who are excited and ready to help elect an Ontario PC government that will get Ontario back on track,” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.  “Only a few years ago, our party had an unimpressive 12,000 members. Since that time, our party has grown in every corner and community of the province and pulled off historic by-election victories.”

Since Patrick Brown has become Leader, the Ontario PC Party has won five by-elections, including winning two historically Liberal seats in Scarborough-Rouge River and Sault Ste. Marie.

“When Patrick Brown became Leader in 2015 he committed to grow [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Finance critic Vic Fedeli on auto insurance rates

January 12, 2018January 12, 2018
"I congratulate Fadi on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Ottawa-Vanier.

 “Fadi is a husband, a father, and an active member of the Lebanese community. He loves Ottawa-Vanier and has called it home for over 25 years. As a small business owner in Ottawa-Vanier, Fadi knows first-hand how reckless Liberal policies have hurt small businesses throughout the province. Fadi is also French-educated and holds a master’s degree in chemistry.

 “After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a change.  Only the Ontario PCs will make sure hardworking families pay less and get ahead.

“In Ottawa-Vanier and across the province, the Ontario PC Party will continue to work hard for a better future. I look forward to working with Fadi as we share our positive message of change for the better.”

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Fadi Nemr

January 7, 2018January 7, 2018
"I congratulate Fadi on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Ottawa-Vanier.

“Fadi is a husband, a father, and an active member of the Lebanese community. He loves Ottawa-Vanier and has called it home for over 25 years. As a small business owner in Ottawa-Vanier, Fadi knows first-hand how reckless Liberal policies have hurt small businesses throughout the province. Fadi is also French-educated and holds a master’s degree in chemistry.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a change.  Only the Ontario PCs will make sure hardworking families pay less and get ahead.
“In Ottawa-Vanier and across the province, the Ontario PC Party will continue to work hard for a better future. I look forward to working with Fadi as we share our positive message of change for the better.”

Tomorrow, millionaire Hydro One CEO will have earned more in 2018 than the average family will earn all year

January 5, 2018January 5, 2018
The millionaire CEO of Hydro One will have already earned as much as the average Ontario family by Friday – before he even goes for lunch.

After coming under fire for outrageous executive compensation last year, Kathleen Wynne committed to fixing the problem, a promise she has since broken.

"Hydro disconnections are reaching new record highs every year in Ontario," said PC Energy Critic Todd Smith. "At the same time, Ontario electricity customers are still funding millionaire Hydro One executives because Kathleen Wynne has decided to put Liberal insiders ahead of the people.”

By lunch time on Friday, Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt will have earned $75,000, equal to Ontario’s median family income, according to Statistics Canada. He earned $4.5 million in 2017.

“This is the result of Kathleen Wynne’s disastrous [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Simmer Sandhu

December 18, 2017December 18, 2017
“I congratulate Simmer on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate in Brampton East.

“Simmer currently works as a real estate agent at Royal Lepage, Flower City Realty in the Peel Region.

“As the Ontario PC candidate, Simmer will be a champion for more affordable hydro rates, auto insurance, and child care. I have no doubt that he will be an excellent representative for the people of Brampton East at Queen’s Park.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a change in Ontario. Only the Ontario PC Party will make sure hard-working families pay less and get ahead.

“In Brampton East, and across the province, the Ontario PC Party will continue to work hard for a better future. I look forward to working with Simmer as we share our positive message of change for the better.”

Government must follow law, provide Pre-Election Finance Report: Ontario PCs

December 14, 2017December 14, 2017
The Wynne Liberals will be breaking their own law if they don’t release a Pre-Election Report on Ontario’s finances before the election, Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli said today.

“It’s suspicious. When the Liberals passed this law in 2004 they were eager to release their own financial numbers and projections. Now, 15 years later and after much controversy about their numbers, they want to hide everything,” said Fedeli. “Nothing about this government’s numbers are prudent and cautious, which is why they’re being cagey about releasing this Pre-Election report on Ontario’s finances.”

The requirement for this report was first outlined in the Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act, 2004, with the goal of providing a three-year outlook of Ontario's finances including revenue and spending projections ahead of an election. The [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Iris Yu in Spadina-Fort York

December 13, 2017December 13, 2017
“I congratulate Iris on her nomination as the Ontario PC candidate in Spadina-Fort York.

“Iris is a proud and dedicated Torontonian whose passion for the city inspired her to run for the Ontario PCs. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, Iris has held a number of corporate positions. She currently works at the Bank of Montreal in Investor Relations. Iris completed her MBA at Ivey Business School in 2003, and immigrated from China to Canada.

“Iris’ business qualifications and experience will certainly be a great asset to her constituents at Queen’s Park.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a change in Ontario. Only the Ontario PC Party will make sure hardworking families pay less and get ahead.

“In Spadina-Fort York, and across [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Chuck McShane in Niagara Falls

December 13, 2017
“I congratulate Chuck on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate in Niagara Falls.

“A sales consultant with a local building supply company, Chuck has served as the past-president of the Niagara Home Builders Association. Chuck has also served as the CEO of the Steve Ludzik Foundation, which raises money for a local Parkinson’s rehab clinic, and worked for more than a decade as a volunteer fire fighter in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

“A long-time Ontario PC volunteer and activist, Chuck understands both the potential and challenges the Niagara Region faces. He will be a tireless representative for the people of Niagara Falls at Queen’s Park.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a change in Ontario. Only the Ontario PC Party [...]

Over 25,000 College Students Drop Out Due to Liberal Government’s Inaction

December 12, 2017December 12, 2017
Whitby-Oshawa MPP Lorne Coe, Official Opposition Critic for Post-Secondary Education and Associate Critic for Education, said today that the number of community college students who have dropped out due to the Liberal Government’s inaction on the college strike is another shameful blotch on the Liberals’ record.

“Under Premier Kathleen Wynne’s watch, we witnessed the longest college strike in Ontario’s history, affecting over 500,000 students,” said MPP Coe. “The Ontario Progressive Conservative Caucus called on the Liberal Government from the first day of the strike to step in and do everything they could to get students back into the classroom. Instead, the Liberals sat on their hands and waited weeks before taking action.”

Ontario’s community college students lost a historic five weeks of class time due to the strike, and it caused [...]

Wynne Liberals awarded half a million dollar bonus to OPG CEO the year after he retired

December 12, 2017
OPG was found to be one of the power companies gaming ratepayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars

Today, during Question Period, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown asked the Wynne Liberals why they awarded a sizable bonus to the CEO of publicly-owned Ontario Power Generation (OPG), one of the companies responsible for gaming ratepayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

In total, nine companies, including OPG, bilked ratepayers for over $260 million in ineligible expenses, much of which has never been paid back.

“We know OPG was gaming the system at the same time hydro rates were skyrocketing, seniors were getting their power disconnected, and families were afraid to open their hydro bills,” said Brown.

“How did the government respond? They ignored warning after warning after warning, and then they rewarded the former CEO [...]

Statement from Nicholas Bergamini, spokesperson for PC Leader Patrick Brown

December 11, 2017December 11, 2017

“It’s disappointing that the premier chose to give her Statement of Claim to the media instead of to PC Leader Patrick Brown or his counsel. Mr. Brown has not been served with or seen the Statement of Claim. This is yet another effort to distract attention from her government’s record.

"It's no coincidence that this baseless suit comes the same day the PCs called for an OPP investigation into ineligible expenses claimed by insider energy executives. While Premier Wynne has refused to answer questions on calls for an investigation, she's found time to make baseless claims against opposition parties.

Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth must apologize for insensitive comments about struggling Ontario businesses

December 11, 2017
Insensitive comments from Barrie’s Liberal MPP dominated Question Period this morning. The Ontario PCs demanded an apology from MPP Ann Hoggarth who suggested small businesses, in particular one Barrie butcher shop, should close their doors if they can’t afford the reckless increase to the minimum wage.

During a media avail with Ontario Labour Minister Kevin Flynn, Hoggarth said, “If you’re going to go out of business on the backs of your employees because you can’t afford to pay them this, perhaps you should reassess your business plan and whether you should be an employer.”

“A member of this government thinks struggling business owners should just shut up and close their doors,” said Ontario PC Labour Critic John Yakabuski.

“Is that the official position of this government? Or will the Premier insist the member [...]

Ontario PC response to the 2017 Auditor General report

December 6, 2017December 6, 2017

Statement from Ontario PC Treasury Board critic Lisa MacLeod on the release of the 2017 Auditor General Report: 

“There is a culture of waste at Queen’s Park that has festered under Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals for 14 years. This has crowded out the key government services everyone depends on, and left Ontario families working harder, paying more, and getting less.

“In the energy sector, we again see the politically corrupt Wynne Liberals putting well-connected insiders first, while driving up hydro bills for families, seniors, and mom and pop shops across the province.

“Under the Wynne Liberals’ watch, senior citizens saw their power disconnected in the dead of the winter, meanwhile wealthy executives expensed hundreds of thousands of dollars on egregious items such as raccoon traps, scuba gear, parkas, and carpet cleaning to your hydro bill.

“The Liberals’ [...]

Ontario drivers can’t trust Wynne Liberal’s new “stretch goal” on auto insurance

December 5, 2017December 5, 2017
This morning, the Wynne Liberals rolled out another “stretch goal” auto insurance announcement in the lead up to the 2018 election.

“If there’s one certainty here at Queen’s Park it’s this – this Liberal government has broken every promise it’s ever made on auto insurance,” said Ontario PC Finance critic Vic Fedeli during Question Period. Before the 2014 election, Premier Kathleen Wynne promised to reduce auto insurance by 15 per cent; she later said this was nothing but a “stretch goal.”

“So many promises from this government, yet the average auto insurance premium in Ontario is still almost 55% higher than the average of all other Canadian jurisdictions,” he added.

Fedeli also pointed out that this was the fourth government announcement about establishing an anti-fraud office.

“Given this Liberal Government’s track record on auto [...]

BREAKING: Liberals appointed exec of company fleecing ratepayers of $100M to lead group tasked with preventing further gaming of system

December 5, 2017
Rob Coulbeck, VP of Goreway Power Station, was the co-chair of Market Renewal Working Group, which Liberals say will clean up electricity system

The VP of a power generating company that gamed ratepayers for $100M was appointed by the Liberal government to lead a task force responsible for preventing further abuses of the system. Rob Coulbeck, VP of Goreway Power Station, was appointed co-chair of the Market Renewal Working Group. Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault has specifically referenced the market renewal in the legislature as signs the Liberals are cleaning up the energy sector.

"Kathleen Wynne has put the fox in charge of the hen-house," said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith. "Only a Liberal Party whose untrustworthiness knows no limits would appoint the VP of a company that [...]

MPP Oosterhoff Takes on Additional Role at Queen’s Park

December 5, 2017
Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Sam Oosterhoff has become the newest Progressive Conservative member of the Standing Committee on General Government, in a change that took place this week.

“Sam has been an invaluable member of the Ontario PC team since his election a year ago. His energy and commitment will be a welcome addition to the committee as he serves the people of Ontario,” Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown said today.

According to the Standing Orders, the Standing Committee on General Government is "empowered to study and report on all matters relating to the mandate, management, organization or operation of the ministries and offices which are assigned to it as well as the agencies, boards and commissions reporting to such ministries and offices." 

“For 14 years the Liberals have made life harder for Ontario families. The people of Ontario are working [...]

Glenn Thibeault caught spreading misinformation about the PC platform in the press

December 4, 2017December 4, 2017
This morning, Sudbury MPP and Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault came under fire during Question Period for misleading statements to the media about the recently released Ontario PC platform, the People’s Guarantee.

When asked about Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s weekend announcement in Sudbury that an Ontario PC government would reverse the Wynne Liberals fuel tax increase, Thibeault inaccurately told a reporter there’s nothing within the People’s Guarantee “on NEO Kids.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. On page 67 of the People’s Guarantee there is a detailed plan about how the Ontario PCs will invest millions towards projects like the NEO Kids health hub in Sudbury. NEO Kids is mentioned twice by name in the document.

“The People’s Guarantee offers a detailed vision for health care in Northern Ontario,” said Ontario PC [...]

Wynne’s botched attack on PC plan proves untrustworthiness

December 4, 2017
Kathleen Wynne was frantically calling Queen’s Park reporters from China this week to attack Patrick Brown and the Ontario PC’s People’s Guarantee. Wynne referenced a C.D. Howe study in making her case that the PC plan is more expensive and will do less to reduce emissions than her government’s cap-and-trade plan. The only problem with her attack? The author of the report she cites says she is “wrong.” “On both the added cost to households and the effect on Ontario’s emissions, the Premier is very wrong,” writes author Trevor Tombe.

Tombe’s analysis concludes that under the PC plan, which includes a 22.5 per cent income tax cut for the middle class, all households will pay less in taxes. The PC plan is also better for the environment he concludes.

“Kathleen Wynne launching false attacks from the other side of the world is a desperate tactic,” said PC MPP [...]

Change that Works for the North

December 2, 2017December 2, 2017
Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs will reverse the 148% aviation fuel tax increase on Northern airportsToday Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, announced his plan to reverse the 148% aviation fuel tax for all Northern airports – large and small – brought in by Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal government.

“The Wynne Liberals’ irresponsible 148% hike to the aviation fuel tax has made life harder and more costly for people living in Northern and remote fly-in communities,” said Brown.

An Ontario PC Government will support Northern communities and the hardworking people who live there by reversing the aviation fuel tax on Northern airports to pre-2014 levels. This tax reversal will help with the cost of living in Northern Ontario, and help these communities increase tourism, strengthen business development and attract jobs.

“Aviation is not a luxury for people living in the North, it is a [...]

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and Mayor John Tory Meet to Discuss Transit

December 1, 2017December 1, 2017
Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, today met with Toronto Mayor John Tory to discuss how an Ontario PC government will make major investments in public transit to improve commuting times in the Greater Toronto Area. Rod Phillips, Ontario PC candidate for Ajax, also attended the meeting.

“The people of Ontario rely on public transit to get to work, see family and friends and live their lives,” said Brown. “Under Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals, people have to get up at the crack of dawn just to beat highway traffic and commute times have gotten worse.”

Brown noted that Toronto residents spend over an hour getting to and from work – one of the longest commutes in the world. Meanwhile, the Wynne Liberals have dragged their feet on funding the Scarborough subway, have delayed the construction of transit projects, and have failed to [...]

Mayor John Tory “heartened” and “delighted” following meeting with Patrick Brown to discuss People’s Guarantee

December 1, 2017
The People’s Guarantee would see sizable investments in Toronto transit

Earlier today, Mayor Tory made the following comments following his meeting with Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown:

On transit: 

“I am very delighted that the PC Party, I think in a way that is unprecedented since my time there, has stepped up and has said transit is an important issue for the City of Toronto and for the GTA.”

“Today Mr. Brown made it clear to me, as the platform document had done, that he would be focused, among other things, but he would be focused on Toronto transit.”

“Mr. Brown has stepped up and addressed something that we’ve been trying to have addressed up by the province for a long time, the whole time I’ve been here, which is the escalator for the Scarborough subway…”

“Mr. Brown has indicated a strong desire equal to my [...]

Ending Political Corruption in Ontario

November 30, 2017November 30, 2017
Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs will introduce the first-ever Trust, Integrity and Accountability Act

Today Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, discussed his plan to clean up government and put hardworking families first with the first-ever Trust, Integrity, and Accountability Act with students from the University of Western Ontario.

“Kathleen Wynne has betrayed the trust of Ontarians. While Liberal insiders get rich, Ontario families work harder, pay more, and get less,” said Brown. “We need to restore trust in government.”

This historic new accountability legislation will address a number of loopholes that have benefitted Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals while leaving Ontario families working harder, paying more, and getting less.

“Under Kathleen Wynne, Liberal political corruption has flourished. They will say anything, do anything, and promise anything to get re-elected,” [...]

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader Attends Rally in Caledon

November 29, 2017November 29, 2017
Tonight Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, attended a meet and greet in Caledon to discuss the People’s Guarantee – Ontario PC Party’s plan to deliver change that works for Ontario. Local MPP Sylvia Jones joined Brown.

“The People’s Guarantee lays out our vision and our plan to bring change that works for Ontario,” said Brown. “At its core it’s very simple. It’s recognition of the need for change that works for you: the people, not the insiders.”
In his remarks to an energetic crowd, Brown addressed the Ontario PCs plan to address skyrocketing hydro rates, lower taxes for middle class families, and prioritize mental health issues.

“Under Kathleen Wynne, you work hard, you pay more, and you get less,” Brown added.  “The People’s Guarantee is a plan to treat the people of Ontario with respect, beginning with their hard-earned taxpayer dollars.”

“The People’s [...]

Lowering Hydro Bills for Ontario Families

November 29, 2017

Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs will make life more affordable for families by lowering hydro bills by an additional 12%

Today Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, laid out the Ontario PC plan to lower the average hydro bill by an additional 12%. This would save the average household $173 a year on their hydro bill.

“Under Kathleen Wynne’s watch, families are struggling to pay their hydro bills,” said Brown. “We need to do better on hydro. Ontario families need a hydro bill they can afford. The Ontario PCs will deliver much-needed hydro relief to families by lowering the average hydro bill by an additional 12%.”

Hydro rates have tripled under Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals. Families pay $1,000 more today than they did when the Liberals took office.

“The sad truth is we’re not paying for better service – we’re paying more while Liberal friends get rich,” Brown added. “The [...]

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Shares the People’s Guarantee with members of the Vietnamese Community

November 28, 2017November 28, 2017
Ontario PC Party introduces motion to fly Vietnamese Freedom Flag

Tonight Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown hosted a town hall with members of Toronto’s Vietnamese community during which he shared details from the Ontario PC Platform, the People’s Guarantee. “The People’s Guarantee is a platform is for people like you,” said Brown.  “It is a plan for entrepreneurs, strivers and battlers who believe in values like freedom and hard work. These are values our Vietnamese Community know well.”
The People’s Guarantee is fully costed and affordable, and contains specific plans to rebuild the economy, create jobs, respect tax dollars and close the door on political corruption.

“We released the People’s Guarantee because you deserve to see the full story,” said Brown.  “It contains all of the commitments we intend to run on, [...]

Ontario PC Party Will Lower Taxes for Those Who Need it Most

November 28, 2017
Today, Patrick Brown announced that as part of the Ontario PC Party’s People’s Guarantee, an Ontario PC Government will lower taxes for those who need it most.

“Our guarantee is clear – an Ontario PC government will cut taxes for the middle class by 22.5% and reduce taxes for the first income tax bracket by 10%,” said Brown. “We’re going to use the tax system to give every Ontario worker a raise.  And, under our plan, it will be middle and lower income families who will benefit the most. We will also increase the Ontario Sales Tax Credit by $100 per adult and $100 per child in order to provide relief to Ontario’s low-income residents.”

The People’s Guarantee is a fully costed and affordable commitment to Ontario.

Under Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals, life has become unaffordable for Ontario workers. Between 2005 and 2015, Ontario families saw the slowest [...]

The reviews are in on the People’s Guarantee

November 28, 2017
Stakeholder feedback on the People’s Guarantee

The “People’s Guarantee: change that works for Ontario.”

It’s our platform. It’s our promise to voters. On Saturday Patrick Brown launched our plan, a full six months before the next election, to wide acclaim.

Toronto Star: “Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown has put forward a serious plan that will deserve serious consideration from Ontario voters.”

On mental health: Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs have promised a $1.9 billion to build a comprehensive mental health system. This represents the largest provincial commitment in Canadian provincial history.

“So pleased to see topping up elementary & secondary school supports for services targeted at improving mental health and well-being, including funding awareness campaigns as part of [People’s Guarantee]”

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader Hosts Town Hall in Port Hope

November 27, 2017November 27, 2017
Tonight Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, attended a town hall in Port hope to discuss the Ontario PC Party’s plan to get Ontario back on the right track, the People’s Guarantee. PC MPP Todd Smith, and PC candidates Daryl Kramp, David Piccini, Dave Smith and Peter Bethlenfalvy joined Brown.

“The People’s Guarantee lays out our vision and our plan to bring change that works for Ontario,” said Brown. “At its core it’s very simple. It’s recognition of the need for change that works for you:  the people, not the insiders.
Taking questions from the audience, Brown addressed issues ranging from how the Ontario PCs will restore trust in government, ensuring value for money for taxpayers, and addressing the province’s skyrocketing hydro rates.

“The People’s Guarantee is many commitments, but at its core it’s very simple,” Brown added. “It’s recognition of the [...]

Lowering Taxes for the Middle Class

November 27, 2017
Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs will lower the tax burden for families earning under $100,000 by at least 25%
Today Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, laid out his plan to lower taxes for the middle class by cutting middle and lower income tax rates and increasing the Ontario Sales Tax Credit.

“Families in every corner of the province are struggling to make ends meet. They need a break,” said Brown. “Ontario will cut taxes for middle class families to make life more affordable.”

Ontario has lost its traditional above-average income status in Canada. In the 1990s, Ontario’s average income was 10% above the national average but, in 2012, incomes in Ontario fell below the national average for the first time ever.

Ontario families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. That’s why the government needs to do more to alleviate the tax burden on the middle class.

Over the [...]

Making Child Care More Attainable and Affordable

November 26, 2017November 26, 2017
Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs will pay up to 75% of child care expenses for Ontario families

Today Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, announced that an Ontario PC government will introduce a new Ontario Child Care Refund for up to 75% of child care expenses, or up to $6,750 per child.

“Families in every corner of the province are struggling to find child care. If they can find it, they struggle to pay for it,” said Brown. “Ontario families need relief. The Ontario PCs will make child care more attainable and more affordable.”
Ontario has the highest child care costs in the country. The Ontario Child Care Refund will supplement the current federal Child Care Expense Deduction, which fails to provide substantial relief to lower-income families.

“An Ontario PC government will pay up to three quarters of child care costs for lower-income families,” Brown added. “Under [...]

Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs release the People’s Guarantee

November 25, 2017November 25, 2017

PCs release plan to bring change to Ontario a full six months before the election

Today in a speech delivered at the Ontario PC Party’s policy convention, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown unveiled the Party’s platform, called the People’s Guarantee.

“The People’s Guarantee lays out our vision and our plan to bring change that works for Ontario,” said Brown. “At its core it’s very simple. It’s a recognition of the need for change that works for you:  the people, not the insiders.”

The People’s Guarantee is the product of the most exhaustive and inclusive policy development process in the history of the Ontario PC Party. The process began in March 2016, and culminated in over 130 policy resolutions that were voted on and supported by party membership to form the basis of the plan.

The platform is fully costed and the fiscal estimates have been reviewed and [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Commemorating Holodomor Memorial Day

November 25, 2017

“Today, I join our Ukrainian friends and neighbours across Ontario, Canada, and throughout the world in remembering and honouring the millions who lost their lives during the atrocities of the Holodomor genocide.

“During this dark chapter of history, Ukrainian men, women, and children were cruelly and deliberately starved to death by Joseph Stalin’s Soviet regime between 1932-1933.  This crime against humanity devastated families, cut off one generation from the next, and left a trail of horror and sorrow in its wake.

“By commemorating the victims of the Holodomor, we remind ourselves that we share a responsibility to advance our values—freedom and respect for human rights and the rule of law—and to oppose tyranny in all its forms.

“I have seen our Ukrainian friends’ love of country and community firsthand in the festivals, parades, [...]

Ontario PCs call for splitting of omnibus finance bill

November 22, 2017November 22, 2017
The Wynne Liberals are yet again shutting down debate on important public policy matters that deserve to be considered on their own merit by ramming through a number of unrelated issues into a single massive omnibus bill.

The Ontario PC Caucus is demanding the Liberals separate the non-finance related aspects of Bill 177, the fall financial legislation.

In an open letter, Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli criticized the Wynne Liberals for trying to rush through unrelated issues without proper consideration and debate.

“This is the same cynical approach the government has taken with Bill 174 dealing with cannabis sales, where unrelated legislation affecting e-cigarettes and school bus cameras was inexplicably attached to the cannabis-specific schedules of the bill,” wrote Fedeli.

Fedeli noted there are many schedules of the bill the Ontario PC caucus supports, [...]

Wynne Liberals cynically shutting down debate on important public safety issues: Ontario PCs

November 22, 2017
Once again, the Wynne Liberals are using their majority government to shut down debate at Queen’s Park, charged Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson this morning as MPPs debated a Wynne Liberal time allocation motion on Bill 174, the government’s omnibus cannabis legislation.

“This is one of the most critical public safety debates in our generation and the Liberals are using cynical legislative tactics to shut down debate and quiet the opposition,” said Wilson. “This bill will impact everything from road safety to workplace safety and law enforcement. It’s important the Legislature has had the opportunity to hear every different perspective.”

“The Ontario PCs support aspects of the retail model, but we have major concerns with the way the Liberals are bundling the bill.”

The Wynne Liberals’ omnibus cannabis bill includes a [...]

Financial Accountability Officer proves long-term benefits of nuclear power in Ontario

November 21, 2017November 21, 2017
This morning the Financial Accountability Officer released a report about the economics of nuclear power, and concluded that nuclear refurbishment “is projected to provide ratepayers with a long-term supply of relatively low-cost, low emissions electricity.”

Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith said, “The Ontario PCs support the future of nuclear power in Ontario. Nuclear energy is one of the most affordable, reliable and emission-free sources of electricity and needs to play a long-term role in Ontario’s future electricity planning.”

“Unfortunately, following the leak of secret energy negotiations with Quebec for power we don’t need, the Wynne Liberals could be putting good-paying nuclear jobs in Ontario at risk.”

The Society of Energy Professionals said that the draft agreement with Quebec “threatens the early closure of [...]

Ontario PCs call on the Wynne Liberals to match college student’s fund dollar for dollar

November 20, 2017November 20, 2017
In the wake of a record long college strike, in which students were forced to take on unmeasurable financial hardships, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown called on the Wynne Liberal government to match the college’s fund dollar for dollar.

“The Wynne Liberals let the college strike drag on for far too long, putting students through unquestionable financial stress,” said Brown. “It’s good that the government is forcing colleges to set up this fund, but it’s time for the government to go one step forward and match this fund dollar for dollar.”

The media have reported on a wide range of students who were forced to take on unexpected costs as a result of the college strike. Some students were forced to sell personal belongings just to make ends meet.

“Over the course of the strike, many students have grown disillusioned with the [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the College Strike

November 17, 2017November 17, 2017
“Under Premier Kathleen Wynne’s watch, we have witnessed the longest college strike in Ontario’s history. Over 500,000 students have been caught in the crossfire.

“I called for action at the beginning of the strike to bring both sides back to the bargaining table. Kathleen Wynne could have stepped in earlier to fix this, starting on October 15.  Instead she waited weeks before weighing in.  This is unacceptable.

“We are regrettably now at the point of debating back-to-work legislation – which the Ontario PCs will support. Our first priority is to get college students back in class on Monday morning, and we are prepared to work all weekend to get this done.

“We hope that all sides – regardless of partisan stripes – can put the political games aside. It is unfortunate that this strike will cause a ripple effect of issues for months to come, but let’s focus on the most important task at hand and get students back to class on Monday.”

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the end of the college strike

November 17, 2017
“Under Premier Kathleen Wynne’s watch, we have witnessed the longest college strike in Ontario’s history. Over 500,000 students have been caught in the crossfire.

“I called for action at the beginning of the strike to bring both sides back to the bargaining table. Kathleen Wynne could have stepped in earlier to fix this, starting on October 15.  Instead she waited weeks before weighing in.  This is unacceptable.

“We are regrettably now at the point of debating back-to-work legislation – which the Ontario PCs will support. Our first priority is to get college students back in class on Monday morning, and we are prepared to work all weekend to get this done.

“We hope that all sides – regardless of partisan stripes – can put the political games aside. It is unfortunate that this strike will cause a ripple effect of issues for months to come, but let’s focus on the most important task at hand and get students back to class on Monday.”

Wynne Liberals lining the board of their secret home care agency with insider friends

November 16, 2017November 16, 2017
The Wynne Liberals’ controversial, new home care agency came under fire again this morning at Queen’s Park. During Question Period, the Ontario PCs pointed out that Liberal insider Barry Monaghan has been tasked to head the agency.

Barry Monaghan is no stranger to controversy. He previously served as the CEO of the Toronto Central LHIN, where he earned $1.1 million in salary over a three year period.  Despite resigning the position in 2007, Monaghan was paid $351,000 in salary the following year. While collecting this salary, Monaghan received a $104,000 consulting contract from the Mississauga-Halton LHIN.

“Barry Monaghan’s sweetheart contracts have already taken more than $455,000 out of needed care. How much more money will be taken out of the front-lines while Barry Monaghan gets rich?” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. [...]

PC Caucus tables motion condemning persecution of Christians

November 15, 2017November 15, 2017

Today, Thornhill MPP Gila Martow tabled a motion in the Ontario Legislature condemning ongoing and historic persecution of Christians around the world.  Maronites, Armenian, Coptic, Chaldean, Syriac, Assyrian and Eastern Christians throughout the Middle East and South Asia continue to be targeted by extremist groups.  Many, including the Yazidi people, have even been subjected to genocide at the hands of terrorist groups such as ISIS.

"Ontario prides itself as a one of the few successful examples of multiculturalism in the world. I am asking us all to stand in solidarity with faith communities in other parts of the world who do not enjoy our level of peace, harmony and security,” stated MPP Martow.

The motion acknowledges that many Christians are being targeted by extremist groups like ISIS.  It calls on the government to condemn the ongoing and historic [...]

Ontario PC Caucus’ Position on Separating the Cannabis Omnibus Bill

November 15, 2017
Statement from Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson:

“Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs support an approach to cannabis implementation that puts Ontario families first.  We have significant concerns about how the Wynne Liberals are moving forward.  They pay lip service to protecting public safety yet are silent on providing additional resources or support to police such as training, funding, and an essential roadside test for impaired driving.

“Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs support aspects of the retail distribution model including allowing the LCBO to set up 40 stores in 2018.

“We insist that elements of the legislation that have nothing to do with meeting the July 1, 2018 deadline be separated from the legislation. The Highway Traffic Act amendments, including the school bus camera amendments, and the Smoke-Free Ontario Act should be separated [...]

Fall Economic Statement shows Ontario families deserve a more responsible approach to the economy: Ontario PCs

November 14, 2017November 14, 2017
PCs will phase-in rushed $15 minimum wage hike

Today the Ontario PCs explained that the Fall Economic Statement is part of a trend of reckless, pre-election ploys rolled out by the Wynne Liberals who cannot be trusted to improve the lives of Ontario families.

“Under the Liberals, life is not getting better for Ontarians. Middle-class wages have stagnated while the cost of everything from groceries to gas has gone up. This government has had 14 years to fix wages, but instead are choosing to be reckless in an election year,” said Ontario PC Labour Critic John Yakabuski. “Ontario families deserve a more responsible approach.”

"Ontario deserves a minimum wage increase, but the Wynne Liberals are recklessly pushing forward with this hike as a ploy to buy votes,” said Yakabuski.  “Wynne's plan will lead to [...]

Wynne Liberals creating a secret new home care agency to benefit insider friends

November 9, 2017November 9, 2017
Ontario PCs say this “cozy” relationship dangerously erodes democracy

Following reports that the Liberal Government is creating a controversial, new home care agency that could benefit a key Wynne ally, the PCs are blasting the Liberals for policy-making that is eroding Ontario’s democracy.

Sources within the health care industry say the largest beneficiary of this new agency won’t be the patients, but SEIU Healthcare, which is well-known for their “cozy ties” to the Ontario Liberal Party.

SEIU is bankrolling Working Ontario Women, a front-group running a massive attack ad campaign against Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.

“The Ontario PCs can take a punch. We knew all along that taking down a politically corrupt party would get ugly,” said Ontario PC Ethics and Accountability Critic and Deputy Leader Steve Clark who called on the Wynne [...]

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown highlights Northern Ontario’s potential during a visit to Thunder Bay

November 8, 2017November 8, 2017
This morning, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown was in Thunder Bay to share his vision for Northern Ontario.

“I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Northern Ontario 30 times since I was elected Leader of the Ontario PC Party. The North has so much to offer. From beautiful landscapes to a dynamic population, the North truly has limitless potential,” said Brown. “Unfortunately Northern Ontario has been little more than an afterthought to Kathleen Wynne, and lately we’ve seen the Liberals’ complete disregard for Northern Ontario shining through.”

Brown pointed to MPP Lou Rinaldi’s recent comment referring to Northern Ontario as a “no man’s land,” and the fact that Wynne Liberal cabinet minister and Thunder Bay-Atikokan MPP Bill Mauro was “indifferent” about northern representation on an important government body.

“Kathleen [...]

Liberals defend creation of controversial new agency benefitting key Wynne ally

November 7, 2017November 7, 2017
Experts say agency will benefit Liberal insider group that is bankrolling attack ad campaign against Patrick Brown

This morning at a media avail featuring the Premier and Minister of Health, the Wynne Liberals defended the creation of a secret new home care agency that would benefit Liberal-friendly SEIU.

Industry leaders have said the “the biggest beneficiary of a new government-run home-care agency will not be the patients receiving home care, but one particular union: SEIU Healthcare,” which is currently bankrolling Working Ontario Women, an organization running a baseless attack ad campaign against Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.

Rather than tout the creation of this new agency, the Liberals buried it quietly last month. However, industry experts and home care agencies were quick to catch on and have since blasted the change. The [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating the Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

November 4, 2017November 4, 2017

“I am delighted to join our Sikh friends and neighbours in Ontario, Canada, and throughout the world in celebrating the birth of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

“Guru Nanank Dev Ji founded Sikhism on the principles of the equality of all humans, service to community and those in need, and living an honest life.

“Our Sikh friends and neighbours are a vital part of Ontario’s multicultural fabric. For over 100 years, Ontario’s Sikh community—which values family, faith and service to others—has had a remarkable impact on the building of our great province.  We take pride in the vibrant, hardworking, and 200,000-strong Sikh community in Ontario as you continue to make a positive mark in every sector, field, and endeavor.

“Please accept my best wishes for a meaningful and enriching celebration of the life and legacy of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.”


MPP McNaughton: Too Many Being Left Behind

November 3, 2017November 3, 2017
Labour force survey confirms deep economic disparities across the province

This morning, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP, Monte McNaughton spoke about the StatsCan monthly Labour Force Survey for October, which was released today. The survey showed an increase to the province’s unemployment rate, with Southwestern and Northern Ontario particularly hard hit.

“Southwestern and Northern Ontario has borne the brunt of many poor government policies,” said McNaughton. “It’s troubling to see an employment downturn in areas like London, Windsor, and Sudbury, where families are already struggling to pay for expensive necessities like hydro and housing.”

McNaughton also pointed to a Fraser Institute report released this week which showed 98.6 percent of all new net jobs in Ontario between 2008 and 2016 were in the Toronto and Ottawa census metropolitan areas, indicating there’s been [...]

Ontario PC candidate joins Mayor Jeffrey’s call for Ministry intervention into crisis at Brampton Hospital

November 3, 2017
Yesterday, Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey blasted the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in an open letter to residents saying that Brampton’s “health care facilities are currently in crisis.” Mayor Jeffrey’s open letter comes in the wake of scathing media reports showing 4,352 patients have been admitted to the hallways at Brampton Civic Hospital.

Ontario PC Brampton South Candidate Prabmeet Sarkaria joined Mayor Jeffrey’s calls, and urged the Minister of Health to take immediate action, saying, “Hallway health care is treatment that no patient should expect, especially in Ontario. The Liberals have spent the last 14 years making cuts to our health care system, and Liberal MPPs in the Brampton area have failed to advocate for their community’s needs. Brampton deserves better.”

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown [...]

Romano questions Premier’s commitment to Essar Steel and Huron Central Railway

November 2, 2017November 2, 2017
MPP Ross Romano is calling on the Liberal government today in the legislature to justify their lack of commitment to northern steel production and transportation infrastructure.

Back in January, during the Sault Ste. Marie by-election, the Premier attended the city and spoke of the importance of the steel industry to Ontario and to Sault Ste. Marie. As the city’s largest employer, the Premier discussed the on-going Essar Steel Algoma (Algoma Inc.) CCAA protection proceedings and how the inability to resolve this issue quickly has left many worried about the future economic prosperity of Sault Ste. Marie.

Frustrated by the government’s lack of action, Romano called on the Liberals to explain exactly what they have been doing to resolve this three year-long concern since promising to be at the table.

“The municipality is owed millions in [...]

Statement regarding the events of November 1984

November 1, 2017November 1, 2017
“The tragic events of 1984 led to the displacement of countless Sikh families—many of whom resettled here to begin new lives as part of the Canadian family.

“We are fortunate to live in a province and nation that cherishes freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

“Our 200,000-strong Sikh community reflects the values that we cherish in Ontario—tolerance, equality, and diversity.


“Since before Confederation, Sikh Canadians have been making significant contributions to our culture and development, and inspire all of us with their historical triumphs over adversity and prejudice.

“Ontarians of Sikh descent have fought courageously in times of war.  They have helped foster reconciliation in times of peace.  They represent a remarkable success story, and reflect the truth that opportunity exists for people of all walks of life in Ontario.

“We must always stand [...]

Overcrowding at Brampton Hospital Unacceptable: Ontario PCs

October 31, 2017October 31, 2017
In the wake of scathing media reports showing 4,352 patients have been admitted to the hallways at Brampton Civic Hospital, the Ontario PCs stood up for Peel Region patients by raising the issue during Question Period.

“This government’s mismanagement of the Ontario healthcare system has resulted in a hospital overcrowding crisis,” said Ontario PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek who highlighted the Liberals’ 14 year record of mismanagement and cuts.

“This government is responsible for Ontario’s hospitals suffering through four years of budget freezes. This government has continued to cut funding, pushing our hospitals to a breaking point.”

“Patients at the Brampton Civic Hospital must deal with excessive noise and a lack of privacy, which reduces their quality of care and increases recovery times.”

Yurek asked the Wynne Liberal Minister of Health to take action to [...]

Great Canadian Gaming hired high-powered Liberal insiders to lobby Wynne, Sousa

October 31, 2017
Well connected, senior Liberal insiders were hired to lobby Premier Kathleen Wynne and Finance Minister Charles Sousa, according to records from Ontario's Integrity Commissioner. The revelations come just one day after Sousa doubled down on his denial of having any involvement in the controversial casino deal.

"This controversial casino deal doesn't pass the smell test. With a serious review into money laundering in BC, the public is left scratching its head at why this company was selected to run the Toronto casino," says Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.

"Unfortunately, it surprises absolutely no one that the answer is as usual, because of Liberal insiders pulling the strings. Indeed the Office of the Integrity Commissioner's own records reveal that senior Liberals connected to Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty were out shilling for [...]

Energy Minister out of touch with reality for Northern businesses

October 31, 2017
Northern PC MPPs Vic Fedeli (Nipissing) and Ross Romano (Sault Ste. Marie) blasted the Energy Minister in Question Period today for a recent suggestion that businesses in Northern Ontario have it rosy when it comes to electricity prices.

Fedeli quoted the Association of Major Power Consumers of Ontario’s most recent analysis, which states “Ontario has the highest industrial rates in Canada and one of the highest industrial rates in North America.”

“The Minister can ask North Bay’s Arclin about how their operation had the highest energy costs of all their North American branches,” Fedeli started.

“Actually, Speaker, he can’t, because their entire city-block-long factory is now closed. They left Ontario because of skyrocketing hydro.”

Romano quoted Frank Dottori of White River Forest Products, who told Pre-Budget consultations last year  “most [...]

Ontario PCs call for immediate halt to casino deal amid money laundering investigation

October 30, 2017October 30, 2017
The Ontario PCs are calling on Kathleen Wynne to halt the casino deal with Great Canadian Gaming, pending the results of a sweeping police probe into money laundering at its BC casino.

“There is a storm cloud hanging over this bad deal. Internal government documents have revealed suspicions of terrorist financing, while organized crime allegedly laundered hundreds of millions of dollars in hockey bags full of cash through the BC casino,” charged PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli. “And what has the Kathleen Wynne government done? They’ve given the casino operator a lucrative new deal in Toronto.”

“We’re calling for this deal to be halted immediately, pending the results of the investigation.”

When the Liberals announced the deal in August, Finance Minister Charles Sousa said he was “very excited” in a statement. Yet when asked recently [...]

Only northerners to debate and vote on northern policy at PC Convention: Brown

October 27, 2017October 27, 2017
With the Ontario PC policy convention one month away, Leader Patrick Brown is announcing that only Northern Ontario members can debate and vote on a number of regional specific policy resolutions.

“Ontario is a diverse province, but there is no region more unique than the North. That’s why I strongly believe that northerners should have the final say on some of the major issues specific to the region,” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.

There are 139 resolutions to be voted upon by party members, with 10 dedicated to Northern issues. This is the only region or group with special voting privileges in the policy convention.

“From boosting broadband access to improving local infrastructure, the north has challenges that are unique to the rest of Ontario. I’ve always said that this great region and it’s people have incredible potential. I [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the release of the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan

October 26, 2017October 26, 2017
“The Wynne Liberals are untrustworthy, especially when it comes to Ontarians’ electricity bills. Every single time they’ve played games with the electricity sector it has left families working harder, paying more, and getting less.

“Despite Liberal spin, it’s clear: rates will continue to skyrocket to the highest they’ve ever been after the next election.

“This reflects what we’ve seen in a secret, leaked cabinet document, and the recent Auditor General report that exposed the Liberals’ $4 billion hydro cover-up.

“The Wynne Liberals will do or say anything to get re-elected. They have altered plans and spun mistruths repeatedly, including in their last LTEP.

“The 2017 LTEP does not show the real costs of their 'unfair' hydro scheme. It is nothing but a Wynne Liberal re-election campaign document that does nothing to calm [...]

Wynne Liberals are untrustworthy in the electricity system

October 26, 2017
Fact-checking the 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan

Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are untrustworthy, especially when it comes to our electricity bills. Every single thing they’ve ever touched in the energy sector has left hardworking Ontario families paying more and getting less.

Let’s take a look at some of the mistruths the Wynne Liberals spun in the last LTEP:

The 2013 LTEP said: 
“Ontarians are benefitting from a clean, reliable and affordable energy system.”
Ontario has the most unreliable electricity grid in the country, and it’s only getting worse.
In 2016, Ontario reported 162 power outages, an increase of 88.4 per cent from 2014. By comparison, British Columbia and Quebec combined had 103 power outages. Source: Eaton’s 2016 Blackout Tracker
Under the Wynne Liberals we have seen our hydro rates skyrocket to the highest in Canada, and for [...]

Lou Rinaldi, Liberals deny PC bid for Northern voice on municipal board

October 24, 2017
Kathleen Wynne has slighted Northerners yet again by refusing to give them an important voice in municipal decision making.

A Liberal-dominated Legislative Committee – led by MPP Lou Rinaldi, who recently came under fire for his “No Man’s Land” comment  – voted down an amendment yesterday that would have guaranteed Northern representation on a board that deals with OMB appeals.

“Why does your government continuously shut Northern Ontario out?”  Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli asked the Premier today in Question Period.

“Why did Lou Rinaldi and the Liberal-dominated committee deny the North an opportunity to have their voices heard? “

Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller told the Committee that the biggest complaint heard around Northern Ontario is about Toronto-based decision making, and Northerners are frustrated by decisions that just don’t work in the [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on Premier Wynne’s libel notice from last week

October 23, 2017October 23, 2017
“The premier is clearly trying to deflect from multiple political corruption trials. Premier Kathleen Wynne is untrustworthy, and the people of Ontario see through this cynical attempt to distract from the Liberal Party’s record of scandal.

“We will continue to do our job of holding the Liberal Party to account. Baseless attempts to silence the Official Opposition will be ignored, full-stop.”


Another Wynne Liberal fiscal claim discredited

October 19, 2017October 19, 2017
This morning, Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office revealed that the government’s debt reduction claims are $6.5 billion off the mark, said Ontario PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli.

The FAO says that’s equal to eliminating funding for 40% of Ontario’s hospitals.

“This government has allowed Ontario's debt level to rise to its highest level ever, at the fastest rate than ever before. They have grossly mismanaged Ontario tax dollars, and today the independent Financial Accountability Officer confirmed it's only going to get worse,” said Fedeli.

“Yet the government continues to insist they’re on track, even though they have the same data the Financial Accountability Office used. The FAO clearly stated that ‘without an adjustment to Ontario’s fiscal policy,’ we will see increasing budget deficits and higher levels of debt.”

The FAO report also stated that not meeting the [...]

Ontario PCs demand accountability, call for an investigation into the Wynne Liberals’ “Unfair” Hydro Plan

October 19, 2017
In the wake of an explosive report from the Auditor General on the Wynne Liberals’ “Unfair” Hydro Plan which showed the government tried to keep its true costs buried by "making up" accounting rules, the Ontario PCs demanded accountability and called for an investigation.

Since the report was released, it has been revealed that the Ministry of Energy stonewalled attempts from the Auditor General to access documents, and spent $500,000 on lawyers to stall the release of key documents pertaining to the Liberals’ hydro scheme.

Secondly, it’s been revealed that media have seen Freedom of Information requests rejected on the basis that none of the requested documents exist, while statements from Wynne Liberal Ministers in the House would contradict this.

The Ontario PCs are:

  1. Calling on the Information and Privacy [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas

October 19, 2017
“Today, our friends and neighbours of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist descent all across Ontario celebrate Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas—the Festival of Lights and the Day of Liberation.

“This joyous celebration hails the victory of light over darkness and hope over despair—symbolized in beautiful firework displays and the lighting of diyas on rooftops and in homes across Ontario and around the globe.  This jubilant time of year is marked by gift-giving, special prayers, and festive meals which bring family and friends closer together.

“In the Sikh tradition, Bandi Chhor Divas celebrates the victory of light over darkness in the remarkable story of Guru Hargobind Ji and his release from unjust imprisonment.

“From Sri Lanka and Singapore, to India, the Caribbean and beyond, the nations and ethnic communities celebrating Diwali and [...]

BREAKING: Liberal horse racing plan would result in “23,000 job losses and 27,000 dead horses”

October 18, 2017October 18, 2017
Explosive new documents in the civil lawsuit against the Liberal Government reveals that the Liberals planned for the “collapse” of the industry and “23,000 job losses and 27,000 dead horses.” The documents were filed in court as former Premier Dalton McGuinty, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and senior Liberal officials are set to testify in a 2018 trial. John Wilkinson, the former Liberal cabinet minister and point-person for the file also said the plan would be effective in “wedging Tim [Hudak] and Andrea [Horwath]” in by-elections.

“This industry was crucial to so many people in Ontario. Now it’s been destroyed by the Liberals. But the fact they did it for political purposes, and again with the implication of thousands of horses killed and thousands of jobs lost is devastating,” said Brown.

The 2012 decision which has [...]

Ontario PCs call for Wynne Liberal Energy Minister to resign over explosive Auditor General report

October 18, 2017

PCs table a motion in parliamentary committee to comprehensively examine costly hydro scheme

In the wake of an explosive report from the Auditor General showing that Ontario families will pay an extra $4 billion for Kathleen Wynne's expensive hydro scheme, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown called on Ontario’s Energy Minister to resign.

“The Auditor General’s report was a scathing indictment of Liberal political corruption and their contempt for the people of Ontario,” said Brown during Question Period.

The AG said the scheme was “needlessly complex,” and that the government is trying to keep the true cost of her scheme buried by  “improperly” accounting billions of dollars.

“This is an egregious abuse of power and someone must be held responsible,” added Brown. “I have no doubt all of cabinet was complicit – and the [...]

Statement from Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, on the Auditor General’s report on the “Unfair” Hydro Plan

October 17, 2017October 17, 2017
“Today, the Auditor General released a damning report on the Wynne Liberals’ ‘Unfair’ hydro scheme.

“As a result of their shady accounting methods, and cooking the books for politically-motivated reasons, Ontarians are on the hook for $4 billion more than necessary.

“This ‘Unfair’ Hydro Plan was a re-election ploy. After years of energy mismanagement, this plan was too little, too late. We have seen hydro rates skyrocket to the highest across Canada, and if the Wynne Liberals are re-elected rates will only continue to soar.

“This report comes on the heels of a secret leaked Wynne Liberal cabinet document that showed hydro rates will rise to the highest levels we’ve ever seen, and the Financial Accountability Officer’s report which shows future generations could be on the hook for up to $93 billion.

“This hydro [...]

Today’s Auditor General Report: What to Expect

October 17, 2017
“Later today Ontario’s Auditor General will be releasing her report into Kathleen Wynne’s ‘Unfair’ Hydro Plan.

“We know it’s going to be a damning report because we know Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals can’t be trusted. They’ve had fourteen years to fix Ontario’s hydro crisis, and they only claim to have a fix now because of an election.

“They haven’t done the hard work to get electricity prices down in Ontario. We know this because of a leaked Liberal Cabinet document that shows we’ll see hydro rates rise to the highest they’ve ever been after the next election. We know this because the province’s financial watchdog shows the Wynne Liberals putting future generations on the hook for up to $93 billion.

“Now, Ontario families and ratepayers should prepare themselves for more bad news. We’ll soon be hearing from the Auditor General exactly how much the Liberals’ Unfair [...]

Kathleen Wynne must bring both sides to table in college strike

October 16, 2017October 16, 2017

500,000 students in Ontario affected by strike

Ontario PC Leader Patrick  Brown is calling on Kathleen Wynne to show leadership and bring both sides to the bargaining table in the college strike that is affecting 500,000 Ontario students.

“Students’ want to learn. And faculty want to teach. But as of midnight last night, Ontario colleges are on strike. 12,000 faculty and 500,000 students are impacted across the province,” charged Brown in Question Period. “Will the Premier get both sides back to the bargaining table today?”

Students from 24 colleges across Ontario are locked out of class today, affecting mid-term exam season. The PCs hope that the strike will end before serious harm is done to the students’ semester.

“I hope for the good of the students and faculty, the union and the Council representing College management get back to the table and wrap this up swiftly.  Students deserve it.”

PCs call for inquiry into government’s failed handling of health and environmental concerns in Sarnia

October 16, 2017

For a decade, Liberals ignored calls for definitive health study of local industry's impact on community

Today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown, with local members of his caucus, called for an inquiry into the Liberal Government's handling of health concerns in Sarnia's Chemical Valley and the surrounding area. Local governments and industry have long backed calls for a study of the health impacts, to no avail.

"I'm alarmed by reports revealing stunning indifference from the Liberal government. When you have very serious concerns raised in reports going back a decade and the official government response is that they 'are open to looking at it' there is something terribly wrong," said Brown. "They've told the public that they've been 'looking at it' for nine years."

In 2008, local MPP Bob Bailey wrote to then health minister George Smitherman echoing calls from local government to fund a study on the industry's [...]

Statement from Ontario PC MPP Lisa MacLeod: “Kathleen Wynne and her insider friends are at it again”

October 12, 2017October 12, 2017

​"​Kathleen Wynne and her insider friends are at it again. ​This time it’s a Liberal-connected,​ US-style Super PAC trying to re-open a debate about abortion and distort Patrick Brown’s record.

​"​We always knew that taking down a scandal plagued party would get ugly. ​While Kathleen Wynne and her friends talk about abortion, we'll be talking about creating good jobs, relief for beleaguered middle-class families, and closing the door on waste and corruption.

​"​As we learned recently​, Kathleen Wynne isn’t motivated by what’s best for women or anyone else. She’s motivated by what’s best for her. ​Kathleen Wynne and her friends will say anything to stay in power.

​"​It’s time for real change that puts families first, the people, not the insiders.”

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the upcoming announcement from Ontario’s Attorney General

October 4, 2017October 4, 2017
“Kathleen Wynne has an agenda. That agenda is to re-open debates about divisive social issues. No one wants this. I don’t want it. The only person who wants to talk about this issue is Kathleen Wynne. She’s not motivated by what’s good for Ontario. She’s motivated, as always, by what’s good for her.

“Let me be very clear: I am pro-choice. That includes protecting women exercising their rights from intimidation or harassment.

“If Kathleen Wynne wants to re-open this debate, she’s welcome to. While she’s doing that, I’ll be talking about creating good jobs, relief for beleaguered middle-class families, and closing the door on waste and corruption. It isn’t time in Ontario to debate divisive social issues. It’s time for real change that puts families first, the people, not the insiders.”

Liberal 14 Year Election Anniversary: Scandals Highlight Reel Package

October 2, 2017October 2, 2017

The Liberals won power 14 years ago today – this is their record

On the 14th anniversary of this Liberal Government’s first election victory in 2003, the Ontario PCs have assembled a highlight reel of some of the worst Liberal scandals of their reign. In Question Period, the PCs raised different Liberal scandals with every single question.

“The Liberals’ record raises key questions: do Ontarians want the same reckless and politically corrupt government who's only in it for themselves and their well-connected friends?" asked PC Leader Patrick Brown. “After 14 years of waste, scandal and mismanagement, how can we trust Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals ever again?”

Here are some of the highlights of the Liberal record over the last 14 years:

Epic Misfire from NDP MPPs disappointing: PC Leader Brown

October 1, 2017October 1, 2017

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown expressed disappointment today at the epic misfire from the provincial NDP directed at Nipissing MPP and life-long northerner Vic Fedeli.

“While the PCs raised alarm bells this week about Liberal attacks of the North over their egregious "No Man's Land" comments, the NDP sat silent. It’s only now, as the NDP realize they have lost momentum in the North, that they speak out,” said Patrick Brown.

In a speech that he has delivered countless times in the legislature (see herehereherehereherehere) Fedeli talks about the beauty of northern Ontario wetlands - and swamps are a form of wetlands (see the official government explanation here at: https://www.ontario.ca/page/wetland-conservation). This is part of the geography of the North, and additionally most of the rock in the North is part of the Canadian Shield. The Ontario [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Commemorating Yom Kippur

October 1, 2017
“Today at sundown, our Jewish friends and neighbours in Ontario and around the world commemorate Yom Kippur—The Day of Atonement.

“This observance is one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar, marking the end of the Jewish High Holidays which began ten days ago with the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

“Yom Kippur calls individuals to a place of repentance in search of forgiveness, and is also a time of fasting, prayer, synagogue fellowship, and rest.

“Ontario’s Jewish community continues to be an invaluable part of our province’s social and cultural fabric. The Jewish High Holiday season, particularly Yom Kippur, is a perfect time for all of us to learn more about this community’s culture and customs, and to reflect on the power of forgiveness and charity to unite Ontarians of all backgrounds.

“Gemar chatima tova.”

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

October 1, 2017

“Hispanic immigration to Ontario has been steadily adding to our cultural landscape since the early 1970s and before.  From Central and South America, to Europe and beyond, Ontario’s Hispanic community continues to be a significant part of our province’s multicultural fabric.

“Today, more than 200,000 Ontarians proudly proclaim their Hispanic heritage, and continue to play an important role in Ontario’s social, economic, and cultural growth and development.

“The month of October provides us all with the opportunity to learn more about Hispanic culture, and the many ways this community helps make Ontario a better place to live.

“Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!”

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown condemns Markham based anti-Chinese video game company

September 28, 2017September 28, 2017
Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown is condemning Markham-based Big-O-Tree Games, the makers of an anti-Chinese video game called “Dirty Chinese Restaurant.”

“The Chinese-Canadian community is an integral part of our social fabric in Ontario. Derogatory and tasteless slurs like this against any community group are just plain wrong, and I fully condemn this attack on our hardworking Ontario business owners,” said Brown. 

The game makers recently came under fire from a New York Congresswoman. The company boasts about its controversial new game on its website.

“All Ontarians should stand up and condemn this offensive video game. This simply is not what Ontario is about, and it’s why Ontario has an Anti-Racism Directorate,” added PC Anti-Racism spokesperson, MPP Lisa MacLeod.

Amid heat wave, cries for help silenced by hum of Liberal AC units

September 27, 2017September 27, 2017

Brown repeats calls for a provincial maximum temperature policy in schools

With a heat wave sweeping Ontario and leaving classrooms sweltering, the Liberal response has been cold as ice. In Question Period today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown repeated calls for a maximum temperature for schools to be instituted – a suggestion the Liberals rejected yesterday.

“This isn’t just a Toronto problem; the extreme heat is impacting students across Ontario. Why won’t the premier show leadership and mandate a maximum temperature for schools,” charged Brown in Question Period. “The Liberals have said this is a decision for local schools boards. But that doesn’t sound like leadership to me.”

Brown also took issue with the premier’s out of touch comment yesterday where she brushed aside the heat wave by pointing out that she had to move to a different, air [...]

OUT OF TOUCH GAFFE: Wynne tells Ontario students without air conditioning to go to “another room”

September 27, 2017
QUEEN’S PARK – Today dismissing why thousands of Ontario students are forced to sit in class through sweltering heat because of a lack of air conditioning, Premier Kathleen Wynne shared her own tumultuous experience with the recent heat wave.

During Question Period today, Premier Kathleen Wynne revealed that she has faced her own hardship after being forced to move one of her meetings to another room because of a lack of air conditioning.

Unfortunately Ontario students don’t have the same luxury to just move next door.

Hansard exchange:

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown: Back to the Premier: The Premier quotes these great renovations and the Liberal caucus claps.

Here are the stats: There are 584 schools in the Toronto District School Board; only 125 of those schools have air conditioning—584 schools; 125 with air [...]

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown calls for maximum school temperatures amid heat wave

September 27, 2017

Only 125 of 584 TDSB schools have air conditioning

With a brutal heat wave sweeping Ontario, PC Leader Patrick Brown called for a maximum temperature policy in schools to be implemented.

“Humidex levels have been approaching the 40s this week. Our schools don’t have the proper infrastructure or air conditioning. Students are saying it is so hot in classrooms, they are having trouble breathing,” charged Brown in Question Period. “This is unacceptable. That’s why we are calling for the premier to mandate a maximum temperature for Ontario schools in the event of extreme heat.”

Since being elected Leader, Brown has consistently raised the issue of dilapidated infrastructure in Ontario schools. Within the Toronto District School Board there are 584 schools, yet only 125 have air conditioning.

“Heat warnings have swept the region. Yet [...]

Ontario PCs invite Wynne Liberal MPP Lou Rinaldi to Northern Ontario to showcase the region’s potential

September 27, 2017
QUEEN’S PARK - Today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and Ontario PC Northern MPPs Vic Fedeli (Nipissing) and Ross Romano (Sault Ste. Marie) wrote to MPP Lou Rinaldi and invited him to visit beautiful, opportunity-filled Northern Ontario.

Lou Rinaldi has been coming under fire at Queen’s Park for referring to Northern Ontario as “No Man’s Land.” He has since refused to apologize, and has challenged PC MPPs to “take it outside” for bringing it up during Question Period.

“While I’m disappointed that MPP Rinaldi has neglected to apologize for his hurtful comments referring to Northern Ontario as ‘No Man’s Land,’ it’s time we turn this negative story into a positive,” wrote Brown in his letter to Premier Wynne and MPP Rinaldi. “That’s why, on behalf of Northern Ontario PC MPPs, I’m taking this opportunity to [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Esther Pauls in Hamilton Mountain

September 27, 2017
“I congratulate Esther on her nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Hamilton Mountain.

“Esther is a well-known community leader. She and her husband opened the first Runner’s Den, where they have helped many runners achieve more than they ever thought possible. Through the Runner’s Den, Esther hosts the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon to raise funds for CityKidz & Joy and Hope of Haiti. She has also won a number of awards recognizing her for her outstanding community service. 

“In marathons, Esther is known as a tough competitor, and the families of Hamilton Mountain can count on her to be a fighter for their community at Queen's Park.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Ontario families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a change. Only the Ontario PC Party [...]

Wynne Liberals sign 390 more expensive green energy contracts

September 25, 2017September 25, 2017
The Wynne Liberals continue to sign expensive green energy contracts for power Ontario doesn’t need.

Just seven months after Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault admitted mistakes were made with Ontario’s green energy program, the Wynne Liberals have surprisingly announced 390 new FIT contracts for 150 megawatts of power. 

“The Wynne Liberals continue to sign even more energy contracts, leaving ratepayers on the hook for power we don’t need,” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. “This is the reason that rates have skyrocketed under the Wynne Liberals, and this is the reason that rates will continue to skyrocket under the Wynne Liberals.” 

The Energy Minister admitted in his February speech that Ontario’s renewable energy procurements “led to a number of sub-optimal outcomes.” It’s why the Ontario PCs have long-called the Green Energy Act the “Bad Contracts [...]

Wynne Liberals refuse to condemn Liberal MPP’s “Northern Slur”

September 25, 2017

Rinaldi called to order by the Speaker after asking PC MPP to “take it outside”

The backlash over Liberal MPP Lou Rinaldi referring to Northern Ontario as “No Man’s Land” grew on Monday, with the Wynne Liberals flat-out refusing to heed calls by the PCs to apologize on his behalf. During the fiery exchange in Question Period, Rinaldi was called to order by Speaker Dave Levac, after he asked the PCs to “take it outside.”

“These views confirm what the Liberal Government thinks of us in the North. They took away our only passenger train, the North is hit harder with skyrocketing hydro rates, 80 per cent of our lumber mills shut down on your watch, we fell from the number one mining jurisdiction to 16th, and the Ring of Fire remains untouched for 10 years," said MPP Vic Fedeli in Question Period today. 

The questions come after North Bay Mayor Al McDonald took [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of David Piccini in Northumberland-Peterborough South

September 23, 2017September 23, 2017
“I congratulate David on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Northumberland-Peterborough South.

“David understands the importance of public service, and has gained unique experience as an analyst at Agriculture Canada as well as working for the Minister of International Trade. He currently works as an advisor to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, where he has developed a deep understanding of the challenges the Liberal government’s reckless cuts to health care have had on Ontario families and seniors. 

“Having grown up in Port Hope, David has strong roots in the community and I know he will be a strong representative for the residents of Northumberland-Peterborough South.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Ontario families are working harder, [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade announcement

September 22, 2017September 22, 2017

“Ontarians will pour nearly $2 billion a year into this new slush fund that will go towards Liberal pet projects and re-election announcements. On top of that, the Wynne Liberal scheme does nothing to protect the environment – all it does is ships hundreds of millions of dollars into the California economy. We shouldn’t be subsidizing the wealthy in Beverly Hills, especially while families here at home are working harder, paying more, and getting less. 

“The Ontario PCs have been very clear we would dismantle the Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade cash grab and replace it with a model that reduces emissions in Ontario, cuts taxes, and protects our economy.” 

Heard at Queen’s Park: Out of touch Wynne Liberal MPP refers to Northern Ontario as “No Man’s Land”

September 22, 2017

Since facing backlash at Queen’s Park, Rinaldi admitted making the statement but says he was attacking Vic Fedeli’s comments. It’s a puzzling excuse given that Norm Miller, not Vic Fedeli, was speaking at the time.

Transcript of PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff speaking in the legislature:

“As I was listening to this debate, I heard the member for Northumberland–Quinte West heckling the member here. When the member was speaking about the fact that our leader has visited the north 27 times and the fact that our caucus is making an effort to reach out [...]

New report predicts job losses for youth and low-skilled workers under reckless minimum wage plan

September 20, 2017September 20, 2017
Today yet another third-party independent group provided a concerning analysis about the Wynne Liberals’ reckless minimum wage plan.

A new report from the Fraser Institute is warning that “young people and low-skilled workers will suffer job losses across Ontario” as a result of the Wynne Liberals’ rapid hike to the minimum wage. The impacts of the wage hike will be most pre-dominant in regions where the average wages are lower than Toronto’s, including southwestern and northern Ontario.

“The Ontario PCs support the need for a $15 minimum wage, but the way the Wynne Liberals are going about this is completely reckless. They refuse to listen to independent experts and are pushing ahead to suit their own political timelines,” said Ontario PC Labour Critic John Yakabuski.

Earlier this month the Financial Accountability [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Sarah Mallo in Beaches-East York

September 19, 2017September 19, 2017
“I congratulate Sarah on her nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Beaches-East York.

“Sarah is a great addition to our modern, inclusive and pragmatic Ontario PC team. Currently studying to practice law in Canada, Sarah is passionate and a strong believer in giving back to the community. I have no doubt she would be an excellent representative for the residents of Beaches-East York.  

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Ontario families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a change. Only the Ontario PC Party will put hardworking families first, and make sure they pay less and get ahead. 

“In Beaches-East York and across the province, the Ontario PC Party will continue to work hard for a better future. I look forward to working with Sarah as we share our message of change for the better.”

Statement from Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris on the Wynne Liberals’ road safety cannabis announcement

September 19, 2017
"In order to properly crack down on drug impaired driving, t‎he Liberals need to provide police with the needed resources to keep our streets safe. Today's announcement does nothing to accomplish that.  The Wynne Liberals have either underestimated, or are willfully blind to how significant the needs of our police forces will be. 

“Last week during federal committee hearings, police officers pointed to the challenges they will face enforcing these laws. Ontario Provincial Police Deputy Police Commissioner Rick Barnum has estimated that police will need six to eight months from the time the provincial legislation is in place before police will be ready to enforce the new laws. He also said that the OPP only has 83 officers who are trained to recognize drug-impaired driving, and estimates that they [...]

Did taxpayers pay for Wynne’s Sudbury trip? Liberals won’t say

September 16, 2017September 16, 2017

Wynne swore oath on bible saying that: “I am the Leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario.”

In Question Period today, the Liberal Government refused to answer a question on whether or not Premier Kathleen Wynne and her entourage’s trip to Sudbury was paid for by taxpayers. During her testimony, the Premier was very clear that her appearance in court was as Leader of the Liberal Party, not as Premier of Ontario.

“The Premier was adamant that she was testifying in the Sudbury bribery trial as the ‘Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.’ In fact, she swore an oath on the bible and opened her testimony saying, ‘I am the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party,’” charged PC Deputy Leader Steve Clark in Question Period.

“So I ask Mr. Speaker, who paid for the Premier and her entourage’s flights and accommodations in Sudbury? Who paid - the Liberal Party or the Ontario taxpayers?”

FACT CHECK: The Wynne Liberals on Ontario’s economic growth

September 16, 2017
The Wynne Liberals need to learn that facts still matter in Ontario. They continue to use inaccurate spin to distract from the fact their economic mismanagement has driven Ontario, once Canada’s economic engine, into have-not status.

While the Wynne Liberals may be comfortable with Ontario being at the bottom of the pack, the Ontario PCs are not.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa in Question Period: “We are number one in North America when it comes to economic growth.”

Finance Minister Charles Sousa in Question Period: “We are leading Canada in economic growth. We are leading the G7 in economic growth.”

Labour Minister Kevin Flynn in the Toronto Sun: “And this is happening at a time when Ontario can boast the fastest growing economy in the G7.”

Fact: In the first quarter of 2017, Ontario had slower economic growth than both the United States and Canadian national [...]

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the nomination of Dave Smith

September 16, 2017
“I congratulate Dave on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Peterborough-Kawartha.

“Dave is a long-time conservative volunteer and community activist. As the father of three children in university and a manager at an education software company, Dave understands the importance of preparing students for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

“He is actively involved in the community as a member of the Kinsmen Club of Peterborough, and previously served on the City’s Community Investment and Grants advisory committee. Dave is also a driving force in the Peterborough hockey community, and was chosen as Sports Personality of the Year by the City of Peterborough in 2014.

“Dave loves Peterborough, and I know he will be a tireless fighter to make life more affordable for Peterborough-Kawartha families.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder [...]