Vincent Ke Community Fun at CUMMER PARK

On Saturday August 28, Wenbin Vincent Ke, the Ontario PC Candidate for Don Valley North, held his first community BBQ at Cummer Park on Leslie and Finch.

The event was well attended with 2500 guests from the constituency and close to 3 hours of performances. On stage with Vincent Ke were present and former MPs and MPPs, school board trustees running for nomination as well as leaders from alumni and business associations. Ke also had the strong support of different community groups evident in the smooth running of the event’s operations from grilling the patties to handing out tickets to directing traffic. The performances at the event was also a reflection of Canada’s multiculturalism and the diverse demographic in Don Valley North.

In his opening speech, Vincent Ke noted that the reason why he is running on behalf of the Ontario PC Party and knocking on doors everyday after work, instead of going to dinners with friends or training for the annual dragon boat race with his teammates is because Ontario is entirely off track and wasting its potential. Ke noted that the $300 billion incurred by the Liberal Party will be paid by each of us, including our children-pointing at those present at the event, and until Ontario’s financial state is properly addressed, the government will have to continue to slash healthcare funding, close needed schools and raise taxes. business and jobs will continue to be driven out of Ontario under the suffocation of the myriad red tapes.

“We must do something!” Vincent Ke said. He is the first first-generation Chinese Immigrant to represent the Ontario PC Party as a candidate.


— Author: Jacqueline

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