Vincent Ke & Doug Ford Handled Rice Distribution

During the Spring Festival, Rice Distribution is a traditional event.
In various large celebrations, Chinese people gift an apple and a pack of rice to everyone who attends. The sender wishes the recipients all a year of good fortune and peace. For decades, distributing an apple and a pack of rice to the audience has been an important part of the celebrations.
This year Chinese community had one of Rice Distribution events hosted by Ontario Provincial Conservative Party Don-Valley North Riding Candidate Mr. Vincent Ke and Mr Zhu Jiang, the Co-Chairman of the General Association of Folks.
In his speech, Mr Vincent Ke wished everyone a prosperous year of the dog, good luck with job, a happy family and all the best.

Mr. Vincent Ke (left) and Mr Zhu Jiang (right) greeted the audience.

Co-Deliverers happily got ready with the rice distribution.

The rice distribution reminded this pleasant lady of her nostalgic memory.

This 12-year-old boy was amazed at the marvellous Rice Distribution.

Mr Doug Ford co-handled rice distribution with Vincent Ke, PC MPP candidate for Don Valley North riding.

Doug Ford has achieved his widespread popularity among the Chinese community.

Doug Ford talked to a small business owner with Mr Vincent Ke.

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  1. I opened the Vincent Ke website to learn something about Mr. Ke, his education, vocation, years in North York, public service. Why is he running, his personal beliefs. My vote for Mr. Ke will help send him into a new career as my representative at Queens Park. Everything I have read so far is the PC party rhetoric.

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