Nipigon bridge failure update reveals long list of costly government gaffes

The following is a statement from Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris: 

“After three months of sitting on test results and analysis regarding the cause of the Nipigon Bridge failure, we now know why the Wynne Liberals were eager to keep them secret.


“From lack of oversight and inspection concerns to clear design flaws, the list of mistakes leading to the failure of the Nipigon Bridge only a few short days after opening points directly at the Wynne Liberal government.

“Today’s report leads to further questions about this government’s mismanagement of a vital bridge closure.

“Even before the bolt testing, the immediate visual inspection revealed that some of the broken bolts were rusted at the break – meaning they were shorn off days, maybe even longer, before the rest of the bridge deck lifted on January 10th. This was clearly a disaster waiting to happen.

“When was the last inspection before cars were sent over an already breaking bridge, and why didn’t someone pick up on the fact that the bolts weren’t properly tightened, not to mention the series of design flaws?

“In the end we’re paying another $8-to-$12 million to fix a $106 million bridge failure that put the lives of Ontarians at risk due to the Wynne Liberals’ lack of oversight.”