Only an Ontario PC Government Will Get Ontario Moving

Will make life easier for commuters and transit users.
Only the Ontario PC Party has a plan that will deliver results to both drivers and transit users, PC Party Leader Doug Ford announced today.
“The GTA has become paralyzed in traffic,” said Ford. “Every single day, our highways are clogged and on our subways, people are packed in like sardines. For too many years, people have been left stranded and suffering while politicians dither. Our team can do better — and we will do better — for the people.”
Ford highlighted how under a PC Government drivers will get a break starting with a 10 cents per litre reduction in gas prices. 
A PC Government will also deliver: two-way, all-day GO service, including expansions to Bowmanville and Kitchener, completion of the Niagara GO Expansion, and support regional transit projects in places such as Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga/Brampton, Kitchener-Waterloo and London. Additionally, a PC Government will upload responsibility for subway infrastructure from the city to the province, thereby making it affordable to build the Sheppard Loop with Scarborough, the Relief Line, and the Yonge Extension.
Ford also contrasted the Ontario PC transit plan with the error-ridden NDP platform that has an outrageous $7 billion hole and will put Ontario jobs and services at risk.
“The NDP actually want to increase gas prices by 35 cents per litre,” Ford said. “The last time the NDP were in power, unemployment shot up 28 per cent, 125,000 people lost their jobs and more than a million people ended up on welfare. Maybe that is the NDP’s master plan to reduce gridlock – if everybody is unemployed, then there will be nobody left to crowd our roads and subways during your commute.”
“Unlike the NDP, we have a plan that is modest and responsible,” concluded Ford. “And unlike the NDP, we have a team that is ready to govern starting on Day One. On June 7 you have an opportunity to vote for real change. Help is on the way.”