Only the Ontario PCs will Deliver Change for the People

PC plan will reduce taxes, lower hydro rates and create jobs –
NDP plan will increases taxes, drive up hydro rates and destroy jobs.
With Ontario only days away from a historic election, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today shared details on the choice that faces voters when they go to the polls on June 7.
“The people want change. But the only remaining question is what that change will look like,” said Ford. “You know the kind of change I stand for: I’m here for the people, I’m looking out for the little guy and the families that are paying more and getting less.”
“The NDP want change that will increase your taxes, increase your hydro bills and send Ontario deeper into debt,” Ford continued, “and the NDP want to replace the Liberal insiders getting rich off your taxes, with a group of radical special interests with offensive and extreme views.”
Ford highlighted how an Ontario PC Government will deliver real results for the people by:
  • Lowering Taxes: With a 10 cents per litre reduction in gas taxes, a 20 per cent middle class income tax cut, and targeted tax relief for minimum wage earners and parents.
  • Cleaning up the Hydro Mess: By firing the $6 million dollar Hydro One CEO and the entire Board, and reducing hydro bills by 12 per cent.
  • Creating Good Jobs: By reducing taxes, lowering hydro bills and cutting red tape.
Ford contrasted the Ontario PC approach with the NDP, who want to increase gas taxes by 35 cents per litre, drive up hydro bills by 25 per cent, and doubling down on the more tax, more-spending, more-debt approach of Ontario’s previous NDP government — which ended up destroying 125,000 jobs and driving 1.2 million people on to welfare.
“My friends we can’t go back to the past,” Ford concluded. “You can choose the NDP plan for higher taxes, higher hydro bills, and destroyed jobs – or you can vote for our Ontario PC team, put more money back into your pocket and unleash an era of prosperity the likes of which Ontario has never seen.”