Ontario PC Caucus’ Position on Separating the Cannabis Omnibus Bill

Statement from Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson:

“Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs support an approach to cannabis implementation that puts Ontario families first.  We have significant concerns about how the Wynne Liberals are moving forward.  They pay lip service to protecting public safety yet are silent on providing additional resources or support to police such as training, funding, and an essential roadside test for impaired driving. 

“Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs support aspects of the retail distribution model including allowing the LCBO to set up 40 stores in 2018.

“We insist that elements of the legislation that have nothing to do with meeting the July 1, 2018 deadline be separated from the legislation. The Highway Traffic Act amendments, including the school bus camera amendments, and the Smoke-Free Ontario Act should be separated from the omnibus bill.

“As House Leader, I will work to separate these elements of the Bill into different pieces of legislation. They deserve to be debated on their own merits.

“Without these changes, we will oppose the legislation in its current form.”