Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford promises not to touch the Greenbelt

This afternoon, Doug Ford announced that after consultation with the people of Ontario, an Ontario PC Government would maintain the Greenbelt in its entirety.

“I looked at it as making sure we have more affordable housing,” said Ford. “There have been a lot of voices saying that they don’t want to touch the Greenbelt. I govern through the people, I don’t govern through government.”

“The people have spoken – we won’t touch the greenbelt. Very simple. That’s it, the people have spoken. I’m going to listen to them, they don’t want me to touch the greenbelt, we won’t touch the greenbelt. Simple as that.”

The following wording will be included in the upcoming Ontario PC Platform:

“Increase the supply of affordable housing across the GTA while protecting the Greenbelt in its entirety.”