Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford responds to release of Sunshine List Speech

Today, the list of Ontario’s richest political insiders was released.

They call it the Sunshine List, but for the hard-working people of Ontario, there is nothing sunny about it.

While people of Ontario are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, Kathleen Wynne’s friends are getting richer.

These insiders and fat cats are getting big raises while the real folks in Ontario haven’t had a real raise in years, because of reckless government policies.

For example, the CEO of Ontario Power Generation got a raise of $400,000 this year. His salary is now $1.5 million.

Can you believe that?

People are being forced to choose between heating and eating because hydro rates are so expensive while these insiders are getting rich.

There is also a secret list of Hydro One millionaires who have had their names hidden from the list.

They sit around the board room table at Hydro One, giving themselves raises, while increasing your hydro rates.

Kathleen Wynne seems to think the people of Ontario don’t deserve to know how much these people are making. Voters need more transparency, not less.