Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the Halton Courthouse

The following is an excerpt about the Halton Courthouse from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s speech today to the Burlington Chamber of Commerce:

“Halton Region is one of the fastest growing communities in Ontario. The region needs a government that recognizes this, and ensures the necessary supports and infrastructure. Unfortunately, this Liberal Government has taken the Halton Region for granted – evidenced by inadequate justice infrastructure.

“The courthouse infrastructure in the region is aging, overcrowded, and is now hindering access to justice. Throughout the province we are seeing an alarming number of criminal cases being thrown out due to trial delays. It’s completely unacceptable that potential criminals are being allowed to walk free. Justice delayed is justice denied.

“The public, and victims, deserves to have faith in our justice system. Instead many victims are never seeing their case have its day in court.

“For years the Liberals have said this is a priority, but we’ve seen no action. MPP Ted Arnott has been pushing for a new courthouse to service the region for years. And for good reason. We need to take action repair or build new courthouses in this province where it’s needed. It’s unacceptable that Ted’s pleas have fallen on deaf ears. But it’s no surprise.”