Ontario PC’s Bringing Passenger Rail Back to Northeastern Ontario

Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party have Northern Ontario’s back 

Our Ontario PC government is investing $75 million to bring passenger rail service back to Northeastern Ontario, restoring a key transportation option that was previously cancelled in 2012. 

Service will be reinstated between Timmins and Toronto, helping to connect Northern Ontario as the government invests in unlocking the full economic potential of northern industries, resources and minerals.

“The previous government chose to cancel this rail service, cutting people and economies in Northeastern Ontario off from the rest of the province,” said Premier Doug Ford. “At a time when our government is building up home-grown supply chains that connect resources, industries and workers in the north with the future of clean steel, electric vehicles and batteries, we’re restoring this vital transportation link. We’re getting it done and bringing passenger rail back to Northeastern Ontario.”

The Del Duca-Wynne Liberals ignored the needs of Northern Ontario and cancelled the Northlander with the help of the NDP. Our PC Government has – and always will have – Northern Ontario’s back. That’s why we are getting it done by rebuilding Northern Ontario’s economy and investing in rail service, roads, highways and bridges so that people living in these communities have a transportation network that works for them.