Ontario PCs call for Wynne Liberal Energy Minister to resign over explosive Auditor General report

PCs table a motion in parliamentary committee to comprehensively examine costly hydro scheme

In the wake of an explosive report from the Auditor General showing that Ontario families will pay an extra $4 billion for Kathleen Wynne’s expensive hydro scheme, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown called on Ontario’s Energy Minister to resign. 

“The Auditor General’s report was a scathing indictment of Liberal political corruption and their contempt for the people of Ontario,” said Brown during Question Period.

The AG said the scheme was “needlessly complex,” and that the government is trying to keep the true cost of her scheme buried by  “improperly” accounting billions of dollars. 

“This is an egregious abuse of power and someone must be held responsible,” added Brown. “I have no doubt all of cabinet was complicit – and the direction came from the premier and her senior staff. But the minister of energy is the main spokesperson for this charade.”

“In the end, the Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault must be accountable. Will the premier accept the resignation of him today?” Brown asked.

Today, Ontario PC MPP Lisa MacLeod tabled a motion at the Public Accounts committee to comprehensively study the Auditor General’s report, and call for Ministers and senior political staff to testify about these questionable revelations.  The motion will be debated Wednesday, October 25.

Motion tabled in Committee:

MPP Lisa MacLeod: I move, that the Standing Committee on Public Accounts postpone consideration of all matters currently before the Committee until the completion of its review on the report on “The Fair Hydro Plan: Concerns About Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Value For Money” from the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario.