Ontario PCs call on the Wynne Liberals to match college student’s fund dollar for dollar

In the wake of a record long college strike, in which students were forced to take on unmeasurable financial hardships, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown called on the Wynne Liberal government to match the college’s fund dollar for dollar.

“The Wynne Liberals let the college strike drag on for far too long, putting students through unquestionable financial stress,” said Brown. “It’s good that the government is forcing colleges to set up this fund, but it’s time for the government to go one step forward and match this fund dollar for dollar.”

The media have reported on a wide range of students who were forced to take on unexpected costs as a result of the college strike. Some students were forced to sell personal belongings just to make ends meet.

“Over the course of the strike, many students have grown disillusioned with the democratic process. The government needs to take action to fix this – to show students that their voices are being listened to,” added Brown. “Matching the fund will go a long way to addressing this. It’s putting money where your mouth is.”

“Life is harder for people in Ontario under the Wynne Liberals, and over 14 years everyone is paying more and getting less. It’s time for change for the better,” concluded Brown.