Ontario PCs have best showing in Ottawa-Vanier since 1967

“In tonight’s Ottawa-Vanier by-election the Ontario PC Party had their best results in half a century. We are proud of our candidate and the principled campaign we ran on the issues that matter most to Ontarians.  We will continue to raise the Liberal legacy of high hydro rates, cuts to health care and Liberal scandal after scandal.


“The Ontario PC Party was up against the Liberal machine in Ottawa, where they are the strongest.  This was a riding we hadn’t  won since 1967. The Liberals had never even had to campaign in this Liberal fortress before.

 “Congratulations to Nathalie Des Rosiers on her election victory. We look forward to working with you on the issues that are important to the people of Ottawa-Vanier.

 “The Ontario PC Party will continue to listen to Ontarians and present the change that people want to see in their government. We will continue to compete in every single seat in the province.”

 Past Liberal Margins of Victory in Ottawa-Vanier (formerly Ottawa East):





19 % *unofficial*


33.3 %


28.1 %


28.7 %


29.3 %


21.2 %

1995 (Ottawa East)

35.8 %

1990 (Ottawa East)

39.1 %

1987 (Ottawa East)

58.1 %

1985 (Ottawa East)

49.8 %

1984 (Ottawa East)

51.3 %

1981 (Ottawa East)

48.6 %

1977 (Ottawa East)

50.2 %

1975 (Ottawa East)

40.5 %

1971 (Ottawa East)

24.9 %