Ontario PCs to support back-to-work legislation to end college strike

Kathleen Wynne allowed strike to continue for record lengths

Today Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, issued the following statement:

“This is now the longest college strike in Ontario history.  Kathleen Wynne has allowed it to drag on at 24 public colleges across the province, affecting over 500,000 students who have been caught in the crossfire.   

“The Ontario PCs have been vocalizing our concerns about the college faculty strike since day one. With today’s results, we are truly disappointed. This is not fair to students. 

“I called for action at the beginning of the strike to bring both sides back to the bargaining table. Kathleen Wynne could have stepped in earlier to fix this, starting on October 15.  Instead she waited weeks before weighing in. 

“The fact that this has lasted until today, November 16, is unacceptable.  

“My message to the Premier is this: as her meeting with both sides failed to produce concrete results and a negotiated settlement, we will support back-to-work legislation to get students back in class on Monday. It is the right thing to do for students. 

“We hope there will be support for this across all partisan lines.”