Opposition Leader Patrick Brown Calls on Premier to Upgrade The Scarborough Hospital

QUEEN’S PARK – Yesterday, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown toured The Scarborough Hospital. After seeing the antiquated conditions of the hospital after years of Liberal neglect, Brown used today’s Question Period to ask the Premier to bring the hospital up to modern standards.


“The operating rooms at the hospital are the same ones they have used since it opened in 1956. They’re half the size they should be. Medical equipment lines the hallway because it doesn’t fit inside,” said Brown.

In 2009, the Liberal Government gave The Scarborough Hospital a $3-million capital planning grant. The hospital submitted a project plan shortly thereafter, unfortunately since that time there has been little to no action. The project remains stagnated at the first stage in a five stage process.  Instead of approving The Scarborough Hospital’s submission, the Liberal Government recently announced additional funding for even more planning.

The Wynne Liberals have neglected Scarborough’s health care system so that its hospitals have been pushed to a crisis point, at the expense of patient care.  Even the former Liberal MPP for Scarborough-Rouge River, Bas Balkissoon, agrees that the hospital conditions are inadequate; having said the hospital “does not meet the needs of modern medicine.”  

“The Liberals have let patients in Scarborough suffer for seven years despite knowing operating rooms are inadequate,” added Brown. “Hospital staff don’t feel that they’re even on the province’s radar.”

“How many more years will the Liberals force patients in Scarborough to go to a hospital built for 1956?” Brown concluded. “Will the Premier put her health care hacksaw away and bring Scarborough’s hospitals up to 2016 standards?”

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hff_PZNc3UM&feature=youtu.be