Out of touch Liberals considering a congestion tax for Ontario drivers

Today, PC Critic for Infrastructure Sylvia Jones and PC Critic for Transportation Michael Harris questioned the Minister of Transportation on the Wynne Liberals’ plan to cancel the environmental assessment of the GTA West Highway Corridor. Instead the Wynne Liberals are considering introducing a tax on drivers.

“After a $14-million investment and over a decade of delay, the government has cancelled the environmental assessment of the GTA West Highway Corridor, without providing an alternative plan to address congestion,” said Jones.

“One of the alternatives recommended by the Minister’s advisory panel is to put congestion fees on 400 series highways across the GTA,” said Harris. “The fact that the government is considering taxing drivers on provincial highways is shocking.

“The last thing Ontarians want is to be taxed to sit in traffic. This is just another example of how out of touch the Wynne Liberals are.”