Out of Touch Wynne Liberals Vote for Even More Hydro Rate Increases

The following is a statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown on the Wynne Liberals and NDP voting for further rate increases:


“By voting against the Ontario PC Caucus’ opposition day motion, the Wynne Liberals and the NDP have voted for even more rate increases that our province cannot afford. Effectively, this government and the NDP are ensuring that life will continue to get harder for Ontario families. 

“Ontario is in an energy crisis, but the Wynne Liberals are too out of touch to the challenges Ontario families face to take the needed action. The effect of high hydro rates is felt at home and at work, at our hockey rinks, as well as our hospitals. 

“And, while countless families are being driven into energy poverty, this government will continue to proceed with the fire sale of Hydro One.  They will continue to pay the Hydro One CEO $4 million a year. They will continue to spend millions on high-priced consultants and self-congratulatory advertisements, instead of desperately needed hydro relief. What exactly are the Wynne Liberals’ priorities?  

“At the end of the day, one thing remains clear. Under this tired and self-interested government Ontarians will continue to see their hydro bills go up, and families will choose between keeping their lights on and putting food on the table. If the Wynne Liberals understood the severity of this crisis, they would have supported the Ontario PC Caucus’ motion we debated today, and immediately stop the fire sale of Hydro One. They would stop signing energy contracts for power Ontario doesn’t need. And finally, they would restore municipal planning powers over energy projects that were stripped away by the Liberal government.”