QUEEN’S PARK – Despite missing their budget target by a staggering 61 per cent, the Wynne government rewarded Pan Am/Parapan Am Games executives with gold medal bonuses totaling $5.3 million, said Ontario PC Critic for Tourism, Culture and Sport, MPP Steve Clark.


“The Auditor General’s report tabled today confirms the Pam Am Games were not delivered on time or on budget,” said Clark. “But instead of cancelling the performance-based bonuses as they had the chance to do, the government simply looked the other way.”

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk found the government paid $804 million to cover the cost of the Games – more than $300 million or 61 per cent above the original $500 million estimate.

“Once again Ontario taxpayers are left to clean up the red ink, while this government gives away the gold to its friends,” said Clark.

Clark added the report found that four of the 10 highest-paid public-sector employees on the 2015 salary disclosure list were Games executives who took home an average of $815,000.

Beyond the lavish bonuses, Clark said the report demonstrates the Wynne government continues its pattern of failing to be open and transparent.

“The Auditor General said she couldn’t get access to documents or answers to questions, but most troubling is the fact ‘many’ computer hard drives, including the CEO’s, were destroyed prior to the audit,” said Clark.

“What important information did those hard drives contain and why is the government hiding it from taxpayers?”


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