Patrick Brown calls for an end to unfair Wynne Liberal school closures

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown called on the Liberal Government to immediately issue a moratorium on school closures and an immediate review of the flawed Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline that determines school closures.

“School closures have a devastating impact on our communities,” said Brown. “And for students it can mean more time on a bus, and less time for a part-time job or extra-curriculars.”

“After 13 years of waste and scandal after scandal, the Wynne Liberals are trying to balance the books on the backs of our students by fast tracking school closures.”
Brown was joined at the event by members of the Ontario Alliance Against School Closures, including students and parents from Burlington, Central Elgin, the Township of West Lincoln, Bruce County, Lambton County, and South Stormont.

“We are demanding the Wynne Liberals issue an immediate moratorium on school closures, and an immediate review of the flawed guidelines that currently determine the fate of our local schools,” added Brown.


  • On March 26, 2015, the Ministry of Education released new Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines. The changes ignored a school’s broader community value and removed community representatives from school-closing review committees. The changes also sharply reduced the minimum length of time for the public consultation process, including cutting the number of public meetings held.
  • Prior to the rule changes, as a part of the accommodation review, the school board included an assessment of the value of the school to the community, local economy and the pupil and school board in the decision making process.
  • While the Ministry refuses to release the total figures, it is estimated that approximately 600 schools, or one in eight, are under consideration for closure.