Patrick Brown Ontario PC Leader Attends Rally in Caledon

Tonight Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, attended a meet and greet in Caledon to discuss the People’s Guarantee – Ontario PC Party’s plan to deliver change that works for Ontario. Local MPP Sylvia Jones joined Brown. 
“The People’s Guarantee lays out our vision and our plan to bring change that works for Ontario,” said Brown. “At its core it’s very simple. It’s recognition of the need for change that works for you: the people, not the insiders.”

In his remarks to an energetic crowd, Brown addressed the Ontario PCs plan to address skyrocketing hydro rates, lower taxes for middle class families, and prioritize mental health issues.

“Under Kathleen Wynne, you work hard, you pay more, and you get less,” Brown added.  “The People’s Guarantee is a plan to treat the people of Ontario with respect, beginning with their hard-earned taxpayer dollars.”

“The People’s Guarantee is many commitments, but at its core it’s very simple,” Brown concluded. “It’s a recognition of the need for change. Above all, it’s a plan for you. I’m not going to stop working for you, for Ontario. Together we’re going to bring real change to families.”

The People’s Guarantee includes five achievable measures an Ontario PC government would take:

  • 22.5% lower income taxes for the middle class
  • 75% refund of child care expenses
  • 12% more off your hydro bill
  • The largest mental health commitment in Canadian provincial history
  • The first-ever Trust, Integrity and Accountability Act