Patrick Brown Ontario PC Leader Vows To End Wynne Liberals’ Practice of Cash For Access

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, today announced that he would close Kathleen Wynne’s political fundraising loopholes that continue to allow cash for access.

“The people of Ontario deserve a government that is working hard on behalf of Ontario families,” said Brown. “Unfortunately, what they’re getting is a government plagued with scandal, waste and mismanagement.”

In December 2016, MPPs unanimously passed legislation to ban corporate and union donations to political parties. The bill also banned provincial politicians from attending fundraisers and lowered individual donation limits. However, the legislation did not address other significant fundraising loopholes.

“The Liberals continue to swim in ethical lapses and criminal charges,” said Brown. “I will end the Wynne Liberal practice of cash for access.”

In order to restore public confidence and end cash for access loopholes, Brown announced that a PC government would introduce new measures to:

  • Ban political parties from setting fundraising targets for ministers.
  • Ban ministers from fundraising off of those who they do business with.

“Every single action this government has taken in the past 14 years has been about one thing: the partisan self-interest of the Ontario Liberal Party and not about the people of Ontario,” said Brown. “The people of Ontario need a change in government.”