Patrick Brown Ontario PC Leader Will Close Lobbying Loopholes Benefiting Liberal Insiders

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, today announced that an Ontario PC government will strengthen the lobbying rules so that former ministry staff cannot lobby for any company that dealt with their ministry.

“It used to be that if you worked hard and played by the rules, you could get ahead. That’s not the case in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario,” said Brown. “While hardworking Ontario families pay more and get less, Liberal insiders get rich.”

For 14 years the Wynne Liberals have failed to address this loophole that benefits Liberal insiders. Currently, former ministry staff can lobby for companies they dealt with while in government. This results in unethical and inequitable access to government.

In one example, the government announced $14,000 subsidies for buyers of luxury electric vehicles around the same time Environment Minister Glen Murray’s chief of staff left to work for luxury electric carmaker Tesla. Teslas can cost over $100,000.

“The next election will be about who will make it easier for families to make ends meet and get ahead,” said Brown. “Unlike the Liberals, an Ontario PC government will put hardworking Ontario families first. We will end the Wynne Liberal practice of handing out goodies to companies one day and working for those same companies the next.”