PC Caucus tables motion condemning persecution of Christians

Today, Thornhill MPP Gila Martow tabled a motion in the Ontario Legislature condemning ongoing and historic persecution of Christians around the world.  Maronites, Armenian, Coptic, Chaldean, Syriac, Assyrian and Eastern Christians throughout the Middle East and South Asia continue to be targeted by extremist groups.  Many, including the Yazidi people, have even been subjected to genocide at the hands of terrorist groups such as ISIS.

“Ontario prides itself as a one of the few successful examples of multiculturalism in the world. I am asking us all to stand in solidarity with faith communities in other parts of the world who do not enjoy our level of peace, harmony and security,” stated MPP Martow. 

The motion acknowledges that many Christians are being targeted by extremist groups like ISIS.  It calls on the government to condemn the ongoing and historic persecution of Christians around the world and uphold the right to freedom of religion by supporting refugees fleeing conflict areas.

“It is important we take a stand against tyranny, persecution and genocide against Christians in the Middle East and South Asia,” said Lisa MacLeod, PC Critic for the Anti-Racism Secretariat. “As Ontarians we uphold human rights and equality in our own province and should advocate for basic protections elsewhere in the world for those of all faiths.  As a Christian, I am concerned by the human rights abuses against so many Christians in other countries and I am pleased to see his motion address those inhumanities.”