PC Deputy Leader Jones Uncovers Thousands Spent on Canada Goose Jackets for Government Officials

(Queen’s Park) – Ontario PC Deputy Leader Sylvia Jones is slamming the Kathleen Wynne government for spending $53,948 on Canada Goose parkas for government officials in 2015-2016. The information came via a Freedom of Information request (attached) and is being forwarded to reporters. The parkas were purchased by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services while it was under heavy criticism for cuts to autism support services.

“It is incomprehensible that the Liberal government is so out of touch with the needs of Ontarians that they can spend $53,948 on luxury Canada Goose parkas while families and children are not getting the service they need,” said Jones. “At the same time the government decided to cut off an important therapy for children on the autism spectrum, the then minister was buying luxury goods for her staff,” said Jones.

“Buying these luxury jackets which on average cost $1000 is indefensible. The minister needs to apologize to all the families who have had to wait for service, while this government has grossly mismanaged their tax dollars. Children in Ottawa are waiting for a year and a half for mental health treatment and there are 12,000 kids waiting for long-term psychotherapy, yet this government has the gall to spend thousands of dollars on luxury parkas.”

“This is just another unacceptable example of this government’s waste and mismanagement of taxpayer’s dollars, while life becomes more unaffordable for Ontario families.”