Premier Refuses to Answer if Leaked Agenda to Ban Natural Gas was Accurate or a Fake

QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberal Government continues to deny that they have a radical secret agenda to ban natural gas in the province of Ontario, despite the fact a leaked cabinet document clearly details their plan to eliminate natural gas for homes and small buildings.


Approximately 76 per cent of Ontario households rely on natural gas for home-heating, and if banned, affected families would experience a $3,000 annual increase on their hydro bills.  As a result of the cabinet leak, natural gas companies and associations have written letters to the Premier and Liberal cabinet expressing their concerns. In an open letter, the Canadian Gas Association called the Premier’s agenda “incredibly irresponsible.”

Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown used today’s Question Period to ask the Premier whether the leaked document accurately reflected the Liberal Government’s plan, or if it was falsified. Brown also referenced the $230-million investment for natural gas expansion the Liberal Government has promised, but has yet to spend.

“The Liberals say they’re not going to ban natural gas, but they won’t refute the media story,” stated Brown. “The Liberals claim they’re going to expand natural gas, yet they actually haven’t provided a single dollar for that expansion.”

“The people and businesses of Ontario don’t deserve to be strung along,” Brown concluded.  “Will the Government be amending the building code to limit natural gas? And if they’re not taking this action, are they stating here in the Legislature that the leaked document was actually falsified?”

The Premier refused to address the specifics of Brown’s question.