Premier Wynne Won’t Apologize to Mother of Child with Autism

QUEEN’S PARK – Over the long weekend Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown met with Melanie and Clint Palaypayon at a Tim Hortons. Their son Xavier has autism, and is affected by the Liberal Government’s cuts to autism therapy for those aged five and above. 


“When we were there, Clint could not stop crying. He moved to Canada because he thought when Canadians needed help, they took care of their own. When someone faces a challenge, he thought there was a social safety net to help them out,” said Brown during Question Period. “But this government has shattered that expectation by taking autism treatment away from Xavier.” 

When Clint and Melanie reached out to their local MPP, Bob Delaney (Mississauga-Streetsville), for a meeting to discuss the proposed changes, he refused. After Melanie informed MPP Delaney’s staff that she would be distributing literature outside of the constituency office, the police were called on her. 

“I met with Melanie and her family because their own Liberal member didn’t meet with them and instead called the police,” Brown added. “She then only got an apology when it made headlines in the media.”

“Melanie needs to hear an apology from the Premier too. Premier, will you apologize to Melanie, Clint and Xavier?” 

The Premier refused to offer an apology for her MPP’s callous behaviour, instead deflecting with unrelated talking points.