Pressing the Federal Government on Critical Ontario Priorities

Premier Ford calls on the Federal government for additional health care and infrastructure funding

Today, our Leader joined his fellow Premiers in calling on the federal government to support critical priorities for the people of Ontario and all Canadians, including strengthening frontline health care, helping people and businesses get back on their feet, and moving shovel-ready infrastructure projects forward.

Our PC government is making unprecedented investments in health care, to the tune of $67 billion this year alone. We’ve built unprecedented testing capacity, retooled our manufacturing sector to produce PPE, and worked with our hospitals and long-term care homes to fight outbreaks.

In light of recent public health trends in Ontario and across the country, we need the Federal government to step up and make a long-term commitment to fair, flexible and sustainable funding for health care to strengthen provincial health care systems.

That’s why, together with provincial partners, we are calling for a 35 per cent increase to the federal Canada Health Transfer to ensure our provincial health care systems are prepared for future COVID-19 surges and waves and able to address longstanding issues like hallway health care and the need for more long-term care beds. 

“This is a critical moment for us to stand together and build a stronger, more resilient province and country,” said Doug Ford, MPP for Etobicoke North and Premier of Ontario. “To meet the challenges we face, we need a modern health care system that can effectively respond to the potential surges and waves of COVID-19, while addressing issues such as hallway health care and the need for more long-term care beds. Ontario is at the table with $67 billion for health care this year, but we need the federal government to step up with its share to better protect the people we serve.”

Strengthening provincial health care will also be critical to restarting the economy, ensuring businesses can adapt and recover, and delivering job-creating infrastructure projects to help communities bounce back.

To accelerate economic recovery, our government is also calling on the federal government to end delays and invest an additional $10 billion per year over 10 years to move critical shovel-ready infrastructure projects forward.