Progressive Conservatives Welcome Former Ontario Ombudsman André Marin as PC Candidate for Ottawa-Vanier

The following is a statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown: 

“André Marin was a whistle blower on government waste and mismanagement for 10 years. He stood up for the little guy. He was a voice for Ontarians. 


“And as a life-long resident of Ottawa, Marin is no stranger to the local challenges residents face. The people of Ottawa-Vanier would be able to count on him to represent their best interests with integrity and passion.

“The fact of the matter is that 13 years of Liberal scandal, waste and mismanagement has made life harder for the people of Ontario. In Ottawa-Vanier, residents have been left to face rising hydro rates, diminished job prospects, and lack of access to health care services. 

“We welcome voters having an opportunity to send Premier Wynne a message – that government is supposed to work for the people of Ontario, not the other way around.  

“We are building a strong Progressive Conservative team that will be ready to govern in 2018. We will work hard to earn the trust of the people of Ottawa-Vanier and continue to hold the Wynne Liberals accountable. We look forward to sharing our positive message for a more prosperous Ontario.”

The following is a statement from Ontario PC Candidate for Ottawa-Vanier André Marin:

“I am proud to represent the Ontario PC Party in Ottawa-Vanier and share our vision for a better Ontario. As Ontario’s Ombudsman, I spent ten years being a voice for the people.  I witnessed a decade of waste, scandal and mismanagement, and heard personal stories from Ontarians who were impacted by the poor policies of this government. I can’t sit on the sidelines any longer. 

“Ottawa-Vanier has been a Liberal stronghold for years, yet it has been all but forgotten by the Liberal Government. We continue to see households struggling with the highest hydro rates in North America, patients continue to wait for desperately needed care, and young families face barrier after barrier to accessing child care.  

“I believe that the people of Ottawa-Vanier deserve to have someone they can rely on to stand up for them – someone to be their voice when the government refuses to listen. I look forward to continuing the fight for the people of Ottawa-Vanier. I will work hard for the opportunity to represent my constituents’ best interests at Queen’s Park, and continue to hold the Wynne Liberals accountable.”