Progressive Conservatives Welcome Raymond Cho as PC Candidate for Scarborough-Rouge River

The following is a statement from the Ontario PC Party on the new Scarborough-Rouge River Candidate Raymond Cho:


“We congratulate and welcome Raymond Cho as our Ontario PC Candidate for the upcoming by-election in Scarborough-Rouge River.  A long-time resident and city councillor for Scarborough, Raymond intimately understands the challenges the residents of Scarborough-Rouge River face.  Residents would be able to count on Raymond to represent their best interests with integrity and passion.

The people of Scarborough-Rouge River are faced with diminished job prospects, irresponsible cuts to health care services, and Liberal scandal, waste and mismanagement has made life increasingly unaffordable. It’s clear life is harder under the Liberals.  We welcome voters having an opportunity to send Premier Wynne a message – that government is supposed to work for the people of Ontario, not the other way around. 

Throughout this upcoming by-election the Ontario PC Party will work hard to earn the trust of the people of Scarborough-Rouge River and hold the Wynne Liberals accountable.  We look forward to sharing our positive message for a more prosperous Ontario.”