Protecting People and Families on our Roads

Taking action against stunt driving and street racing with new proposed legislation

Our PC government is taking strong action to protect young drivers and vulnerable road users by introducing new measures to target street racing, stunt driving, and aggressive and unsafe driving.

The Moving Ontarians More Safely Act, also known as the “MOMS” Act, is a series of measures that will help protect people and families, protect vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and highway workers, improve truck safety, and strengthen provincial oversight of the towing sector.

“Both as Minister of Transportation and a parent to driving-aged teens, I am extremely concerned by the rising numbers of young drivers in Ontario caught stunt driving, street racing and driving aggressively,” said Caroline Mulroney, MPP for York-Simcoe and Minister of Transportation. “By increasing driver’s licence suspensions and vehicle impoundment periods, the MOMS Act sends a clear message to drivers – driving is a privilege and those who threaten the safety of others have no place on our roads.”

The Act, if passed, will help keep Ontario’s roads among the safest in North America by targeting those who engage in unsafe, high-risk driving by creating escalating suspensions for repeat offenders and setting a lower speed threshold for stunt driving charges on municipal roads.

With longer suspensions and longer vehicle impoundments, we’re sending a clear message to drivers – driving is a privilege and those who threaten the safety of others have no place on our roads. We’re also making the roads safer by fighting distracted driving to ensure that the public is aware of its preventable dangers and consequences.

The MOMS Act also includes provisions to enact the Towing and Storage Safety and Enforcement Act. This Act, if passed, will strengthen provincial oversight of the towing and storage sectors to reduce crime and fraud, promote road user and tow operator safety, improve customer protections, and create a level playing field for tow and storage operators.

Through the MOMS Act, our PC government is continuing our efforts to increase standards for consumers for consumers and businesses while taking concrete action to protect people and families on our roads.