Protecting Public Safety and Food Supply

New law increases protections for Ontario’s food supply, farmers, agri-food businesses, and farm animals from trespassing activities

Our PC government is delivering on a significant pillar of our commitment to protect the health and safety of our food supply, the agri-food sector, and our farm animals.

Today, we were pleased to announce that the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2020 was proclaimed into force. Through proclamation of this Act, our government is putting the safety of our food supply first and recognizing the unique risks that can result when individuals trespass onto farms and agri-food processing facilities or when they interfere with the transportation of livestock.

Having been developed and implemented after extensive consultation with farmers, agri-businesses, municipalities, Indigenous groups and animal welfare experts, the Act increases protections of our food supply as well as for farmers, and farm animals from trespassing activities. It does so while continuing to maintain the right for people to participate in lawful protests on public property, provided such protests do not have the potential to cause harm or become a concern for public safety.

The protections in the Act will help to improve working conditions for farmers, farm families and agri-food sector employees and allows agri-businesses to focus on important aspects of their operations including the production of safe, high-quality food for Ontario families.

By proclaiming the Act into force, our PC government is creating an environment that supports sustainable, profitable farms and agri-businesses.