Protecting Public Safety and Our Food Supply Chain

Bringing critical elements of Bill 156 into force to safeguard public safety

To protect public safety and security, our PC government is making it an offence to stop, obstruct, hinder or otherwise interfere with a motor vehicle transporting farm animals – which are dangerous for those who stop the trucks, pedestrians, livestock transporters, and other drivers.

As these actions seem to be on the rise and public safety is a top priority for the Ontario government, it is critical to bring these specific pieces of Bill 156, the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2020 into force immediately to ensure safety for everyone. These select sections of the act will come into effect on September 2, 2020. They will help keep truck drivers and members of the public safe from the risks posed from obstruction of vehicles or interference with livestock in transport.

This is part of the government’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of our agri-food sector, farm animal welfare and food safety.

The rights of people to participate in legal protests that take place in public spaces will always be protected, provided such protests do not have the potential to cause harm. Careful work was put into crafting this Act to balance the rights of farmers and their farm operations as well the rights for people to participate in lawful protests on public property.