Putting a Stop to Kathleen Wynne’s ‘Green Energy’ Shakedown

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, today announced that an Ontario PC Government will put an immediate freeze on signing future energy contracts pending a full evidence-based review of Ontario’s energy supply.

“It’s time for an energy policy that replaces secret deals for Liberal insiders with a new deal that makes it easier for Ontario families to make ends meet and get ahead,” said Brown. “This is what real change for the better looks like.”

The Auditor General has previously reported that Ontario produces enough surplus energy every year to power the entire province of Manitoba. Since this surplus power cannot be consumed within Ontario, it is given away for free or sold for a loss. According to the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, getting rid of 2016’s surplus energy cost Ontario ratepayers $1 billion.

“Under the Wynne Liberals, families, workers and small businesses are forced to pay skyrocketing hydro rates for electricity that the province cannot use,” said Brown.

Under the Liberal Feed-In Tariff program, thousands of well-connected energy insiders have received ratepayer subsidies to provide surplus electricity via preferential deals. Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has confirmed that the Liberals plan to sign hundreds more contracts by the end of September.

“Kathleen Wynne has signed sweetheart ‘green energy’ contracts with their donors and friends, and they have plans to sign hundreds more still,” explained Brown. “Your hydro bills are being used to pay off a network of well-connected insiders who are gaming the system with Kathleen Wynne’s help.”

Brown made his remarks while visiting Odena Foods, a Thunder Bay area grocery store. Owner Kent Maijala shared his hydro bills with Brown, showing that in June alone Odena Foods paid $4,500 in global adjustment charges – which is largely used to cover the cost of unneeded surplus power.

“It’s time for an energy policy that rewards you for how hard you work, not for how many Liberals you know,” Brown concluded.