Removing Tolls from the 412 418 a Priority for PC MPPs in Durham Region

Whitby – Today, Lorne Coe, candidate for Whitby announced that if the PC Party forms government the first priority of Durham Region PC MPPs will be to advocate strongly for the removal of the tolls from the 412 and 418 Highways, running North-South between the 401 and the 407.

“All Durham candidates believe removing the tolls from the 412 Highway and not tolling the 418 is the right thing to do as it will help keep life more affordable for families and drivers in Durham,” said Coe. “Removing the tolls will also help to reduce traffic congestion on our local roads and allow people to spend more time with their family and friends.”   

The Ontario PCs have a plan to take 10 cents off a litre of gas tax; which will save the average driver $222 per year. Our plan is modest, achievable and will help make life more affordable for the people of our province.

“The Ontario PC party is committed to making life more affordable for Durham residents by reducing the price of gas, lowering hydro rates and cutting taxes for the middle class,” said Coe. “The NDP, on the other hand, is promising to impose an irresponsible carbon tax which will increase the price of gas by 35 cents a litre and hike the price of countless other items. Under the NDP tolls will be the last thing people will have to worry about, they won’t be able to afford to drive and their cost of living will go through the roof.”



Lorne Coe, Ontario PC Candidate for Whitby

Peter Bethlenfalvy, Ontario PC Candidate for Pickering-Uxbridge

Bob Chapman, Ontario PC Candidate for Oshawa

Lindsey Park, Ontario PC Candidate for Durham

Rod Phillips, Ontario PC Candidate for Ajax