Retiring Wynne Liberals line up for one more taste of the trough

Wynne quietly gives Duguid, Matthews, and Sandals $17K raises

Taxpayers are on the hook for massive pay raises doled out by Kathleen Wynne to a group of former senior cabinet ministers.

Last week, Premier Kathleen Wynne quietly announced that Brad Duguid, Liz Sandals, and Deb Matthews would be taking on new roles as Parliamentary Assistants. This comes with a nearly $17,000 annual pay bump.

“With the legislative session nearly complete, this appointment is all about putting the interests of Kathleen Wynne and her insiders ahead of hard-working families and seniors. The people I represent aren’t getting massive pay increases these days and neither should well-connected Liberals,” said Ontario PC Deputy Leader Steve Clark. “What is frustrating taxpayers is that while the cost of everything from gas, to groceries, to hydro goes up as a result of Kathleen Wynne’s policies, she is still doling out massive pay increases to her friends in the Liberal Party.”

The trio of former senior ministers are part of a growing cohort of Wynne loyalists who have announced they won’t run in the upcoming election.

In Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal caucus there are very few members that don’t have official titles that come with increased salaries. There are 29 members of the Wynne Liberal cabinet, and 23 MPPs who have Parliamentary Assistant titles.

“Kathleen Wynne’s government is bloated. It’s time for a change that works for the people, not the insiders,” said Clark.