Review of Executive Compensation required as Metrolinx CEO salary hiked to 475500

Another broken promise for Kathleen Wynne, who signalled reform on executive salaries in February

Earlier this year, news broke that the CEO of Metrolinx salary may be set for a six figure raise. Today, it was revealed through Order in Council that a $475,000 salary was approved by the Wynne Liberal government – that’s a $118,000 jump from what previous CEO Bruce McCuaig had earned and the maximum the position’s salary range would allow.

  1. Why is the Metrolinx CEO salary getting such a large increase if their advice is going to be openly ignored by the Minister of Transportation?
  2. The Metrolinx CEO salary was given the maximum pay bump his salary range would allow. Does this mean the Wynne Liberals are also giving the CEO of OPG a maximum raise to a salary of $3.8 million?
  3. Why was the Metrolinx CEO salary increase hiked to the highest level allowed when even the Premier admitted the pay ranges were “just too high.”

Statement from Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris:

“First the Hydro One CEO was awarded $4.5 million a year, and now the CEO of Metrolinx salary is getting a massive hike. Only the Wynne Liberals would hand out six figure salary increases at an agency responsible for the misspending of millions of dollars and costly oversight failings.

“As we announced when these increases were first floated in February, a PC government would launch a review on how decisions surrounding public sector executive compensation are made to allow for the transparency taxpayers deserve. Once again, we see that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals are totally out of touch. This should come as no surprise from a Liberal government that justifies massive pay hikes for executives by saying that everyday Ontarians riding the Go Train ‘don’t have high-level…business qualifications’ to do the job.

“Under the Wynne Liberals, Ontario families, workers and taxpayers are paying more and getting less.”