Shuffling chairs on a sinking ship

TORONTO – Today, Premier Wynne’s Liberal government suffers blows with the loss of key veterans in Cabinet, as she announces replacements to try and keep the ship afloat.

“Premier Wynne’s cabinet remains bloated despite the fact that her key ministers don’t want to run again,” said Ontario PC Deputy Leader Steve Clark. “Wynne has made this cabinet the largest in the country, has the privilege of overseeing a record of scandal, mismanagement, and waste, and the largest debt of any province or state in the world.”

Here are some highlights from the updated but same tired and bloated Liberal cabinet: 
  • Nathalie Des Rosiers, who represents one of the most urban ridings in the province, will take over as Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry. At first glance, her riding of Ottawa-Vanier appears to have neither natural resources or forestry;
  • Helena Jaczek, who was unable to answer simple questions about where the money was coming from for a massive government announcement, will now take over as chair of the bloated cabinet. Under her watch, the Liberals let massive cost overruns at SAMS become a debacle, which makes this move questionable;
  • Eleanor McMahon, whose only job at Tourism seemed to be handing out cheques, will now be responsible for controlling the government’s purse strings, and the millions of dollars of partisan self-congratulatory ads they will run leading up to the election;
  • Indira Naidoo-Harris will now not only get to oversee skyrocketing child care costs but get the additional responsibility of picking and choosing which schools her government will close if they cling to power.
  • Mitzie Hunter, who as Minister of Education didn’t know how many schools her government was set to close, will now take over as the Chief Apologist for the longest college strike in Ontario’s history.
  • Harinder Malhi will take over as Minister of Status of Women. Interestingly, she’s been an opponent of the sex-ed curriculum.
  • Daiene Vernile takes over the reins at Tourism, Culture, and Sport. The former broadcaster spent her career in front of the camera, this will make the plethora of “buy-your-vote” announcements she is certainly about to start making ready for the airwaves.
  • Steven Del Duca has been moved away from the impending Carillion scandal. Despite the fact he oversaw the ridiculous contract, he will not have to wear the fall-out of the 6,000 jobs at risk. This certainly will be a relief for him and his Liberal Party leadership ambitions. Yasir Naqvi can’t be quite as excited though.
  • Hopefully, Kathryn McGarry, a Waterloo Region MPP, will be more effective at delivering all-day two-way GO to the community. We all remember when a previous Liberal Minister of Transportation promised it would be completed by 2019!