Statement by Ontario PC Education Critic Patrick Brown on Regulations to Ban Child Care Wait List Fees

The following is a statement from Ontario PC Education Critic and Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown regarding the introduction of regulations to end fees for child care wait lists: 


“The Ontario PC Caucus applauds the Liberal Government for finally listening to parents, ending a practice that punished Ontario families with yet another barrier to accessing child care. Parents should not have to pay for the privilege for putting their name down on a waiting list.

I have always said that there is no monopoly on a good idea, which is why the Ontario PC Caucus would also like to thank NDP MPP Peter Tabuns for his work on the issue. The Private Members’ Bill that he introduced was an important first-step towards making life more affordable for Ontario families. 

We are also pleased that transparency measures will be introduced, such as ensuring wait list status is made public to families. Bill 10 has made it more difficult for families to access child care by closing daycares. This wait list information will help to show parents the affects the government’s misguided legislation has had.   

Unfortunately what’s clear is that the Wynne Liberals have shown that they do not know how to manage a wait list, whether it is for child care, autism therapy, or health care. Ontarians are tired of waiting.   

The Ontario PC Caucus will continue to stand up for Ontario families who continue to face the unaffordable policies of this Liberal government.”