Statement by Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on Gwangbokjeol

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown issued the following statement celebrating Gwangbokjeol: 


“I want to extend best wishes to all in Ontario and abroad who are commemorating Gwangbokjeol – the national liberation day of Korea.  

It is celebrated in both South and North Korea. 

South Korea has become a thriving economic powerhouse and has flourished with a vibrant culture that values freedom and democratic principles.  Rising from the ashes of the Korean War, the Republic of Korea is truly a modern day success story.

Tragically, there is only darkness north of the 38th parallel on the Korean peninsula. Totalitarian regimes have oppressed people for decades.  The existence of gulags, inter-generational punishment, enslavement, torture, rape, forced abortions, and religious persecution are without parallel in the contemporary world.  

I hope to see the day that all people on the Korean peninsula can mark this day without fear.

In Ontario, I applaud the hard work of Canadians of Korean descent who have made important contributions, including as members of the Canadian Armed Forces, entrepreneurs, professionals, musicians and as community volunteers. 

Happy liberation day to all who are celebrating!”