Statement from Leader of the Official Opposition and Ontario PC Education Critic Patrick Brown on Provincial and Demonstration Schools

The following is a statement from Ontario PC Leader and Education Critic Patrick Brown on Provincial and Demonstration Schools: 


“Provincial and demonstration schools, which provide services for blind, deaf, and severely learning disabled students, provide an opportunity for some of our province’s most vulnerable to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. 

It is great to see that after months of opposition from concerned families and the Ontario PC Caucus the Wynne Liberals have agreed to keep these schools open. 

Whether it is restoring funding for children with autism, providing services for first responders with PTSD, and now the provincial and demonstration schools, it is clear that the Wynne Liberals are being forced to answer to the Ontario PC Caucus’ effective opposition. 

After seeing the fallout of the Liberal Government’s backpedal on autism funding, where affected families have yet to receive their promised funding, we will take this commitment with a grain of salt. We await further details and confirmation that these schools will remain open past the 2016-2017 school year. In the meantime, the Ontario PC Caucus will continue to hold the government to account and ensure they do the right thing for Ontario families.”