Statement from Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown on Prorogation

The following is a statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown on the Liberal Government’s decision to prorogue the Legislature: 


“The Wynne Liberals are an old, tired, and self-interested government that are desperately trying to frame a new narrative after an embarrassing defeat in the Scarborough-Rouge River by-election. 

What’s more, every failed policy decision this Government has made for the last 13 years has made life more unaffordable for Ontarians. Unfortunately, today’s prorogation distraction tactic is too little, too late. The results of the by-election proves that the people of Ontario are tired of paying the highest electricity rates in North America. 

Apparently Premier Wynne only just learned that Ontario families are struggling to afford their hydro bills. After months of denial from the Premier and her Energy Minister that an energy crisis exists, Premier Wynne suddenly claims to be serious about tackling this issue. If she were serious about addressing this crisis, the Wynne Liberal Government would immediately halt any further sales of Hydro One shares and stop signing expensive contracts for energy we don’t need.  

No amount of window dressing is going to help Ontarians with their skyrocketing energy bills. This is the same Liberal Government that has faced five OPP investigations. The same Liberal Government that has rammed costly policies through the Legislature. The same Liberal Government that has slashed health care services while simultaneously driving our provincial debt up to more than $300-billion and growing. 

Life remains harder under this Liberal Government, and it is only going to continue to get worse.

When the House returns on Monday, the Ontario PC Caucus will be there to hold the Government to account, and ensure they have a credible plan to address the energy crisis. We will continue to fight for affordability. We will continue to do everything in our power to stop the fire sale of Hydro One.”