Statement from Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11

The following is a statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown on the 15thAnniversary of 9/11

“Today we take time to remember the innocent victims of the horrendous terrorist attacks that occurred on September 1, 2001. 


“Our thoughts and prayers are with who were lost on that fateful day. We join with their families and nations in honouring their memory.

“On that day, our country and much of the world were galvanized to battle the scourge of terrorism. 

“On that day, Canada opened its doors to thousands of stranded passengers.  

“Although fifteen years have passed, our resolve remains strong.  

“We will never forget the selfless courage demonstrated by first responders who risked their lives – and the many who lost their lives – to save others. Their selflessness and bravery should never be forgotten.   

“We also commend the members of our military, many of whom are from Ontario, who served to defend our nation.  More than 40,000 members of the Canadian Armed Forces and other agencies deployed to Afghanistan as part of the NATO-led mission to help dismantle Al-Qaeda’s network and ensure that Afghanistan did not become a safe haven for terrorists to launch attacks against our homeland. Tragically, 158 gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. 

“On this day, we pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 and honour the service of the brave men and women in uniform who serve to protect our country.”