Statement from Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown on the Liberal Cabinet Shuffle

Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown today issued the following statement on the Liberal Government’s cabinet shuffle:


“After 13 years of Liberal scandal, mismanagement, and waste, this remains a stale, tired, and self-interested Government.

Premier Wynne has established the largest provincial cabinet in the country.  This is a government that currently spends $1-billion on interest instead of essential government services, yet has added even more costly bureaucracy.  Unfortunately, Premier Wynne doesn’t realize that you shouldn’t add more weight to a sinking ship.  

This tweaked Executive is bloated and tired. While the back benches of cabinet have been changed, the same senior ministers remain in place. This is the same government faced with five OPP investigations. The same costly Wynne Liberal policies and cuts will be rammed through the Legislature.

Life remains harder under this Liberal Government, and it will continue to get worse. The time for positive change in our province has never been clearer. Our province deserves a government that puts the needs Ontarians first – not their political self-interest.”