Statement from Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown

Statement from Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown on the Wynne Liberals voting against the Ontario PC Caucus’ Opposition Day Motion:  


“Today the Ontario PC Caucus introduced an opposition day motion calling upon the Liberal Government to take immediate action to address the hydro crisis Ontarians face. Unfortunately, the Wynne Liberals voted down the motion, effectively guaranteeing that rates will continue to skyrocket and life will become even more unaffordable.

“Earlier in the day, the Wynne Liberals admitted the energy procurement system they’ve touted for years was a disaster, and promised to stop signing any new renewable contracts.

“Unfortunately, the damage is already done and it’s not enough. It’s too little. It’s too late.

“For years, Ontarians have been begging for relief on their hydro bills. For years, the Ontario PC Caucus has been demanding action, but the Liberals only offer band-aid solutions and a cup of coffee. The Wynne Liberals created this hydro crisis, and they have no plans to get out of it.

“While countless Ontario families were being driven into energy poverty, the Wynne Liberals doled out costly energy contracts to fat cat Liberal donors. It’s no coincidence that now the province is banning corporate donations, the Wynne Liberals have decided to stop signing new energy contracts.

“Nobody’s ever doubted where the Wynne Liberals’ priorities lie. It isn’t the families being forced to choose between heating and eating, but the Ontario Liberal Party’s bank account, seat count, and public image.

“At the end of the day, one thing remains clear. Life is harder under the Liberals and it is only going to get worse.”