Statement from MPP Lisa MacLeod Kathleen Wynne will do and say anything to get elected

“Today, Kathleen Wynne and a group of Liberal insiders gathered for their last Annual General Meeting before the next election.

“Wynne said that the upcoming election is about who she is fighting for, and I know exactly who she is and has been fighting for. She is fighting for millionaire hydro executives, corporate donors, and liberal insiders.

“For 15 years she has been turning her back on the hardworking people of this province. For 15 years she has been lining the pockets of liberal insiders. For 15 years you have been paying more, yet getting less.

“Make no mistake: Kathleen Wynne is untrustworthy. This is a Premier and a Party that is only concerned with what’s good for themselves and their insider friends. Everything they said this weekend is just another set of cynical promises that they have no intention of keeping. Kathleen Wynne will do and say anything to cling to power.

“It’s time for change that puts the people first, not insiders.”